Saturday, March 28, 2015

Gettin' my groove back

So, I was taken off the market for a period of time. That has come to an end - and as I explained to a friend recently, I'm getting my groove back. Sorry for the lack of posts - with any good fortune, the drought is over.

I took a trip a few weeks ago to unplug from reality and stayed at a gay resort. It's a funny ritual - single guys at places like this are either surrounded, or left completely to their own devices - iPhones - to connect. This time it was the latter. I got plenty of glances at the pool, said hello to guys, and it was as if I were speaking mandarin most of the time. Haha.

One guy hit me up on Scruff shortly after he checked in. He was traveling with his partner, who was "not into guys like {me}" but he was. About 30 minutes later, he comes out of their shared room to find me at the pool. We exchange pleasantries, and start lightly groping each other in the pool. His pierced cock felt thick and heavy. We were attracting attention there, and decided to move to the hot-tub.

Once there, we more blatantly played with each other's ample cocks....getting to full mast. I started feeling under his balls around his asshole, and felt him shudder in response. We started to attract a crowd here as well, and we both got out of the hot tub fully hard. He followed me back to my room.

Making out with this guy was fun - he's about 6'1" and in pretty decent shape. Naturally smooth, a nice contrast to my hairy bod, and very responsive. His nipples were hard wired, and as I ate his hole, he opened up nicely. I know we sucked each other, but I honestly don't remember much about it. What I do remember....

His eyes rolled into the back of his head as the head of my cock lined up with his hole. As I held his ankles above my head and pushed in, he took a deep hit on poppers and opened up for me. His hole sucked my cock into him, and he groaned in appreciation. We didn't move much from that spot - it was almost familiar, quite hot, and a perfect vacation fuck. Sawing in and out of his hole at varying speed and intensity led me to the edge in about 5 minutes.

At that moment, I asked him what he wanted.....and he locked eyes, squeezed down on my cock, and announced he wanted my seed. He got a nice ass full of cum as I roared, and he clamped down on my cock. We had a pleasant kiss and brief cuddle afterward, then he went padding off back to his partner, and I headed to Happy Hour just a little happier.

His partner would never return eye contact the remaining day....ooops. Ha.

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  1. Welcome back! So why does every description of yourself make me bone up and want to hump the nearest pillow?

  2. welcome back BDVG.

    Who is this friend of which you speak? :D

  3. welcome back BDVG.

    Who is this friend of which you speak? :D