Friday, September 4, 2015

Airport Hotel - Land of convenient foreskin

I was in a major city at a large airport hotel last week. I had done a cross-country trip and was kind of tired, kind of horny. Not really willing to go through the headache of Craigslist, but willing to throw my hat in the ring on Scruff and Grindr.

There were obviously a bunch of guys at my hotel. And the one across the street. As it turned out, I didnt need to think about anything outside the building. 

I got a message from a profile with a nice chest shot, who appeared to be within 200 feet. Mid 40s, nice smattering of hair appearing across his chest, and a Canadian flag in his profile. Well, remembering that I really enjoy Candians (go back toward the beginning of the blog where I talk about my time with a Mountie and his husband), I was willing to engage. He was direct:

"I really want my cock sucked. Not much for sucking myself."

Jackpot. A man who knows what he wants always wins. Regardless of which side of the equation it's on, it's WAY easier and more fulfilling than "I'm into it all." or "Whatever gets you off." Those never work!

He wanted to meet in the lobby. When we did, he explained a few things:

1) He had only had Grindr for 3 weeks, and I was only the 2nd person he met.
2) The rest of his flight crew was in the hotel.

A Candian PILOT? Well, Bonjour!

We retired to my room, where we continued some stilted conversation until I finally started pawing at his chest. He relaxed, and let me get to work. I lowered his jeans to find a freeballing UNCUT cock! SCORE. I went to my knees with him leaning against the desk. He got to an impressive girth and length, and poured precum like a leaky faucet.

He decided that we needed to move to the bed, and promptly straddled my face. Feeling his cock literally pour precum down my throat had me hard and leaking myself. True to form, he didn't want to suck me, but he certainly feasted on my balls not unlike a famished traveler at a buffet. Finally, he announced he was ready to cum, abruptly withdrew from my mouth, and sprayed me down with a copious load. He encouraged me to shoot, and the command, "Shoot that cum, you hairy fucker" with french accent threw in for good measure, sent a lob of cum onto my own lips.

In the morning, I woke up horny again, and turned on Gridnr for shits and giggles. Well, as luck would have it, a 33 yo with a hairy chest hit me up. He wanted no recip head as well. He told me to be waiting on my knees with the door slightly ajar.

When he got to my room, he sent me a note:

"Housekeeping is in the hallway!" 

To which I responded, "Door open, I'm on my knees. Feed me."

He walked in, lowered his gym shorts, and revealed....ANOTHER UNCUT COCK! Huzzah. He was a little tenative at first, but once I put his hand behind my head, he got the swing out of fucking my face. The dirty talk flowed pretty freely, albeit not accompanied by precum. 

"Pull your cock out, let me see what kind of faggot you are."

"Shit. That's a big cock. Stroke it."

"I get to see my cum, and then you're gonna eat it"

Five minutes after his arrival, he unloaded across my face. He made a production out of feeding it to me. 

"Shoot your fucking load, show me what a faggot you are."

And, with his finger in my mouth, feeding me his load, I shot mine.

He made me eat that too. Nice touch.

Airport hotels can ROCK!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

More than a decade of fucking and it's still good

Like I've said, my travel sometimes take me to towns I used to live in. While CL, Scruff and all the other vehicles provide good adventures and stories, sometimes the familiarity of a cock (and the guy attached to it) makes for a really hot afternoon.

This guy is now in his mid 40s, about 6' tall and a former member of the Armed Forces. Shaved head, a few tattoos, and a wicked smile. We originally started more than a decade ago with him stopping by my place for unreciprocated head. That grew into me sucking him and eating his hole. Over the years since, we've gotten quite versatile. He's naturally dominant, but does have a penchant for taking an aggressive fuck in his smooth hole.

This trip, though, he gave me a heads up - it was going to be quicker than he wanted. He had to get home to his husband.

Hey, I'm a home improvement, not a wrecker.

