Wednesday, April 26, 2017

....that was a first.....

Sorry for the lack of posts. I'm way behind - I'll catch up on the good ones. This one was too specific not to capture quickly....

Last night I got home from a Tuesday night dinner with a friend and got hit up on Scruff:

Him: You at <<>> apartments?
Me: Yep.
Him: Lookin?
Me: Yep.
Him: Masc sub bttm
Me: Oral hung top.
<>, truth be told, I wasn't crazy into the guy, but I could look into his apartment from mine.
Him: Want to fuck me?
Me: Sure
Him: I have a GF, that cool?
Me: Not my monkey, not my circus.
Him: K. Bring lube and poppers. Apt #.
Me: On my way.

It was too convenient not to do. He wasn't anything aside from average. I headed down to his place.

Who opens the door? Not the guy I'm about to fuck - nope, the GF. Smiles, shakes my hand, and says, "He's in there. Waiting for you."

Slightly confused, I headed to the bedroom to find my neighbor from Scruff naked, playing with a limp cock. (As I'm fucking, I notice a bottle of bourbon on the nightstand and his breath indicates he's been enjoying....)  I ask him who the chick was, and he says, "I told you I have a girl friend."  Not being one to judge, I drop shorts and feed him my cock. "I'm not into oral," he complained. "Get me hard, or I'm leaving."  All of a sudden, he was VERY motivated to hoover my cock with skill that indicated he wasn't a novice.

Once hard, I lubed my cock and pushed into his clearly non-virgin hole. I'm not saying it was loose, I'm just saying that it wasn't hard for me to get in there. Either he had plenty of cock in his lifetime, or the bourbon had loosened him up. A few hits of the poppers and he was an aggressive sub bottom - begging for my cock. Then my load. About 5 minutes in, I felt the urge. Put my hand on his throat, told him to take it, and bred him.

No sooner were my shorts back on then the girlfriend comes in and asks, "Are you ready for me to eat it?"  I must have lost my poker face at this moment - he rolled over onto all 4s and she went about eating my load out of his ass as I walked out of the apartment.

15 minutes later I have a Scruff message, "Got another load in you? She's still hungry."

Saturday, April 30, 2016

So hot.....and then.....

The apps can be a funny marketplace. Sometimes it's all about instant gratification. Sometimes it's all about setting a plan. I've had some decent luck with the latter recently.

I was getting ready for a day on the road and happened to check messages on Scruff. This guy started a new chat with me while I was reading others. He stood out because he was direct and to the point - he wanted to get down on his knees and service me. He happened to be off from work, and was willing to come over when I got back to the hotel in the late afternoon.

At 3p, promptly when he said he would, he reached out and confirmed my availability. He set the scene - he wanted me freeballing in gym shorts, and wanted to walk in, no words, and wanted to have a nice long suck session. Who am I to argue.

When he arrived, I happened to have been on a call with the airline working on getting a ticket reissued. He was told to come in silently, and get to work. As I'm talking with "Miss Ivy" about my seat, he's hoovering my cock. He had a hat on backward and totally fit the look of the region with a scruffy face and lean body. He did a more than adequate job of getting me hard while I wrapped up my call. He took a good huff of poppers and went to town.

As soon as my call ended, I started really fucking his face. He loved when I took control, and began to sweat. I like that - a guy who is really into it and getting lost in providing service is fucking hot. I removed his hat and instructed him to remove his shirt. His hairy otter body was hot. I kept calling him a good boy, which made him moan every time. In fact, he really seemed to like verbal play. At one point I told him to pull out his cock. When a cocksucker is hard as fuck and doesn't play with his cockle cause he's so focused on the prize that is my cock, that's fucking hot.

About 30 minutes in, I was ready to shoot. He kept asking for my cum.....I didn't think to confirm that he planned on swallowing it. I shot a good load in his mouth and took note that he wasn't making a swallowing motion. He ran to the sink and spit out my cum. UGH. It's hugely disappointing and a turn off. If I lived in the same town as him, it would have been a deal breaker for a repeat.

Overall good, but I really wish he would have told me he didn't intend to swallow. I would have liked to have seen the cumshot if it wasn't going to be a meal. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Furry Grad Student Butt of Glory

My business travel had me in a University town recently and I knew I'd wind up finding someone young. I never imagined it'd be a cute little furball grad student. 23, 6', 210#.

