Friday, December 23, 2011

Doing my patriotic duty

His profile on Adam4Adam was pictureless – but he listed his stats as 29 yo 5’10”, 210#, 38W, 48C and a former Marine. And hairy. Well, damn, I’m patriotic.

He and I moved over to Yahoo where he opened his webcam. Shaved head, goatee, and definitely a muscular build. He told me that had been edging for an hour or so, and hadn’t cum in about 4 days. Mr. Marine wanted to know if I could swallow a big load. As if. He mentioned that he’s not gay about six times in our chat – he’s str8, but likes guys swallowing his cum.  Whatever it takes to get you through the day, bud.

He headed over, finding his way to my place and remarking constantly about how nice it is. It’s all about perception – I’m in a good place, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not all that remarkable. What is remarkable – is my throat. He stood in my bedroom, watching the porn he had requested – “something with big dicks” – so I chose Treasure Island Media. Well, shit….they have big dicks!  He commented – “Fuck, that dude is just taking it like a bitch, isn’t he?”  Marines are observant.

With him standing in front of me, I opened his jeans, which dropped to the floor effortlessly. His boxers went with them and his hairy crotch stood in front of me. His balls were nicely sized, his cock deflated – which changed in about 20 seconds with my mouth working it’s magic. He laid back on my bed and got comfortable while I got down on my knees at the foot of the bed and sucked his cock.

Mr. Marine was a moaner and a thrasher. I should have taken a picture of my bed by the time he left – from a blowjob he had managed to get the entire thing unmade. Pretty hot, actually. Anyway, he told me to suck his balls, which appeared to be super sensitive based on my hand manipulations. I started to play with his taint while sucking on his balls which made him thrash. Taking matters into my own tongue, I threw his legs in the air and dove face first into his ass. It was clean, opened up like a “bitch” (!) and he moaned “fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” as I easily got my tongue in his ass. After about a minute he realized it was gay to have his ass eaten by a faggot, so he pushed me down on his cock.

I spent the next 15 minutes edging him, with him getting on his feet to fuck my face, “I’m gonna make you choke, faggot…” (Again, as if. He had a 7” cock. It takes at least 9” or remarkable girth to make me choke.) him laying back on the bed, asking me if I was ready for his cum (I enjoy keeping a guy on the edge for a while….) and a few more enjoyable moments in his hairy ass….and him remarking, “Fuck, you’ve got a big cock. You must tear bitches up.” It was all quite enjoyable and I was finally ready to make him cum. I knew exactly what I was going to do.

Without manual manipulation I went down on him….deep throating….sucking, hard. He began to pant, “Fucker, you’re gonna choke on my cum…..” and as I felt his cock swell in the back of my throat, I shoved a finger in his ass, going right for the prostate…..”FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” he thrashed, and grabbed my hand, holding it in his ass. (So much for not liking his ass played with…..LOL.)  He DID cum a lot – kind of bitter, but it was a good protein shake, so I’m not complaining.

My own cock was drooling, and he asked to watch me cum. Not one to disappoint, I took four or five deliberate strokes of my cock and shot my load on his cock. I ate that up too.

He left with a smile on his face, and hit me up on Yahoo 15 minutes later….”Damn dude, that was fuckin good.” 
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Fun fuck on the road....

While travelling for business in the south last weekend, I hopped on Grindr out of sheer boredom. I was outside of a b-market city, but not interested in getting into the rental car and doing the stand-n-pose thing at a bar.

I got hit up by a local guy who had good stats - 6' 175# and a nice picture of him in the gym. We had decent banter back and forth, and then he sent me this:

Yes. I could see diving face first into that hairy ass. So, after a bit of negotiation back and forth, I invited him over. He asked that I run out to get lube, so as to save time. Sure thing.

He got over to my hotel just a little after midnight (I saved his photos whilst waiting - why not), and was actually cuter than his photographs would have led one to believe. He made out well, and we were pretty compatible. Kissing worked quite well and got me hard pretty quickly. He noticed the tent in my gymshorts (why bother with underwear?) and began sucking me through the fabric.