He came into my hotel room and immediately began making out with me. I'm weird about this - making out is either really good for me, or it freaks me out. In this case it was really good. He was just taking control of the situation, and I needed that. As he pushed me into the wall and shoved his tongue down my throat, I felt his cock begin to swell. He's got a nice cock too - just look at it!

We stumbled our way toward the bed and clothes fell off in process. He straddled me and started feeding me his cock, choking me with it. As tears formed in my eyes, I remembered how good it gets with this guy.

Pretty soon, he was eating my ass, and doing a better than good job of it. I was moaning (ok, that's not a big surprise) and begging (also not a surprise) for his cock.

A generous amount of lube and a hefty hit of poppers, and he was lifting my legs into the air. He slowly entered my hole and began sawing into me. As soon as he hit bottom, my eyes flew open, and he knew. He owns my hole. Seriously owns it.

He would lean down and make out with me some, but was really focused on his growing cock in my hole. Pretty soon, his pace quickened, and I felt even more stretched. His eyes got glassy and I felt a shot of warmth deep into me. A few spurts later, and I started to cum myself, coating my own hairy chest in thick cum.

Not having spent too much time on round 1, he decided to lay and cuddle with me. We caught up on life - he and I have pretty regular conversations on text peppered in with random videos of either of us pissing or cumming. It felt like hanging with a long lost friend.

Then I noticed his cock get hard.

And then, I applied just a little bit of lube to make the entrance work.

AND THEN, I impaled myself on his cock.

I rode him like a pig in heat. I could feel his cock deep in me, and it forced out a little bit of seminal fluid while I did. He had a shit-eating cocky grin on his face as I did it - knowing that I was really using him for my own pleasure. But, once again, I started to feel his cock swell, and began pleading. He really wanted me to cum again, but it wasn't going to happen.

But then he shot. And shot. AND SHOT. It was a huge fuckload. He came out squeaky clean, but I felt full.

As he quickly left to get home to the husband, I started getting ready for my evening meeting. Something didn't feel "right" "down there," so I committed a cardinal sin and evacuated the dance floor.  There was enough cum in my ass to impregnate the most infertile bitch.

Fuck, I wish he and I lived in the same town!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

4 loads in 90 minutes

Traveling for work has some perks - including from time to time having time on my hands in a hotel room. I was doing work in my hotel late last week, but was crazy horny and put a CL ad up inviting guys to swing by for unreciprocated head. The response was pretty amazing.

Guy 1 showed up about 35 minutes from the moment I hit post. He listed himself as 40, 5'7", 140# 7c, and married. Within three email messages, we were good to go and he was on his way. He arrived looking a little more than 40, but his physical stats were spot on. In a blue collar trade t-shirt, and work boots, it was clear he was done for the day and ready to go home.  Without bothering to remove his sunglasses, he sat in the guest chair in the room, dropped his jeans and boxers, and presented me with his cock to service. His crotch was sweaty, his cock got hard in a hurry, and he shot his load in under 3 minutes. The taste was a little pungent, but nothing gross.

Guy 2 showed up 15 minutes after Guy 1 left. He was late 20s, 6' 240#, and about 6.5uc. He also sported a wedding band, but didn't make mention of it. He was somewhat skiddish - asking repeatedly if anyone else was coming while he was being serviced. He was heavier in person than his photo indicated, but his foreskin made up for any feelings of being duped. There was so much skin, and it was so much fun to suck on. I could get my tongue all the way underneath it and he was super responsive to it. He asked me to use my hand too - which is not my favorite way, but he was the feeder. He got a little aggressive, and his breathing quickened. Pretty soon he shot a massive load - 8 really good bursts of cum shot out of his cock, washing down my tongue and heading into my gut.

