Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas eve quickie

So here I am in the heartland of America and realize that I haven't updated my blog in forever. Sorry about that guys. Lots of stuff to catch up on, and I'll do my best to get the highlights in.

This happened yesterday, so it's fresh.

I was cruising Adam's website looking to see if I could find a quickie in a small college town in the middle of the country. This place is desolate when school is out! With my luck, I find a guy who advertises himself as: 30 yo, 5'10" and 180# and a vers/bttm. He chats me up, sends me some non-descript photos, and then tells me that he's at work until 4p. It's now 10:30a dude. After showing him my cock, he suddenly invites me to "stop by my work."  I agree, and he tells me that it's actually a hotel.

As I walk in the lobby, he gives me a key to the room at the end of the hall. First thing I notice is that he's cute, but his photos are probably a little...stale. He comes in the room about 2 minutes later to find me sitting in the desk chair, jeans around my ankles, hard from reading  Bike Guy's blog post about his holiday party. The guy goes down on me and I'll give him this - he was an excellent cocksucker. Great tempo, nice and wet. I verbally assaulted him with the "cocksucker" and "faggot" talk which made his throat hum. He kept pawing at his pants though, so I invited him to remove his cock.

He had a reasonably nice cock - thick - but I had no desire to do anything to him other than plant a load. I hadn't cum in 5 days - I needed to release my DNA into someone. I had him stop sucking my cock and show me his ass.

I had purposefully stayed away from the bed, but he climbed onto it and presented a smooth ass to me. I spread his asscheeks apart and found that it was pristine - so I dove in and ate his hole. Moaning like Paula Deen at an all-u-can-eat buffet, I knew he was ready for a plow. Without ceremony, I hocked a wad of spit onto his hole and crammed my cock in there. It was a little too tight, and didn't feel quite right, so I stopped after a stroke or two and pulled out - stroked my cock for about a minute and then spread his hole open and shot my thick load in. Moments like these I wish I had a professional camera man - it was a perfect creampie. I pushed some in with the head of my cock, the rest in with my fingers.

He stroked himself for about 2 minutes and dribbled some cum.....then told me to get him a towel from the bathroom.

The maid must've been pissed.....cum on the sheets and everything.....

The question - do I post a review on TripAdvisor? :)

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  1. Ha! And would the review be: great service, staff very attentive, rooms so clean and pristine you don't want to mess the bed... Except for the one down the hall with all the spooge on the sheets.

  2. Yelp would be good too. And glad my holiday tale could help be part of the experience and story.