We started chatting on Scruff pretty quickly after I got into town. I got in late that evening and we were chatting while I was eating a late dinner. Time zones and early starts to my day were catching up with me and I was sadly fading quickly. I even sent this guy's picture to a friend and commented on what a great ass this guy has......

So, the conversation continued and we both wanted to fuck, but I was fading too quickly to be any fun. We agreed on the next day, and I figured it was a solid 50/50 bet whether or not it actually came to pass. I mean, scheduling 24 hours in advance rarely works out.

Lo and behold, we started texting early in the morning during my cardio. Lots of flirtatious chatter and back and forth through the day included a few photos of each of us. We were definitely into each other, and he was telling me all the right things - including how badly he needed to be fucked - and hard.

He doesn't have a car (in this town it's unnecessary) and only had a certain window of availability for wheels to get to my hotel. My work dinner ran late, but he rolled with it, and I rolled out to pick him up. As I was driving there, I thought, "This is either going to be awesome, or a train wreck."

Awesome won.

Cute, scruffy faced grad student gets in my car and with ease and confidence unlike what I would have expected for someone of his age, he leans in for a kiss. We spend the 10 minute drive bantering about our respective days - come to find out this cute furball has a brain too. We're about as opposite as it gets in terms of interest and personality - but somehow we were chatting more like long lost friends.

We got to my hotel and went at it. AT. IT. He made out really well and I was totally into it. About 10 minutes of standing there fully clothed and groping each other, and I finally pushed him down onto the bed. 

We had great chemistry. It just worked. He kept pawing at my cock, and once it sprang free, he went down on it like a champ. Down to the root, and took every fucking inch. He moaned as he sucked and that vibration was a nice touch. Not sure who he was doing it for, but it worked. Finally, I broke him off my cock for the few seconds it took to get his shorts off to reveal his jock-strapped ass. I rolled him over and dove in, face first.

He hacked against my face and clearly enjoyed being the subject of my hunger. I've eaten my fair share of ass....this was solid top 10. Not because it was perfect, but more because it was so real. He had a solid meaty ass and clearly knew how to get fucked, but it was still in good condition. He would reach back and spread his cheeks for me and allow me to get deeper. He moaned into the pillow, and I would go deeper. Once his hole was really wet, I slid a finger in. It was pure heaven - his hole gripped my finger like his very life depended on it. I kept going and got two fingers in. His cock lurched and I noticed a line form from his jockstrap to the bed - his cock was leaking that much precum. YES.

We rolled over and made out some more, he sucked my cock again, and I finally told him it was time for him to get fucked. Hard. I grabbed lube and got both my cock and his hole well lubed.....and slowly.....inch by inch....started to see-saw in and out of his hole. My furry student's eyes went wide as he felt the width of my cock stretch his hole. His eyes lit up and popped as I arched my cock to hit his prostate. "Holy fuck. That's my prostate." Yes, boy....that's your prostate.

We fucked missionary until I felt he was warmed up, and then I put him on his side. This made his precum flow with vigor. Finally, I was able to roll him onto his stomach, lift him onto all 4s and begin hammering him. He would get tense, and I'd slow down, and then shock him with a quick upbeat. He'd turn around and smile here and there, and was moaning. The bed was making considerable noise. The poor people in 211 below me knew I was Getting. MY. FUCK. ON.

His cock was a drippy mess and I had edged long enough. I got him on top of me, since I wanted to see this prolific sum shot that he promised. He rode my cock like a fucking champion and let me stroke his cock. Finally, he started breathing heavy, and announced his orgasm. His ass clenched down on my cock like a vice grip and he began shooting. It flew everywhere. Very watery, but prolific indeed. I guess if he didn't beat off a few times a day, it'd be thick as fuck and volatile. 

He got off of me, licked my cock clean, and watched me stroke. At my instruction he begged for my cum, which flew pretty good for me. (I'm not typically a big cummer. Can't win 'em all.) He played with it for a while and made out with me.

We cuddled for a while and after about 20 minutes he started nursing my cock back to life. I asked how his ass tasted and he smiled. This boy is a hot wire. We fucked again for about 20 minutes, and every time I changed positions, he started nursing my cock. "I fucking love your cock," he kept cooing. 

Finally, I was starting to fade, so I had him get on top, and coat me down again. He begged for me to breed him......and breed him I did. It wasn't a huge load, but hearing this little stud boy beg for me to breed him was too much for my brain to compute.