As we moved to the bed, he straddled me and I noticed a nice bulge in his jeans. As I got him out of his pants, I noticed his VERY hairy legs and ass. No sooner was he free from his jeans than his mouth found his way to my cock. We 69'd for easily 10 minutes without coming up for air. He was hungry for my cock, and I was happily lapping at his hairy hole. He'd moan, which would send vibrations down my cock, and vice versa....I'd moan into his hole which got him moaning. All good. And probably got my noisy neighbors attention. It's OK, I heard their 2 minutes of passion.

Anyway, back to his hairy ass in my face, I managed to get a few (2? 3?) fingers in his hole once it was opened up with spit. His cock leaked precum like a sieve. Soon, he came up for air, began to make out with me and then sat down on my cock. We agreed he needed more lube, so he went down on me again. Sat down on me again, and took it like a fucking champ. I could feel the hair on his ass, I could feel his prostate against the head of my cock. AWESOME....and he rode cock like a baptist preacher's daughter - with a hunger.

He turned around without coming off my cock and rode my cock. It didn't take long for me to get off - I began moaning and blasting in his hole. Feeling my cock swell, and his ass get sloppy, he shot off across my chest. Once he came down from the fuck, he asked me if I had actually cum in his ass. We never discussed it .... I just figured the way he was riding and moaning, it would be RUDE to suggest I do anything but finish the job I was in process.

We laid there and chatted for a while, finally drifting off to sleep. Around 6:30A, I was hard again, and woke him up with a cock in his ass. He was grateful for me having lubed my cock, and took it .... moaning, begging for me to fuck him harder. I came twice....we finally passed out again.

Around 10A, again, hard, I woke his ass up (literally), by pushing in with just spit. The friction from the hair around his ass was just too good to waste by lubing up. After a few strokes, I felt guilty and lubed up....and then WRECKED his hole. He shot all over the place, I planted another load in his fuckchute.

4 loads in his hole in 10 or so hours. And, quite honestly, a supremely nice guy. Refreshing - a good fuck and good energy.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

At least he was obedient, for the most part

So, I was hit up on the app geared toward scruffy men by a guy about 7 miles away the other night. 6' 155#, 32 y/o. OK, a little skinnier than I generally go for (I like beef), but I figured what the hell. He talked a good game - telling me that he wanted to be my boy, wanted me to control him, that he would do as told.  Holiday weeks are always crazed, and I needed stress relief.  He told me he'd be waiting for me bent over the bed, in a jockstrap and his harness. Door unlocked, ignore his barking dogs. OK.

Rule #1: If you live on a dark street and you're waiting for me to come fuck your hole, turn on the damn light showing your house number. Nothing is more annoying than driving aimlessly down a street of tract homes unable to see house numbers.

Rule #2: If your dogs are so fucking yappy that they NEVER shut up during a fuck session, consider getting them a muzzle. I don't want to hear them, and neither do your neighbors.

I had told him en route that he was to only speak when spoken to. He had spent the day on the app begging me for my piss. I told him that I'd consider it. He asked for permission to jerk mid day- I told him that until I was done with his hole, he was to keep his hands off his cock. Yes, I can be a dom when I want to be.

I get there, fumble through the neighborhood and park in his drive. Open the door, and as if on que the dogs start in. I walk up to his bedroom, see him there and go over and spit on his hole as I walk up. He says, "Thank you sir," and I grab him by his harness and put my arm around his throat - tight. I remind him that he is to only speak when spoken to. I tell him to stay there, and proceed to the bathroom and take a long piss. I was making a point - I was running this show.

When I returned to the bedroom, I put him on his knees and had him service me through my jeans. Then with one hand made him open my pants and service me through my jockstrap. The guy was eager. Responsive.

I removed my own pants, and then sat on his face. He sputtered a bit - unsure of how to properly eat a hole. Odd. I would think a raging bottom would instinctively know what feels good. Keeping his head pressed against the bed, I started face fucking him with my cock, pulled out from my jockstrap. He struggled. Annoyed, I got on my back on the bed and ordered him to suck my cock.

