Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hometown hotel orgy? Make it a Benetton ad.

Sorry for the long absence. Hopefully some of y'all are still out there. It's been a crazy busy year. I'm still getting laid - still getting fucked and fucking my way through life.

I'm back in my hometown, a suburb of a major american city. To escape the family, I hopped on Grindr. I found a 31 yo latino at the local mid-range hotel masquerading as a high class hotel. (If you still have "Tube" television, you're not luxury. Just sayin')  He invited me over for an 11:30P orgy. He said that the other guys were 24, 26 (2), 28 and 31. Sounded good to me.

After working my way through the Rugby awards dinner (and narrowly avoiding the awkward, "What are you doing here" with High School classmates) I worked my way to the elevator where I found the guests of the wedding held on the opposite end of the hotel. I noticed an obviously homosexual (OBVIOUSLY) afro-american guy hanging by the wall, not working his way toward the elevator. Instict kicked in - I knew he would be joining me. I forced my way onto an elevator with the original cast of Cocoon. One noticed my iPhone and began asking me technical questions about her "dumb phone."

Working my way to the room, I was met by my 31 yo latino host - I think his name was Jose. Moderate hair on his chest closely clipped., I could tell he was working hard at working out - he was clearly doing a body transformation and doing hard work. He ushered me in and introduced me to a 26 yo thin bottom boy. Bottom boy (I never did get his name) was nerdy cute. Shortly after, the guy from the lobby came in, we'll call him A. You see, A turned out to be the commentary man. He had an opinion on EVERYTHING, and EVERYTHING came with a lisp.

Jose and Nerdy Cute (NC) were making out quickly, then another latino guy came in, stood awkwardly against the wall and left in 2 minutes. Jose laid down next to me, started making out with me, and NC went to sucking on Jose and me for the next 10 minutes while A worked his cell phone and commented on who knows what.

We finally got A naked ,but I wanted NOTHING to do with him. His attitude, lisp and general running commentary were distracting at best. Jose, NC and I went about our business for about a half hour - trading head fairly equally, eating NC's ass, and having a fairly decent time.

Being one to get things going, I announced, "It's time to get your ass fucked," and grabbed the lube to slick up my cock. NC's eyes got wide and he pled that I take it easy. I slid in all too easily - NC had clearly taken a good cock or two in his day. Within a minute flat, I was balls deep and he was bucking back for more. I pulled him off his stomach and started drilling - slow at first, and then really deep. Here's the issue - the more I fucked, the more the room began to stink like shit. I looked down and everything was clean - but the smell was somewhat overwhelming.

As I'm thinking I'm ready to pass him over, in walks the next contestant. 6' of prime boymeat, Joe was some rough-trade appearing white boy. Turns out he was a former marine by the USMC tattoo right above his ass like a tramp-stamp. NOT SURE HOW THAT WORKS......but I decided that he was going to be the one to get my load.

We all continued to fuck around - A continuing to provide commentary. Joe commented at one point, "Enough with the Colored Commentary." I have to admit, I didn't think he was going to be that clever - but it was slightly awkward blatant racism during an orgy that really could have been a United Colors of Benetton ad. At any rate, Jose was balls deep in Joe for a while. I went back to fucking NC - he was clearly NOT up for a marathon - he kept pushing me out of him as a reflex. Poor guy - he wasn't in it for the seed.

I tapped out Jose and started to drive into Joe. His ass had CLEARLY been passed around the corps. Hot body, cute little bubble ass....but damn Gina, that hole was wrecked. Felt good, but not much resistance at all. After a bit, I pulled out .... more like flopped out. A finally decided to fuck - and fuck he did. He actually put on a pretty hot show, since he wasn't speaking.....

I caught a glimpse of the clock and decided that it was time for me to unload and head home. I slid back into Joe, and he begged for my seed. That was all I needed to push me over the edge. I spilled a little bit of cum into his ass and pulled out. I began to play with his prostate with my finger and he asked if I could cum again looking at my hard cock. I laughed and said yes, and drove in balls deep in one stroke. With some cum in his ass it felt better, and I began to drill him for all he was worth. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and he kept begging for my cum. Finally, I fully unloaded.

As I was getting dressed, Jose deposited his cum into Joe. Poor NC, he was out cumwhored.

And, as I left, A was back to providing his commentary.

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