Saturday, April 30, 2016

So hot.....and then.....

The apps can be a funny marketplace. Sometimes it's all about instant gratification. Sometimes it's all about setting a plan. I've had some decent luck with the latter recently.

I was getting ready for a day on the road and happened to check messages on Scruff. This guy started a new chat with me while I was reading others. He stood out because he was direct and to the point - he wanted to get down on his knees and service me. He happened to be off from work, and was willing to come over when I got back to the hotel in the late afternoon.

At 3p, promptly when he said he would, he reached out and confirmed my availability. He set the scene - he wanted me freeballing in gym shorts, and wanted to walk in, no words, and wanted to have a nice long suck session. Who am I to argue.

When he arrived, I happened to have been on a call with the airline working on getting a ticket reissued. He was told to come in silently, and get to work. As I'm talking with "Miss Ivy" about my seat, he's hoovering my cock. He had a hat on backward and totally fit the look of the region with a scruffy face and lean body. He did a more than adequate job of getting me hard while I wrapped up my call. He took a good huff of poppers and went to town.

As soon as my call ended, I started really fucking his face. He loved when I took control, and began to sweat. I like that - a guy who is really into it and getting lost in providing service is fucking hot. I removed his hat and instructed him to remove his shirt. His hairy otter body was hot. I kept calling him a good boy, which made him moan every time. In fact, he really seemed to like verbal play. At one point I told him to pull out his cock. When a cocksucker is hard as fuck and doesn't play with his cockle cause he's so focused on the prize that is my cock, that's fucking hot.

About 30 minutes in, I was ready to shoot. He kept asking for my cum.....I didn't think to confirm that he planned on swallowing it. I shot a good load in his mouth and took note that he wasn't making a swallowing motion. He ran to the sink and spit out my cum. UGH. It's hugely disappointing and a turn off. If I lived in the same town as him, it would have been a deal breaker for a repeat.

Overall good, but I really wish he would have told me he didn't intend to swallow. I would have liked to have seen the cumshot if it wasn't going to be a meal. 


  1. Hm. I just realized I'm the same way. If a guy spits, I'd rather have jerked off all over his face instead. I'm actually okay with a guy not wanting to swallow but spitting is somehow not as satisfying.

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  3. Well next time - whomever the guy is - make sure you fucking hold his head down. TIGHT!

  4. Well next time - whomever the guy is - make sure you fucking hold his head down. TIGHT!