OK, guys, if you're going to advertise as a cocksucking bottom, you damn well better be a cocksucking bottom. He never went down to the root without my hand on the back of his head holding him there. He sputtered. He struggled to breathe. He was hyperventilating. The dom in me was turned on, but my cock was annoyed. He went to touch his cock through his jock and got slapped. He got slapped when he came up for air and didn't thank me. I never had to correct him twice for the same thing....until....

I told him it was time for me to fuck his hole. If you're going to play sub, BE FUCKING SUB! He wouldn't let me get him in a comfortable position. He wouldn't relax his fucking hole. I'm thick, but I'm not anaconda thick.

After far too many attempts to get in his hole, I laid back and ordered him to ride me. He managed to get my cock in his hole this way, and I took control of his body, using him like a fleshjack. I could feel the cum start to boil in my balls, and made a fatal mistake - I started to groan as my cock head swelled. He knew he was about to get my cum and jumped off. Fucker. I'm smarter than you, asshole.....I grabbed his face, held him by the side of it, where I knew I was holding his eye open. Then, 6 volleys of cum shot from my cock. Impressive for me, I'm generally 1-2 volleys than a long run. I know that at least 3 of those volleys went right in his eye. One way or the other, you WILL take my cum. He asked for permission to cum and was denied, and reminded that he would only speak when spoken to.

He was silent as I cleaned myself and then shoved the rag in his mouth. I got dressed and threw him a salute. As I left ~40 minutes after I got to his house, his dogs were still yapping.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Good fuck ... and career coaching

I had posted on CL last night looking for dick up my hole. I'll get back to the story of the botched orgy I attended. But, I got this photograph when I got home:

And that cock looked delicious. So, I hit him up tonight. His email indicated he's a grad student. He was home, and invited me over tonight.

One mile later, I was pulling his sweatpants down to his ankle. A nice fat cock soft turned into a HOT fat cock hard. Nice low hanging balls that slapped against my chin when he would lift up from the hodge-podge, mismatched chair he sat in. He kissed reasonably well for an early 20s guy. Not a hair on his chest - which generally isn't my thing but worked on him. Finally after about 10 minutes he went to get lube to fuck me.

There's something about a kid in his early 20s and his naivety. He went down to his living room floor for me to ride his cock, but remained semi upright leaning against the chair. Really? Lay down boy. Let me do the work. After some botched attempts, I finally told him I'd let him do the work.

I got on my back and he shoved his fat cock into my hole....stretching me wide open. A hit of Jungle Juice helped matters along, and I was loving his cock. Like most 20 somethings, he lasted not nearly long enough before his breathing increased and he abruptly pulled out to shoot. What?!?! Well, he gets off on the show. He's a shooter - good show.

I get dressed, taking my cue. Well, not so much....he wants to chat, which was sweet. Turns out he needed a big brother. But, among things one should not say to the guy he just fucked:

"Wow. You must have gone to High School in the 90s. What was THAT like?"

Nice kid, GREAT cock....worth a repeat....but maybe with his face in the pillow afterward.
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Conference sex

It's true. When the fag is away the fag will play.

I've had a conference fuckbud for the past few years. He now has a boyfriend, and played coy last night. I was horny and wanted a hole to pound.

As the evening drew to a close I had him come back to my room to "cuddle." 30 minutes later we were groping each other and stroking cocks. I pushed his head down under the covers and forced my cock down his throat. He's a total bottom sheeps clothing. I have to take my hat off to him - he sucks cock like a fat kid eats candy. He enjoys getting his face fucked. And choked. So, I grabbed the poppers from my dopp kit and went to town.

As he was getting me close to cumming, he sat down on my cock. Kind of unexpected. Then he had me finger him until he shot a nice thick load. Went back to bed.

We'll see if there is a repeat tonight.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Recycled fuck

Earlier tonight, I was dealing with iPhone issues (PS: iOS 5 is great, but the battery issues SUCK ASS.)  and cruising on MH. A guy I had fucked on and off a year or so ago hit me up - we bantered back and forth for a good hour before I finally got him to agree to come over and lay some pipe.