Guy 3 was the real winner of the group. His email was direct - he wanted head, no recip, and didn't want to chat. I was good with that - hell, that's what I advertised for. He sent a photo that was INSANELY hot. He showed up on time, and his face was not a disappointment either. He walked into the room, took to the chair, and lowered his board shorts. I went down on him to get him hard, and he said, "Don't even think about ever using your hand." My kind of feeder! He got hard pretty quickly, and it was thicker than the previous two. His precum flowed quickly and with great taste. At one point, he pulled me off his cock, presented his wedding ring, and instructed me to lick it. I've never been asked to do that before, but fuck if I didn't almost shoot hands free from that. (I was fully clothed for all of these guys, btw.)  He guided me back to his cock, which I took back into my mouth handsfree. "Good boy," he uttered, and then began to full-assault fuck my face. Without announcing it, he shot his load down my throat. What little I was allowed to taste was good. He had me lick his asshole when we were done. All in all, the winner, hands down.

Guy 4 was a late arriver, but a nice last contestant. He said he had a huge load, and listed stats as 5'7", 150# 6.5c. The pic that came with the email worked for me, and 25 minutes later he was at my door. He was the "gayest" of the lot, but still masculine. He poppered up and fed me his cock. He was pretty aggressive, but not quite as much as Guy 3. When the time came, he wanted to see his load - so he had me throw my head back and stroke him 5 strokes, so he could see his cum land on my tongue. I made a show of swallowing, and then cleaning his cock off.

All in all, a really good afternoon - the Craigslist Gods smiled upon me.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sometimes you just need to shove your fist in an ass.

I was visiting a part of the country not known for being a haven for LGBT travelers. Logging into Scruff and Grindr, it became evident that even the locals aren't all that active. But, as OTC, I was going to be a hot commodity among the locals. Within minutes, I had several contestants for that evenings episode of "Where and how do my balls get emptied?"

One contenstant in particular got my attention. 6'4", he was tall, and we've established I like guys who are at varying ends of the height extreme. He was clearly attatched to the local military base - his messages, his photos - all reeked of someone who was used to saying "Sir" a lot. 

...and then he asked, "How do you feel about fisting?"

Now, we've previously covered - I'm completely fine with playing along with other's desires to have a paw up their ass. My ass? Not so much. He wanted both:

"It would be hot once you've stretched me open to throw you down and put my fist in your hairy hole, SIR."

Points to him for having the gumption to suggest it, but there is NO way I'm interested. More than 2 fingers and I'm wondering what's in it for me - if I'm not getting cock and seed, it seems like a waste of effort to clean up.  After some back and forth, he agreed that it could be one directional. Truth be told, I think he's a big ol' bottom who just hasn't embraced it. He needed time to clean up, so we had some back and forth while he got ready.

During the back and forth, he asked if I wanted him face down, ass up when I got there. Yes.
Do I want him wearing his cowboy boots? Yes.
New or old boots? Old.

These questions led me to believe that having someone come over to fist him was actually a special event - which was kind of cool. I like to be memorable and brings out the artist in me. (Yes, I just referenced Mrs. Devereaux in this blog.) 

I got to his apartment and made my way to his bedroom. He was definitely a true cowboy. And there he was, ass in the air. 6'4" of man, he was solidly built. Maybe a little bit of cushion - - - maybe. I took note of the Crisco and glove on the dresser as I approached his beefy ass. A decent coating of hair adorned his meaty globes, and I dove in face first. His hole was surprisingly small - had I not known that he likes a fist up his ass, I never would have guessed. His ass started to open ever so slightly at the presence of my tongue. He moaned. He bucked back. It clearly did the trick, as his cock spang to life. 

He started to beg, "Please, SIR, please. I need your fist."

Who am I to make a man beg? Ha. I kept eating his ass.

"Please. Please. Please." It was as if he thought I would actually leave without fisting him.

I grabbed the Crisco and glove. A liberal coating of Crisco on both his hole and my hand, and he slowly allowed me to enter him. Amazingly his ass opened, never losing tightness against whatever I chose - 3 fingers, my fist, back to 3. I marveled at this as my fist went inside, past the second ring, and my wrist disappeared too. He took my fist for a good 10 minutes before I felt his hole spasm. Below him on the bed, a large puddle formed. He had achieved a pretty impressive orgasm from my fist. Going for broke, I decided to go full throttle. He took another 20 minutes of pounding and shot again. 

