Sunday, April 17, 2016

Grindr, FTW.

It was Friday morning and I was preparing to check out of my hotel and head to my next stop on a fairly busy travel week. Then I get a message from a guy who is only showing his leg. He wanted to fuck, and I wanted to give head. He agreed, and then said he needed to come over during his lunch break. No dice....I was about to head out. He said he was at "work" and he could come up with somewhere private for me to do the deed.

What he didn't say until I was on my way was that "work" was a construction site.

Of an elementary school.

And that I'd be sucking him in the future detention room.

He gave me specific instructions to look like I was there for work myself, so I walked in with a portfolio of papers. Climbed to the top of the building and he met me there....about 5'9", scruffy, and insanely hot. If the scene wasn't hot enough, now I have a verifiably hot man about to feed me. Score!

We went in the detention room and he pointed to the floor as if I needed instruction. He stood with his back to the door and his hand on the handle, so I helped myself to his zipper, belt and button....he stood there with his hard hat on and allowed me to roll down his Hanes boxer briefs. Out flopped his soft cock which went hard and grew to a respectable size in short order as I swallowed it to the root. He allowed me to get him sloppy wet and would let out a few gasps here and there. Finally he took his free hand and guided my head to the speed he wanted. 

Pretty soon, he said, "swallow," and fed me a tasty fuckload. He gasped audibly was I polished his cock and milked what he reported to be a 3 day load out of his cock. 

I was in my car 7 minutes after I exited, and he summed it up, "Fuck. That was hot. Hope my cum stays on your breath all day."  It did for a few hours anyway......