He's about 5'9" 180 - solid, mod hairy, mid 30s. Good smile. Fuck....and a GREAT cock. Thick. Hard as a fucking ROCK.

He wasn't in me for much more than 5 minutes before that fuckstick had me shooting all over myself without touching my cock. FUCKIN A! Pure and simple - great fuck.

And a sustainable one! Want cum, get cum....waste not.

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Do you find sweaty guys attractive?

HELL yes. Love eating a sweaty hole or pits. Instant hardon all over the gym when a guy with good funk is working out next to me.

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Keep Sucking - I gotta take this

So I was bored and horny to get on my knees for some cock. What else to do? Head to an adult bookstore I heard of 30 miles down the road.

The crowd was subpar to say the least. Lots of guys that hospital folk would refer to as "CTD" - Circling the drain. But, I was a cumhound on a mission.

I zeroed in on a early to mid 40s soccer dad. Wedding ring? Check. Jeans that didn't quite fit? Check. Messy hair that wasnt trendy? Check. He went into a booth and put on some pussy porn.

I walked in, found him rubbing his crotch through his jeans. Subtle behavior not being my strongest selling point, I dropped to my knees in front of him and began to open his pants. He never looked down. His cock....well....wasn't impressive soft. But, once in my mouth it began to pulse into life. Bingo.

I sucked this guy for a while - 10 minutes- then his phone began to ring. He changed the channel for silence, held my head in place, and spoke to his wife:

"Yeah, I'm running errands."
"What kind do you want?"
"yeah I'll get them from practice."
"Love you too"

Once off his call, he sat on the bench in the booth and took control of my head. I'd venture to say his wife gives awful head.....based on the "fuck, I need my dick sucked like this" comments. After 5 mins of this, he asked me if I wanted his "baby batter."

UM, what the fuck am I doing here if I don't?

I moan in agreement, and shove a finger in his ass. That throws our married friend over the edge. Moans and spasms. Cum flows. Bingo. He zips and leaves without saying he loved me. Lol.

Now I was ready to deal with my 3 day load - so I found a cocksucker. He was a little chubby - could stand to lose 30# - but had a nice enough face and a large bottle of poppers. I went into Dom top mode....fucked his face hard, made him gag....and rewarded him with a nice thick load. Then placed my hand on his throat and commanded him to swallow. The fear and elation in his eyes kept me hard. I wound up with a second, smaller nutt down his throat about 3 minutes later.
Not bad.

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

youre stories are incredibly hot....when are you going to post more?

Sorry - life got in the way, but working on catching up. Thanks for the feedback!!

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Are you attracted to the way a man smells?

LOVE the way a man smells. Musky balls/ass, sweaty pits = INSTANT hardon. Locker room smell is FUCKING AMAZING.

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Do you shave anywhere below the neck? How often? Front and/or back?

Front - sometimes trim up for summer, otherwise natural.
Back - Wax 4x/yr

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Curious = Eat my hole?

I was hungry, so I posted on CL. Got the usual replies, but this one stood out:

Uncut bi 26yo white guy, 6'2 hwp looking to get blown, not looking to recip. Want my cum?

Hell yes!

7 emails and 20 minutes later I had his shorts around his ankles and his beefy ass on my couch. His cock was nice....good girth, nice bush, fun skin. I sucked him for a good 20 minutes.....taking my time to enjoy his foreskin, the copious amounts of precum he was producing for me, and listening to his grunts of pleasure. I would reach up and play with his nips and his clipped chest, which made him buck in pleasure. I massaged his nuts one at a time in my mouth, then took both in my mouth. His legs lept in the air and I took the opportunity to dare down to his lightly hairy crack. My tongue hit his hole and it tasted so fucking good - a little salty, musky, down right fucking perfect. He moaned loud enough I'm sure my neighbors thought I was blasting porn. I went back to his cock and swallowed it down to the root, swallowing the precum flowing.

"where do you want my cum man?"

I keep sucking."you're gonna make me cum"

I keep sucking.