It was my turn. I told him to go clean up the Crisco (I hate fucking in Crisco. Makes me hungry for cookies!) so that I could fuck him. Quickly he scampered off, and came back, went back face down. I didn't bother with lube beyond just a little spit, and I was glad - he was still pretty slick. SOMEHOW his hole was tight against my cock, and his pushing back against me was a nice touch. I hadn't shot in 48 hours, and quickly lost it in about 10 minutes of pumping.

"Take it."

And with that, I pushed against his second hole, and shot my load deep in his guts. 

I instructed him to stay face down until he heard his door close behind me. He obeyed, and sent me a note later:

"When can I have more, SIR?"

The next time I'm there, most definitely.

As I said to a friend, "Sometimes, you just need to shove your fist up someone's ass."

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Big fat cock.....yes. Amazing.

Holy shit. I'm turning into a size queen. That's not to say I won't take care of a guy with an average or slightly shy of average unit - but - wowza, I'm really learning to love big dick in my ass.

Last night I met up with a guy I had met about 2 months ago. Travel schedules didn't allow us to connect for a while, but the stars aligned last night and we had dinner and drinks. Nice guy, clearly has some stuff going for him in life. He knows a ton of people - it was like being out with the Mayor. 

Late in the night, he brought me back to his place. We had made out in the bar a bit before going back to his place and the chemistry was pretty decent. No fireworks and unicorns, but enough to wake my cock (even after having had the snot fucked out of me earlier in the day - we'll come back to that) and get me in the mood. On the couch, we started to make out, and his aggression was well placed. He's clearly been around the block, and knows what to do. He worked my nipples pretty hard - but not hard enough that he made them overly sore today. 

He removed my shorts and blew me - reasonably decent BJ. WHen he was done, he stood up and dropped his shorts revealing an ENORMOUS cock. Seriously, way larger than the last one I posted about - easily 9x7.5 if not 8. He fucked my face with gusto, and I'm proud to say that I took it like a champ. But we weren't here for him to fuck my face.

Leading me to his bedroom, we made out for a bit, and I explained that I had not left the house fully anticipating being fucked. I had cleaned out earlier in the day, so I knew it wasn't a mess, but I didn't know what 12 hours would be like. He was not to be dissuaded - and since we were on his bed - whatever. :)

Here's the thing - if you have a monster cock, do everyone a favor - get good lube. WATER BASED WET IS NOT GOOD LUBE. Seriously. 1997 called and they want your lube back. Instead, invest in Gun Oil or some other silicone based lube. Your dick and the bottoms asshole will thank you.

He lubed his cock and had me stroke him for a while, all while feeding me poppers like Paula Deen at a candy bar. Finally, when he asked me if I wanted his "big black cock" (oh, yeah, he's a 6' preppy black guy) I moaned yes, and he got between my legs. "I'm just going to tease you" turned into him slowly sinking his cock into my hole.

Holy Jesus. Big cock just feels fucking amazing. I was drunk, and high as a kite on poppers, and wanted nothing more than his phython in my hole. It was intense. He kept saying things like, "Nice pussy" and "Hot white hole" and I kept moaning. My eyes were crossed.

Not long after he entered me, I could feel his cock begin to expand. I knew it was happening before he announced it. "I'm going to come in your hole, white boy." I moaned out, "breed me" and felt the first shot of jizz hit the back of my hole. I counted 6 shots while I feverously pounded my own cock and rocked on his now very sensitive cock. Not long after him, I shot a load all over myself. His cock came out clean as a whistle.

It was late and he offered to have me spend the night. Knowing that would lead to another assault on my now violated hole I chose Uber to get me home.