I drove him home, we exchanged pleasantries via text the next day. Our paths will likely cross again....if I'm lucky. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ebony & Ivory - and the furry ass of glory

Last year about this time, I met a guy who I had "met" online years earlier. We traded explicit photographs and mutual admiration. He's a few years younger than me, significantly taller, and also pretty commanding in his general presence. We've never lived in the same town, which makes getting together tough.

Our first encounter was totally by chance - he found me in a small town on Grindr and did a drive-by on his trip across the highway outside my hotel. Enough time was spent there to establish chemistry works.

This time, I was in his town for work. We agreed to meet for a drink - and, a trip to pound town. He's adorable. Handsome - strikingly so, actually - and I don't think he's fully aware of it. He met me at my hotel, and I took him to the upstairs bar. Nobody watching us in the bar would have given us a solitary thought - it looked like two guys just shooting the shit. 

Except it wasn't. It was a sexual dance. I could sense his building excitement about getting fucked. And I nursed my drink. I wanted his hole to sweat in anticipation. And sweat it did, but more on that in a bit. A few times, I'd make a suggestive comment and I'd notice that he'd ever so slightly adjust in his seat.

Finally, it was time to go to the room. He walked behind me - he said because I walk fast - I say because he was setting a tone of obedience. Either way, it totally worked. We got into the room, and he looked at me. I instructed him to get onto his knees.

He did, and he unzipped my pants, opened them, and hauled out my cock. I was clubbed, but he took good care to get me fully hard. I can imagine him being in the reverse of this very situation, but watching him slobber all over my fuckstick and see the crown of his hairy ass sticking out from his pants while he polished me gave me a charge. This wasn't meant to be a long exchange....I began to sense that I really needed to drill into business.

I ordered him disrobed and he went to the bed. I can't remember if I ate his ass or not (shame on me), but I remember slowly applying lube to my cock and then his hole. I didn't go in easy. I pushed right in and made his eyes pop. I wanted him to know I was fully in charge. His hairy hole was mine.

He was a loud bottom. And that made my dick THROB. He kept going "ooooooooo" and I knew that I was leaving my mark. His cock was deflated, which actually in a weird way turns me on. I like knowing that my bottom exists for my  pleasure sometimes.

We fucked for a good 20 minutes before he tapped out. For someone that doesn't take dick much, and certainly not thick dick, I was impressed. Neither of us shot, and I really didn't care. It wasn't about that. 

We'll continue to fuck - probably tag teaming some poor furry bottom slut sometime soon. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Neighborly convenience

On a lark, about a month ago, I posted an ad on CL looking for guys wanting head. I specifically said it was ok if the other dude was into no-recip scenes, str8/bi, whatever. There are just times where I really feel like sucking cock. This was one of those nights.

I get one response worth acknowledging - 38 yo white dude, shaved head, 6'1" 185# 7thick. Yes. That works. We went back and forth a lot and he flaked out.

Then he reached out 2 nights later. We made a plan. And he flaked out.

Then 4 nights later, repeat. I called him on it this time, and he responded, "I'm freaked out because you live in the same building." Ohhhh. Neighborly cock. Yes.

It took another 2 weeks to get him comfortable with the thought of one of his neighbors (in a 400 unit building, mind you) knowing he likes to blow his load down a dudes throat from time to time. I'm glad I exercised patience (not my forte) and waited out his skiddish behavior.

He showed up the first time (yep) with a hat, wife beater under a button down and jeans. He's not 185, hate to break it to him, he's 160 if that. Pretty slim, and as it turns out, a little shy about his actual cock size. It's easily 7.5 if not 8. And it's thick. Yum.

He came in and quickly signaled for me to drop to my knees, and out flopped his already hardening cock. In no time, he was fucking my face standing and giving me a good workout. His cock started to drool pretty quickly too, and it had the slightest hint of being sweet. After a few minutes, he sat on the couch and allowed me to continue sucking him. Then he did something strange / unexpected - he pulled me up for a kiss and pulled down my shorts to play with my cock. He tasted like beer, and his behavior seemed like he might have had a few beers to calm his nerves. Go with it.....

Then he pushed me onto my back, hopped off the couch, and swallowed the head of my cock. He lacked skill, but I wasn't going to break his mojo. Coming up for air he said, "You've got a fucking thick cock." Obviously.

