Monday, January 3, 2011

Mounted by the Mounties

While on vacation I checked in on and was approached by a hot 32yo Canadian Ginger muscle guy, 5'11 210# with a shaved head and nice full hairy chest. He was a few miles from me, also in a hotel, and was with his partner. The partner was mid 30s, 6' and about 165. Kind of lean, lightly hairy. Our conversation started late in the evening, and we agreed to meet up the next day.

The muscle guy told me to meet his partner at a bar in the mid afternoon. Here is a peeve - if you tell me exactly where to be, and are somewhere else - don't get pissy with me that I'm not a mind reader. His partner was on the other side of the busy bar, and looked nothing like the dim photo I had been sent. But alas, we found each other, and the muscle guy showed up. We quickly left the bar and I called for a cab. We climbed in the back - me as the monkey in the middle.

I played with their hairy legs on the way back....the muscle guy was all about touching me, his partner seemed like he was a bit nervous or introverted. It struck me as a bit odd, but we ran with it. I was hard by the time we started approaching their hotel, and willed it down before walking through the lobby. As we entered the elevator, I was careful to place myself behind muscle guy, and began massaging his ass with 3 straight guests right there. He grabbed my hardon.

We wasted no time when we got back to the room. It was probably obvious that I was more into the muscle guy than his partner. Such is life......muscle guy pulled me in for an awesome kiss that got me rock hard. He too got hard, pushed me back onto the bed and pinned me down, while his partner disappeared into the bathroom. We made out, he tore my clothes off and had my muscular legs wrapped around his meaty hairy ass. We both began to sweat quickly......then his partner came back into the room.

Muscle guy got off of me and said, "Eat his ass boy" to his partner. With that, my legs were thrown into the air, and held there by the muscle guy as he got his cock into my willing mouth. Muscle guy lacked an impressive cock, but the scene was hot enough to make up for it. I sucked for a good 5 minutes and was rewarded with a steady stream of precum. Without much notice he pushed his partner away from my now wet hole and got between my legs.

Hocking a glob of spit onto my hole, he lined up his cock. His partner came around the side and began making out with me as I got this raw Canadian cock in me. Muscle guy began to pound without mercy right from the start. I tasted my musky ass on the tongue of the partner. Again, without much notice muscle guy pushed his partner away, began making out with me, and lifted me off the bed and began pounding, as deep as he could go. His eyes focused on mine....he was intense, his cock purposeful and I knew what was about to happen......


He slammed his cock to the base and I felt at least 7 distinct pulses. As he caught his breath, he said, "Get off the floor boy.....finish this man off." as he pulled out of me and moved me over on the bed. Muscle guy laid next to me, as his partner lined his LONG cock up against my hole. It was about 8.5 long, but on the slim side. I know, I want it all......but I prefer average length with extra girth over length without matching girth. :). Partner puts his cock in tentatively, and muscle guy bellowed, "I said finish this man off boy......fuck like you mean it."

Muscle guy made out with me while his partner began throwing me a decent fuck. I felt the load in my ass getting frothy, and then felt muscle guy stroking my rock hard cock. It was all too much and I began to shoot - hard - hitting our chins as we made out.

The partner immediately withdrew having not shot. Muscle guy ushered me to the shower.....where he ate his load out of my hole, then made out with me. Partner just sat in a side chair.......turns out he's a total sub and isn't allowed to cum unless told.

All in all.....fucking hot, and doing my part for US-Canadian relations.
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  1. Nicely done. On all your parts.

  2. Damn! I bet your hole tasted great after that session!