He's already asking for more. I'm going to give it to him. 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Woof. THICK dick just feels good.

A bunch of years back, there was a commercial where some kid said, "Spoiled milk tastes nasty. Fresh milk just tastes good." About a week ago, I actually said, "Thick dick just feels good."

I had played with this guy years ago - going on 5+. I saw him online just a few miles from me, and hit him up. He was staying at a hotel not far away, and after exchanging pleasantries online, I was heading to his hotel.

We started making out, and it felt nice and familiar. He's a bit taller than me, and overall leaner. He's smooth, I'm hairy. It's a nice juxtoposition -  and as we made out I could feel his cock growing. Clothes started coming off, and .... just as I remembered, he's fucking thick. And has nice length to go with it. Check it out.

It had been a hot minute since the last time I got fucked, and I was plenty nervous. I sucked his cock for quite some time - he had such tremendous capacity to produce precum and I was drinking it down like I had been in the desert for years and this was a water source. He marveled in my ability to get him in the back of my throat. 

He returned the favor, and gave better than average head. I'll admit that I enjoyed it only 50% as much as I should have - my mind was racing about being impaled by this huge cock attached to him. He moved further south and started eating my ass. This REALLY got my engine going - he knows what he's doing. My hole was opening up around his tongue and with the poppers I was starting to hit as a warm-up for the main act, I was moaning like a pig in heat.

Finally, it was time for me to get fucked. He laid down, and this impressive cock/missile presented itself. I had put condoms out - he didn't move toward it - and I knew it'd be WAY easier to take bare. Greased his pole, and my hole, and began to sit down on it. My eyes nearly shot out of my head as the head of his cock entered me. He smiled, and I smirked and said, "You've never heard this before- but you're fucking huge." He chuckled, "You're tight. I get nervous when I slide right in."  No shit.

I rode him for a good 10 minutes, having achieved balls-to-ass in the first 2. Lots of poppers, lots of moaning. Begging. I'm sure the maid on the other side of the hall was vaguely concerned for my safety - or turned on. It was in this position I said, "Thick dick just feels good."

He finally convinced me to let him take control, and the aggressive ass slaying progressed. Not violent, but definitely with him in charge. Thick seminal fluid (not cum) poured from my cock. Finally, it was too much and I stroked twice before shooting across my hairy chest.

He was kind in his withdrawal, and with just a few strokes of his own continued the hosing process and drenched me in his cum.

About 45 minutes after arriving, I was rinsing off with him, reminiscing about times gone past, and agrreing that future alignments of travel would have to result in time spent like this.

WOOF. I am coming to terms with my size queen status for bottoming purposes. 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Short man, big dick, huge load

I am totally going to own it - I'm on a short man kick. Last night he was 5'2". 

I've known this guy for years - well enough that we go to dinner when we can. Last night, we got together for dinner and ass pounding. My ass, to be specific.

This guy has an average sized torso and short legs. Moderate fur, lots of ink, and a build I would define as "solid" - lots of muscle with some padding for comfort. As I got his work clothes off of him, his trimmed chest hair came popping out....and he pushed me into his chest. What some may percieve as lack of stature he compensates for quite well in assertive energy.

Once on my knees, I opened his shirt, and began licking his chest. I mouthed his cock through his work slacks, asking for permission to open them. When granted, I knew better than to go for his spandex trunks too. Instead, I continued to mouth his cock and work him to dripping hardness.

He lifted my shirt off, and instructed me to put on my harness. Gladly, I complied - knowing resistance was futile and giving him the ability to exert aggression even more would result in a good ending for me. As i put on my harness, he sat on the edge of the bed. Once on my knees again, he used the harness to grab me and guide my speed as I slicked his cock, and drank down the precious precum he so willingly fed me.

After a while, he lifted me onto the bed (OK, with some assistance from me) and went into a 69 position. His sucking of my cock was decent, but his hand service simply, fucking amazing. I'm generally not one to really dig a handjob, but he knew what he was doing. He eventually pushed me face down, grabbed the lube, handed me the poppers and went for my asshole.

