Wednesday, April 26, 2017

....that was a first.....

Sorry for the lack of posts. I'm way behind - I'll catch up on the good ones. This one was too specific not to capture quickly....

Last night I got home from a Tuesday night dinner with a friend and got hit up on Scruff:

Him: You at <<>> apartments?
Me: Yep.
Him: Lookin?
Me: Yep.
Him: Masc sub bttm
Me: Oral hung top.
<>, truth be told, I wasn't crazy into the guy, but I could look into his apartment from mine.
Him: Want to fuck me?
Me: Sure
Him: I have a GF, that cool?
Me: Not my monkey, not my circus.
Him: K. Bring lube and poppers. Apt #.
Me: On my way.

It was too convenient not to do. He wasn't anything aside from average. I headed down to his place.

Who opens the door? Not the guy I'm about to fuck - nope, the GF. Smiles, shakes my hand, and says, "He's in there. Waiting for you."

Slightly confused, I headed to the bedroom to find my neighbor from Scruff naked, playing with a limp cock. (As I'm fucking, I notice a bottle of bourbon on the nightstand and his breath indicates he's been enjoying....)  I ask him who the chick was, and he says, "I told you I have a girl friend."  Not being one to judge, I drop shorts and feed him my cock. "I'm not into oral," he complained. "Get me hard, or I'm leaving."  All of a sudden, he was VERY motivated to hoover my cock with skill that indicated he wasn't a novice.

Once hard, I lubed my cock and pushed into his clearly non-virgin hole. I'm not saying it was loose, I'm just saying that it wasn't hard for me to get in there. Either he had plenty of cock in his lifetime, or the bourbon had loosened him up. A few hits of the poppers and he was an aggressive sub bottom - begging for my cock. Then my load. About 5 minutes in, I felt the urge. Put my hand on his throat, told him to take it, and bred him.

No sooner were my shorts back on then the girlfriend comes in and asks, "Are you ready for me to eat it?"  I must have lost my poker face at this moment - he rolled over onto all 4s and she went about eating my load out of his ass as I walked out of the apartment.

15 minutes later I have a Scruff message, "Got another load in you? She's still hungry."