Monday, December 30, 2013

6 loads into his ass, 3 loads out of his cock - 2.5 hours well spent.

I saw him on a Saturday night. He was in a group of people and I made eye contact with him. Like prey. In short order, I had allured him to the other side of the room to introduce himself. We chatted for a few minutes before he had to return to his regularly scheduled program. He was adorable - a little bit shorter than me, furry chest, some would call him a pretty boy - I call him a closet pig boy. You know the type - white collar by day, harness by night.

I slipped my card into his pocket as I left, but my friends found him on Scruff shortly thereafter. I may or may not have slipped him a cock shot. I may or may not have woke up to a message from him indicating his approval.

Fast forward some flirting text messages and a few hours, and I'm at his door. He answers in a white t-shirt and pair of hunter green sweatshorts. He looked really good - and as his dogs jumped on me, I saw a twinge of annoyance in his eyes - he wanted to get me in the door and naked. He looked hungry. I was too.

No sooner was the bedroom door shut (and dogs on the other side) than he pushed me up against the wall and swallowed my face. Clothes came off in a flash - his furry chest and playful expression getting me boned. He pushed me down onto the bed quickly and went down to the root of my cock. I loved the look in his eyes as he looked up - not looking for validation, more looking to make sure I knew that he knew he was excellent. No worries. I knew.

I pushed him onto his face, ass in the air. He has a total bubble ass - great muscle tone and a light dusting of fur. I dove into his ass with a gusto - it was clean, but not soapy. I'll find out later that he did all of this on purpose. It stands to reason - he is a little leather piglet. With a few hocks of spit onto his hole, I start teasing him with my now throbbing hard cock. He was pushing back onto it - and then rolled over and mounted me.

As he lowered himself onto my cock, he did this thing that I would come to really get off on watching - his eyes rolled into the back of his head, showing only the whites. His cock lurched, and he began fucking himself in earnest on my cock. In relative short order, I had him on his back, going in balls deep, while he stroked his ample cock. Just a few minutes in, he shot a THICK load all over his fur. Not missing a beat, I slicked my cock with his jizz and pumped load number one into him. His eyes went wide, and he did the RIGHT thing - said "Thank you."

We rolled over, and I was spooning him from behind. Not even getting soft, no less than 3 minutes later I was back inside him, spooning him, and in about 5 minutes I was dumping load number 2 in him. I've come to enjoy stopping moving as I cum, and allowing my partner to feel each throb, and each pulse of cum as it's injected into him.

We spent the next 20 minutes or so cuddled up, and while having him face down into the pillow, I pummeled him for 5 minutes or so until I dumped load number 3. Twenty minutes later, he climbed onboard at my invitation and we shot together - him getting load 4, me getting coated down with load 2. He kept nearly passing out every time he shot - and the eyes rolling into the back of his head as I penetrated his increasingly dummy hole kept getting me harder and harder.

About 40 more minutes later, I was mounting him from behind, feeding him poppers (which he was now huffing orally as opposed to nasally), and slamming into him - causing his head to hit the headboard. Moaning like a champ, he got load number 5. We both thought that it was over at this point, and went back to cuddling. The small talk was nice - comfortable. Still hard, and wanting to make sure I made up for a few sexless days, I grabbed his ankles and sawed in and out for a good long while this time - shooting what felt like a pretty decent size load, only to be rewarded a minute later with his 3rd load. He claims that he rarely shoots that much in quick succession. I believe him.

Too bad he and I don't live in the same town. Although, I'd probably lose my job because I'd never go too far from that hot ass of his.

....and later that night, about 6 hours later, I got a text message: "BTW - I'm still full from you. ;)"  Who says bromance is dead?

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  1. "You know the type - white collar by day, harness by night." don't know what you mean.

  2. So nice. Wonder if I am ever in your city. I would enjoy the same. Well done.