"you're gonna get my cum in a minute."

I suck harder.

"fuck dude, you're gonna swallow my cum....."

That's the plan.

He begins to moan, grunt, buck up against my tonsils and let's loose with a nice size load and a chorus of "fuck! Shit! Fuck!" in rapid progression.

He was chatty as he got dressed. I'm the second guy to gobble his cock, and i plan to be the first hairy ass he fucks. I'll bring him to the team.....and fuck the toaster. I want a g-d damned trophy for this one.
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Monday, January 3, 2011

It's better to undersell

So I've been chatting with a guy on the other side of town for a while now. His profiles keep popping up, and his videoed cumshots are pretty damn hot. He lives with his partner, but finally had time for me to come down to his place today.

It was a 40 minute drive across town to get to his place and I was admonished to park on the side of the house, not in front. Doing as I was told, I arrived......rang the bell and he answered in boxer briefs and a tshirt. Twink porn was playing on the tv in the living room, a copy of "Freshmen" was on the couch and 2 cats were wandering back and forth. If he likes twinks.....what the FUCK am I doing here?

As we started to make out things got better.....we both got hard, and I dropped to my knees to pull out his cock. He has an interesting cock.....whoever did his circumcision left 3/4 of the foreskin. It was fun to suck him.....he precame quite a bit, and his balls...while tight still slapped my chin. I stood up, shared his precum with him, which he really got into. He led me back to the bedroom, where he had already spread a towel across the bed.

I immediately stripped naked and enjoyed the reaction of my cock flopping out. He slack jawed, so I took the opportunity to fuck his face. I reached and played with his nipples, which he seemed to enjoy. He kept his shirt on, which was annoying....I could feel a hot layer of man fur. I went back to working on his cock and before long he told me that we had to slow down. I took the opportunity to get on my back, and demanded that he get rid of the t-shirt, which wasn't hiding his extra 20#, just obstructing my access to his hairy chest.

He grabbed the lube from the nightstand, and applied it to my hole and his rod. Then, he tried to penetrate my taint.'s a hole, and I'm should be able to find it in a fully lit room. With some help, I got him in, and he began slowly working his cock back and forth. Literally within 45 seconds...his breathing got labored....and he slammed balls deep in me. His cock gave some powerful pulses and he grunted like he meant it. "load one" he finally uttered as he slowly churned his cum in my chute. It felt great and I pulled him in closer and began making out with him.
As we made out, I grabbed his hip bones and began fucking myself with him. Another 3 minutes later, he said, "I'm gonna cum again dude...." and I asked him if he wanted me to cum with him. "Yeeee....ssss....." he hissed as he tried to hold back. As I bore down on his cock, he grunted, which sent the first volley of cum from my cock. He howled again, dumping load number two. After he was done, I held him in there, and enjoyed the reaction of tightening and loosening my hole around his cock while he came down from the orgasm.
Fairly soon thereafter, he pulled out, and I got dressed. 15 minutes after my arrival, I was back in my car....2 loads in.
SO, 2 loads....awesome.
10 minutes of fucking with a 40 minute drive each way.....not so awesome.
Lesson: Dudes, under promise. Over deliver. This guy promised at least an hour of fucking.........I doubt he's EVER done that. Still, fun dick. I just would have preferred to let him do the driving. LOL.
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Mounted by the Mounties

While on vacation I checked in on and was approached by a hot 32yo Canadian Ginger muscle guy, 5'11 210# with a shaved head and nice full hairy chest. He was a few miles from me, also in a hotel, and was with his partner. The partner was mid 30s, 6' and about 165. Kind of lean, lightly hairy. Our conversation started late in the evening, and we agreed to meet up the next day.

The muscle guy told me to meet his partner at a bar in the mid afternoon. Here is a peeve - if you tell me exactly where to be, and are somewhere else - don't get pissy with me that I'm not a mind reader. His partner was on the other side of the busy bar, and looked nothing like the dim photo I had been sent. But alas, we found each other, and the muscle guy showed up. We quickly left the bar and I called for a cab. We climbed in the back - me as the monkey in the middle.