His fingers entered me quickly, taking my breath away as I huffed the poppers. He worked my hole so hard that I nearly fact, I left a pool of precum on the white bedspread. I begged for his cock. Finally, I heard the lube on his cock and knew....

In one fast motion he bottomed out in my hole. I realize I haven't explained his cock - it's a solid 8"+ and at least 5.5" around. It looks even more insanely large on his frame.

Hitting bottom, he started an all out assault on me. He grabbed my harness as leverage and the barrage of "take it boy" and "fuck your ass is tight" was only outshadowed by my moaning and pleading for him.

This guy is a prolific cummer, and announced all too soon (maybe 10 minutes in) taht he was ready to blow. He rolled me over onto my back, stood over me, and stroked his cock to a fucking huge erruption. I could hear the "splat" sound as I watched his hose soak me (with more pressure than the hotel shower!) with his pungent seed. I licked a little off my lips and that was enough to make me shoot - hard enough that i got my own face lying down.

Hot night indeed. Loving my "short guy" kick!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

They can't all be winners.

The morning after the experience in my last post, I was dropping off my car for service. I got a ping on Scruff from a guy who looked like a cute, scruffy early 40s dude. His profile talked the right game - liking masculine men into men and leather. He was fairly direct and to the point, asking if it was tacky to tell me he wanted to suck my cock.

No, that's not tacky. That's smart.

A few exchanges later and I was stopping by his place on my way to the office. 

I should have turned around when he opened the door and I saw 4 cats. I should have turned around when I heard his nelly voice. But, I was hard, and I've had nelly guys give me good head before.

He clumsily played with his enormous computer on a card table in his bedroom, which looked like a bad collection of showroom crap from Aaron Rents circa 1988. I put my clothes on the only surface that wasn't covered in cat hair. AGAIN, I should have left. My cock was thinking for me, ever hopeful.

He finally stripped down to what were probably circa 1988 Jockey elance biknis - which in 1988 may have been hot - but now they drooped, sagged, and .... yeah, just didn't do it for me.

Thank GOD for the TIM porn on the computer. He clumsily sucked my cock, so I "took the wheel" and fucked his throat. He couldn't handle it, I didn't care - at this point the biggest risk was being vomited on and I didn't see that happening.

Willing myself to cum, mostly with the aid of TIM porn and my right hand, I fed him a load. He lept out of the bed like his tacky underwear were on fire and I could hear him hocking out my cum in the bathroom. RUDE.

As I left, he was telling me what a hot fuck I am and that I should return. Feeling somewhat brazen and honest, I looked him in the eye, said, "Thanks, and don't worry...I won't be back."

Can't win them all.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Direct and to the point.

There are times where the stars align and someone actually comes out of the woodwork on an app or website and is direct about what he wants:

"PrEP Bottom lookin for your load. Want to give it to me?"

Well, shit. Who am I to complain? His stats - 5'9", uncut, 30 yo. He showed me a pic of a nice hairy hole, and I was game. 2 messages later he was texting me:

"Driving that way if interested in Anon style. Dark room or me blindfolded breed session."
"Cool. U already loaded?"
"Nope. You're the first in a long time. Hence my eagerness."
"Cool. Ready."
"Dark room. I start sucking. Let me know where to go."

I'm not totally into dark room scenes. I like seeing the look of a bottom. I'm visual. So, I cheat - no lights, but the din of the TV on a music station gives me enough light to get what I want, and dark enough that the bottom really shouldn't freak.

In walked a handsome guy - someone that I'd actually hit on in a public setting. Nice to see attractive bottoms out there engaging in what they really want and going for it. As advertised, he came in and dropped to his knees and began working on my cock. He had a decent mouth, and was eager to please. He pulled me to the edge of the bed so he could properly kneel, and was eager to have me fuck his throat while I was lying down. He worked his cock, and opened his pants, which exposed a hot ass in a pair of assless briefs. It wasn't part of the script, but I really wanted to eat that hole.