When he allowed me to return to sucking his cock, he was more aggressive. I felt up his chest and found an insulin delivery device. Ahhhh...the sweet precum makes sense. Oddly, this made him more aggressive and pretty soon he said, "swallow." His cum was plentiful and his orgasm seemingly intense. Once he was done, I stroked a load out while he hastily left my place. 

Fast forward another 2 weeks and he comes back. Much the same, except this time he announces in the email exchange that he has a live in GF ... And he wants to fuck my ass. I wasn't getting prepped for that on this specific night, so he came up and got head. Much the same scene as above....except this time he desperately wanted to make me cum. His technique wouldn't get me there....but as soon as I tasted his cum, I shot. 

It was so good he emailed 90 minutes later asking for more.......he'll get more. It's convenient and it's a hot cock. 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Small Town, Highway head

**i thought this posted a while back. Whoops! Enjoy, albeit late.**

I was visiting family in a semi-rural environment for Thanksgiving this year. I was "welcome" to stay with the family - but there was a lovely name-brand hotel at the end of the highway exit ramp that sounded a LOT better to me. Enough family time is enough - and I was able to say, "But the hotel has a gym," which appeased the family's sense of not being wasteful of my own money......but I digress.....

This particular town has zero hope of being a hidden gem of gayness. It's not cute. Not kitsch. When I logged into the gay apps, I found that there wasnt much in close proximity. Then HE came on my screen.

24 years old. And every time I said something, Grindr showed him getting just a wee bit closer. When he told me he was a top, I asked if he wanted head. He asked, "no recip?" to which I responded yes. Hell. I'm in the middle of nowhere. This kid wants some no-recip head - who am I to pass it up?

He arrived at the room looking every bit of his hipster-influenced 24 years. No doubt this kid was a looker - he strutted confidently into the room, and stood in front of the couch. I dropped to my knees and opened his pants. 

The photograph did him no justice. That meat is THICK, and tasty. Precum flowed quickly, and freely. Once in my mouth, he started to moan in appreciation, "yeah....yeah...." and next thing I knew I had his hands on the back of my head "forcing" his dick further down my very willing throat. If it made him feel dominant to do so, who am I to complain? 

I couldn't help myself and started playing with his hairy hole. While he wouldn't bring himself to admit it, he enjoyed it - his cock started leaking even more precum when I did it. It was very clear too that he was not an experienced bottom boy. As my finger worked its magic across his hole, he began fucking my face with more gusto.

I finally got him to sit down so that I could really enjoy his meat. His nipples were sensitive too - the boy is clearly hotwired. Just a little bit of nipple play and he was moaning, "where do you want it?" Since I didn't come up, he correctly assumed that I agreed to swallow his seed.

His seed was plentiful, without much taste. He was a good sport and let me get every last drop and clean his cock for him. 

Overall, he was there for possibly 10 minutes. Too bad he wasn't going to be around town....he was definitely the hottest thing for miles and miles.

Grindr, FTW.

It was Friday morning and I was preparing to check out of my hotel and head to my next stop on a fairly busy travel week. Then I get a message from a guy who is only showing his leg. He wanted to fuck, and I wanted to give head. He agreed, and then said he needed to come over during his lunch break. No dice....I was about to head out. He said he was at "work" and he could come up with somewhere private for me to do the deed.

What he didn't say until I was on my way was that "work" was a construction site.

Of an elementary school.

And that I'd be sucking him in the future detention room.

He gave me specific instructions to look like I was there for work myself, so I walked in with a portfolio of papers. Climbed to the top of the building and he met me there....about 5'9", scruffy, and insanely hot. If the scene wasn't hot enough, now I have a verifiably hot man about to feed me. Score!

We went in the detention room and he pointed to the floor as if I needed instruction. He stood with his back to the door and his hand on the handle, so I helped myself to his zipper, belt and button....he stood there with his hard hat on and allowed me to roll down his Hanes boxer briefs. Out flopped his soft cock which went hard and grew to a respectable size in short order as I swallowed it to the root. He allowed me to get him sloppy wet and would let out a few gasps here and there. Finally he took his free hand and guided my head to the speed he wanted. 

Pretty soon, he said, "swallow," and fed me a tasty fuckload. He gasped audibly was I polished his cock and milked what he reported to be a 3 day load out of his cock. 

I was in my car 7 minutes after I exited, and he summed it up, "Fuck. That was hot. Hope my cum stays on your breath all day."  It did for a few hours anyway......