I played with their hairy legs on the way back....the muscle guy was all about touching me, his partner seemed like he was a bit nervous or introverted. It struck me as a bit odd, but we ran with it. I was hard by the time we started approaching their hotel, and willed it down before walking through the lobby. As we entered the elevator, I was careful to place myself behind muscle guy, and began massaging his ass with 3 straight guests right there. He grabbed my hardon.

We wasted no time when we got back to the room. It was probably obvious that I was more into the muscle guy than his partner. Such is life......muscle guy pulled me in for an awesome kiss that got me rock hard. He too got hard, pushed me back onto the bed and pinned me down, while his partner disappeared into the bathroom. We made out, he tore my clothes off and had my muscular legs wrapped around his meaty hairy ass. We both began to sweat quickly......then his partner came back into the room.

Muscle guy got off of me and said, "Eat his ass boy" to his partner. With that, my legs were thrown into the air, and held there by the muscle guy as he got his cock into my willing mouth. Muscle guy lacked an impressive cock, but the scene was hot enough to make up for it. I sucked for a good 5 minutes and was rewarded with a steady stream of precum. Without much notice he pushed his partner away from my now wet hole and got between my legs.

Hocking a glob of spit onto my hole, he lined up his cock. His partner came around the side and began making out with me as I got this raw Canadian cock in me. Muscle guy began to pound without mercy right from the start. I tasted my musky ass on the tongue of the partner. Again, without much notice muscle guy pushed his partner away, began making out with me, and lifted me off the bed and began pounding, as deep as he could go. His eyes focused on mine....he was intense, his cock purposeful and I knew what was about to happen......


He slammed his cock to the base and I felt at least 7 distinct pulses. As he caught his breath, he said, "Get off the floor boy.....finish this man off." as he pulled out of me and moved me over on the bed. Muscle guy laid next to me, as his partner lined his LONG cock up against my hole. It was about 8.5 long, but on the slim side. I know, I want it all......but I prefer average length with extra girth over length without matching girth. :). Partner puts his cock in tentatively, and muscle guy bellowed, "I said finish this man off boy......fuck like you mean it."

Muscle guy made out with me while his partner began throwing me a decent fuck. I felt the load in my ass getting frothy, and then felt muscle guy stroking my rock hard cock. It was all too much and I began to shoot - hard - hitting our chins as we made out.

The partner immediately withdrew having not shot. Muscle guy ushered me to the shower.....where he ate his load out of my hole, then made out with me. Partner just sat in a side chair.......turns out he's a total sub and isn't allowed to cum unless told.

All in all.....fucking hot, and doing my part for US-Canadian relations.
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Not Quite my usual

The second night of my trip, another guest at the resort (I like staying at clothing optional gay places....its fun) was hitting on me. Having seen his grindr profile, I knew he was all bottom: "seeking to give expert service to partner likes it."

At 2a, hormones took hold and he began playing with my cock in the hot tub. We took it back to my room, where I forced him to the tile floor and choked him. Multiple times. He kept gagging....and the more he gagged the harder I got. I grabbed the belt on my bed, and lifted him to his feet, bending him over the bed. With the belt in hand, I began beating his ass, which got him rock hard........

I fed him some poppers (jungle juice) and began eating his hole. It was obvious that he had experience, but it was still pretty tight. Grabbing some gun oil, I began fingering his hole. Once satisfied that he was stretched enough (3 fingers) I lined my cock up with his smooth hole and slowly pushed in. His hole sucked me was hard not to go in too fast.

The fuck was standard......he was good. I verbally degraded him and belted his ass pretty hard. As I felt my cum churn, I decided to shoot on his face, which caught him off guard. As I pulled out, he begged me to fist him and allow him to cum.

My closed fist went in and out of his hole with amazing ease. He shot up his chest in about 2 minutes, and then went to reach for a towel. I refused him that pleasantry in a sadistic streak.....I said, "No, take your used hole and my seed back to your partner."

In the morning, his partner thanked me pool side for using his "husband" - by licking my hole. Awwww.

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