Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ebony & Ivory - and the furry ass of glory

Last year about this time, I met a guy who I had "met" online years earlier. We traded explicit photographs and mutual admiration. He's a few years younger than me, significantly taller, and also pretty commanding in his general presence. We've never lived in the same town, which makes getting together tough.

Our first encounter was totally by chance - he found me in a small town on Grindr and did a drive-by on his trip across the highway outside my hotel. Enough time was spent there to establish chemistry works.

This time, I was in his town for work. We agreed to meet for a drink - and, a trip to pound town. He's adorable. Handsome - strikingly so, actually - and I don't think he's fully aware of it. He met me at my hotel, and I took him to the upstairs bar. Nobody watching us in the bar would have given us a solitary thought - it looked like two guys just shooting the shit. 

Except it wasn't. It was a sexual dance. I could sense his building excitement about getting fucked. And I nursed my drink. I wanted his hole to sweat in anticipation. And sweat it did, but more on that in a bit. A few times, I'd make a suggestive comment and I'd notice that he'd ever so slightly adjust in his seat.

Finally, it was time to go to the room. He walked behind me - he said because I walk fast - I say because he was setting a tone of obedience. Either way, it totally worked. We got into the room, and he looked at me. I instructed him to get onto his knees.

He did, and he unzipped my pants, opened them, and hauled out my cock. I was clubbed, but he took good care to get me fully hard. I can imagine him being in the reverse of this very situation, but watching him slobber all over my fuckstick and see the crown of his hairy ass sticking out from his pants while he polished me gave me a charge. This wasn't meant to be a long exchange....I began to sense that I really needed to drill into business.

I ordered him disrobed and he went to the bed. I can't remember if I ate his ass or not (shame on me), but I remember slowly applying lube to my cock and then his hole. I didn't go in easy. I pushed right in and made his eyes pop. I wanted him to know I was fully in charge. His hairy hole was mine.

He was a loud bottom. And that made my dick THROB. He kept going "ooooooooo" and I knew that I was leaving my mark. His cock was deflated, which actually in a weird way turns me on. I like knowing that my bottom exists for my  pleasure sometimes.

We fucked for a good 20 minutes before he tapped out. For someone that doesn't take dick much, and certainly not thick dick, I was impressed. Neither of us shot, and I really didn't care. It wasn't about that. 

We'll continue to fuck - probably tag teaming some poor furry bottom slut sometime soon. 

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