Sunday, April 17, 2016

Small Town, Highway head

**i thought this posted a while back. Whoops! Enjoy, albeit late.**

I was visiting family in a semi-rural environment for Thanksgiving this year. I was "welcome" to stay with the family - but there was a lovely name-brand hotel at the end of the highway exit ramp that sounded a LOT better to me. Enough family time is enough - and I was able to say, "But the hotel has a gym," which appeased the family's sense of not being wasteful of my own money......but I digress.....

This particular town has zero hope of being a hidden gem of gayness. It's not cute. Not kitsch. When I logged into the gay apps, I found that there wasnt much in close proximity. Then HE came on my screen.

24 years old. And every time I said something, Grindr showed him getting just a wee bit closer. When he told me he was a top, I asked if he wanted head. He asked, "no recip?" to which I responded yes. Hell. I'm in the middle of nowhere. This kid wants some no-recip head - who am I to pass it up?

He arrived at the room looking every bit of his hipster-influenced 24 years. No doubt this kid was a looker - he strutted confidently into the room, and stood in front of the couch. I dropped to my knees and opened his pants. 

The photograph did him no justice. That meat is THICK, and tasty. Precum flowed quickly, and freely. Once in my mouth, he started to moan in appreciation, "yeah....yeah...." and next thing I knew I had his hands on the back of my head "forcing" his dick further down my very willing throat. If it made him feel dominant to do so, who am I to complain? 

I couldn't help myself and started playing with his hairy hole. While he wouldn't bring himself to admit it, he enjoyed it - his cock started leaking even more precum when I did it. It was very clear too that he was not an experienced bottom boy. As my finger worked its magic across his hole, he began fucking my face with more gusto.

I finally got him to sit down so that I could really enjoy his meat. His nipples were sensitive too - the boy is clearly hotwired. Just a little bit of nipple play and he was moaning, "where do you want it?" Since I didn't come up, he correctly assumed that I agreed to swallow his seed.

His seed was plentiful, without much taste. He was a good sport and let me get every last drop and clean his cock for him. 

Overall, he was there for possibly 10 minutes. Too bad he wasn't going to be around town....he was definitely the hottest thing for miles and miles.

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