"Is your ass clean enough to eat, boy?"
"Get on all 4s."

When presented to me, it was better than I had felt up. The din from the TV allowed me to see a really nice tight bubble ass with enough hair in the crack to make it a man's fuckhole. I was eager to eat, and spread his cheeks apart and dug right in. He squirmed as my goatee scraped against his hole. It was clean, and quite tasty. A little bit of musk - so had hadn't immediately showered - but definitely prepared to get fucked - even though he didn't know by who or where. Whore.

Pretty soon, he was huffing on the poppers he brought and I knew it was time. I lubed up my cock and started to sink in. He took the first few inches like a champ on the first stroke, but freaked out when the base of my cock stretched he yelped. A little more lube, and me leaning into his ear,

"Come on, boy. You came here for this. Don't act like it's your first time."

He sighed the contented sigh of a boy who knows his place, and my cock sliced into him like a knife through warm butter. His hole was amply tight, but not so tight that I couldn't tell he was a born bottom. Once we got going, he moaned quitely while I called him a faggot cumdump.

He was in it for the load.
I was in it to give it to him.

As he milked my cock, I started to unload, and delivered a so-so load into his ass. He kept milking, which kept me hard, and I could feel a second wave coming over me.

For that one, I barked, "Stop moving. Enjoy this." Like a good bottom, he did as told....and was rewarded by my cock erupting like a geyser. His ass was tight enough that I could feel my own spasms, and the liquid surging from me. He moaned a contented moan - knowing that his ass was now super juiced.

A few strokes for good measure and he was a happy camper. I didn't worry about him cumming....not my problem. He got dressed, a smirk on his face. He'll definitely be returning.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Good things come in compact packages

I'm realizing that I have a bit of a fascination, errrr, fetish for guys shorter than me. Significantly. I'm 5'10", so it's not like a lot of guys are significantly shorter than me. Last night, I got to play with a guy who - on a good day - might be 5'4". His online profiles state 5'6", but he's most definitely not. He stands on his tiptoes to kiss me.

I went over to his place after about a year's absence. He's compact and stocky - not fat at all - just a solid fire plug. He's got a GREAT furry chest that he keeps neat, but not overly manscaped. He stood on the afore mentioned tiptoes to make out with me, and I remembered that he's a biter. BUT - he's gotten some good skills in the last year and realized that my lack of biting back was a sign to stop. That's some good awareness!

He started pawing at my cock as I groped his beefy ass. This time was about me getting fucked, but I made mental note that next time I'd be burying my bone in him. As he groped my cock and heaved it out of my pants, he moaned as I played with his boxer-briefs covered hairy crack. There we stood, his dog watching us in the living room, both of our hefty cocks hanging out. I remembered him being large, and was not disappointed to find him fully hard as a steel rod, and just about the same size as mine. Maybe a smidge shy of my thickness.

We moved to the bedroom and began to disrobe. We made out and groaned until I went face down, ass up on the bed, at the edge, and placed his cock in the back of my throat. He started to fuck my face, gently, his heavy ballsac hitting my goatee as he sawed against my tonsils. I grabbed his ass to encourage him to go deeper, and he moaned in appreciation.

He came onto the bed and returned the favor, licking under my ballsac, but never quite making contact with my hole. His scruffy face scraped against my thighs, and that made me shudder - in pleasure. About 20 minutes in, I really needed him to fuck me. He really needed to fuck me too. He asked me which way I wanted to take it, and then announced that he wanted me to ride him.

Ample lube applied, and a healthy huff on poppers, and I'm guiding his thick cock into my hole. He was a perfect gentleman, letting me get used to his very ample girth. Once I landed with his pubes against my hairy ass, and started rocking back and forth, I noticed his eyes roll into the back of his head. I leaned down at the same time as he started playing with my hardwired nipples - making out with him. He felt fucking INCREDIBLE, and I needed this in every sense of the word need.

