Saturday, October 1, 2011

Keep Sucking - I gotta take this

So I was bored and horny to get on my knees for some cock. What else to do? Head to an adult bookstore I heard of 30 miles down the road.

The crowd was subpar to say the least. Lots of guys that hospital folk would refer to as "CTD" - Circling the drain. But, I was a cumhound on a mission.

I zeroed in on a early to mid 40s soccer dad. Wedding ring? Check. Jeans that didn't quite fit? Check. Messy hair that wasnt trendy? Check. He went into a booth and put on some pussy porn.

I walked in, found him rubbing his crotch through his jeans. Subtle behavior not being my strongest selling point, I dropped to my knees in front of him and began to open his pants. He never looked down. His cock....well....wasn't impressive soft. But, once in my mouth it began to pulse into life. Bingo.

I sucked this guy for a while - 10 minutes- then his phone began to ring. He changed the channel for silence, held my head in place, and spoke to his wife:

"Yeah, I'm running errands."
"What kind do you want?"
"yeah I'll get them from practice."
"Love you too"

Once off his call, he sat on the bench in the booth and took control of my head. I'd venture to say his wife gives awful head.....based on the "fuck, I need my dick sucked like this" comments. After 5 mins of this, he asked me if I wanted his "baby batter."

UM, what the fuck am I doing here if I don't?

I moan in agreement, and shove a finger in his ass. That throws our married friend over the edge. Moans and spasms. Cum flows. Bingo. He zips and leaves without saying he loved me. Lol.

Now I was ready to deal with my 3 day load - so I found a cocksucker. He was a little chubby - could stand to lose 30# - but had a nice enough face and a large bottle of poppers. I went into Dom top mode....fucked his face hard, made him gag....and rewarded him with a nice thick load. Then placed my hand on his throat and commanded him to swallow. The fear and elation in his eyes kept me hard. I wound up with a second, smaller nutt down his throat about 3 minutes later.
Not bad.

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