Monday, January 3, 2011

Not Quite my usual

The second night of my trip, another guest at the resort (I like staying at clothing optional gay places....its fun) was hitting on me. Having seen his grindr profile, I knew he was all bottom: "seeking to give expert service to partner likes it."

At 2a, hormones took hold and he began playing with my cock in the hot tub. We took it back to my room, where I forced him to the tile floor and choked him. Multiple times. He kept gagging....and the more he gagged the harder I got. I grabbed the belt on my bed, and lifted him to his feet, bending him over the bed. With the belt in hand, I began beating his ass, which got him rock hard........

I fed him some poppers (jungle juice) and began eating his hole. It was obvious that he had experience, but it was still pretty tight. Grabbing some gun oil, I began fingering his hole. Once satisfied that he was stretched enough (3 fingers) I lined my cock up with his smooth hole and slowly pushed in. His hole sucked me was hard not to go in too fast.

The fuck was standard......he was good. I verbally degraded him and belted his ass pretty hard. As I felt my cum churn, I decided to shoot on his face, which caught him off guard. As I pulled out, he begged me to fist him and allow him to cum.

My closed fist went in and out of his hole with amazing ease. He shot up his chest in about 2 minutes, and then went to reach for a towel. I refused him that pleasantry in a sadistic streak.....I said, "No, take your used hole and my seed back to your partner."

In the morning, his partner thanked me pool side for using his "husband" - by licking my hole. Awwww.

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