Going at it for a while, he asked me to lean back, and placed a pillow behind me. Without moving an inch of his thick prong out of my hole, he managed to get me on my back with him in a seated position. Somehow he went deeper this way, and I fucking went insane. A thick string of precum sprung out of my cock. He just smiled, more smirked, and sawed deeply into my hole. Before I knew it, he managed to get my ankles above his shoulders and began an all-out assault on my ass.

I was nowhere near shooting, and not really concerned about it. When he announced that he had to cum, pulled out, and shot all over me, I was not disappointed. My hole was thoroughly happy. I was covered in thick spooge.  He laid next to me to catch his breath, and his cock never deflated. About 10 mintues later, we were making out again, and I begged to be fucked more. He graciously obliged, and lifted my legs over his shoulders again. A deep huff of poppers and a smooth movement into the base of my hole, and I was in heaven. He even grabbed at my throat in a mock-choke, and that just about threw me over the edge. Begging him to pound me deeper, harder, my legs locked around him and I shot. He smiled broadly, and slowly pulled out. As he did, he said, "That was intense. I could feel your hole spasm."

We laid there catching up on the last year for each of us for about 15 minutes or so, and his cock still did not deflate. Asking me the dumbest question - if I minded if he came again - we started making out and I started playing with his hole while we made out. Less than 5 minutes later, another load of cum sprayed across both of our hairy bodies. His hole spasmed too, and I made note that next time I had to get in there.

Nearly 2 hours after arriving, I left. I woke up this morning happily drained, and knowing that I definitely want this fire plug to keep pluggin away at me in the future.

Good things do come in compact packages!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Gettin' my groove back

So, I was taken off the market for a period of time. That has come to an end - and as I explained to a friend recently, I'm getting my groove back. Sorry for the lack of posts - with any good fortune, the drought is over.

I took a trip a few weeks ago to unplug from reality and stayed at a gay resort. It's a funny ritual - single guys at places like this are either surrounded, or left completely to their own devices - iPhones - to connect. This time it was the latter. I got plenty of glances at the pool, said hello to guys, and it was as if I were speaking mandarin most of the time. Haha.

One guy hit me up on Scruff shortly after he checked in. He was traveling with his partner, who was "not into guys like {me}" but he was. About 30 minutes later, he comes out of their shared room to find me at the pool. We exchange pleasantries, and start lightly groping each other in the pool. His pierced cock felt thick and heavy. We were attracting attention there, and decided to move to the hot-tub.

Once there, we more blatantly played with each other's ample cocks....getting to full mast. I started feeling under his balls around his asshole, and felt him shudder in response. We started to attract a crowd here as well, and we both got out of the hot tub fully hard. He followed me back to my room.

Making out with this guy was fun - he's about 6'1" and in pretty decent shape. Naturally smooth, a nice contrast to my hairy bod, and very responsive. His nipples were hard wired, and as I ate his hole, he opened up nicely. I know we sucked each other, but I honestly don't remember much about it. What I do remember....

His eyes rolled into the back of his head as the head of my cock lined up with his hole. As I held his ankles above my head and pushed in, he took a deep hit on poppers and opened up for me. His hole sucked my cock into him, and he groaned in appreciation. We didn't move much from that spot - it was almost familiar, quite hot, and a perfect vacation fuck. Sawing in and out of his hole at varying speed and intensity led me to the edge in about 5 minutes.

At that moment, I asked him what he wanted.....and he locked eyes, squeezed down on my cock, and announced he wanted my seed. He got a nice ass full of cum as I roared, and he clamped down on my cock. We had a pleasant kiss and brief cuddle afterward, then he went padding off back to his partner, and I headed to Happy Hour just a little happier.

His partner would never return eye contact the remaining day....ooops. Ha.

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