Monday, December 30, 2013

6 loads into his ass, 3 loads out of his cock - 2.5 hours well spent.

I saw him on a Saturday night. He was in a group of people and I made eye contact with him. Like prey. In short order, I had allured him to the other side of the room to introduce himself. We chatted for a few minutes before he had to return to his regularly scheduled program. He was adorable - a little bit shorter than me, furry chest, some would call him a pretty boy - I call him a closet pig boy. You know the type - white collar by day, harness by night.

I slipped my card into his pocket as I left, but my friends found him on Scruff shortly thereafter. I may or may not have slipped him a cock shot. I may or may not have woke up to a message from him indicating his approval.

Fast forward some flirting text messages and a few hours, and I'm at his door. He answers in a white t-shirt and pair of hunter green sweatshorts. He looked really good - and as his dogs jumped on me, I saw a twinge of annoyance in his eyes - he wanted to get me in the door and naked. He looked hungry. I was too.

No sooner was the bedroom door shut (and dogs on the other side) than he pushed me up against the wall and swallowed my face. Clothes came off in a flash - his furry chest and playful expression getting me boned. He pushed me down onto the bed quickly and went down to the root of my cock. I loved the look in his eyes as he looked up - not looking for validation, more looking to make sure I knew that he knew he was excellent. No worries. I knew.

I pushed him onto his face, ass in the air. He has a total bubble ass - great muscle tone and a light dusting of fur. I dove into his ass with a gusto - it was clean, but not soapy. I'll find out later that he did all of this on purpose. It stands to reason - he is a little leather piglet. With a few hocks of spit onto his hole, I start teasing him with my now throbbing hard cock. He was pushing back onto it - and then rolled over and mounted me.

As he lowered himself onto my cock, he did this thing that I would come to really get off on watching - his eyes rolled into the back of his head, showing only the whites. His cock lurched, and he began fucking himself in earnest on my cock. In relative short order, I had him on his back, going in balls deep, while he stroked his ample cock. Just a few minutes in, he shot a THICK load all over his fur. Not missing a beat, I slicked my cock with his jizz and pumped load number one into him. His eyes went wide, and he did the RIGHT thing - said "Thank you."

We rolled over, and I was spooning him from behind. Not even getting soft, no less than 3 minutes later I was back inside him, spooning him, and in about 5 minutes I was dumping load number 2 in him. I've come to enjoy stopping moving as I cum, and allowing my partner to feel each throb, and each pulse of cum as it's injected into him.

We spent the next 20 minutes or so cuddled up, and while having him face down into the pillow, I pummeled him for 5 minutes or so until I dumped load number 3. Twenty minutes later, he climbed onboard at my invitation and we shot together - him getting load 4, me getting coated down with load 2. He kept nearly passing out every time he shot - and the eyes rolling into the back of his head as I penetrated his increasingly dummy hole kept getting me harder and harder.

About 40 more minutes later, I was mounting him from behind, feeding him poppers (which he was now huffing orally as opposed to nasally), and slamming into him - causing his head to hit the headboard. Moaning like a champ, he got load number 5. We both thought that it was over at this point, and went back to cuddling. The small talk was nice - comfortable. Still hard, and wanting to make sure I made up for a few sexless days, I grabbed his ankles and sawed in and out for a good long while this time - shooting what felt like a pretty decent size load, only to be rewarded a minute later with his 3rd load. He claims that he rarely shoots that much in quick succession. I believe him.

Too bad he and I don't live in the same town. Although, I'd probably lose my job because I'd never go too far from that hot ass of his.

....and later that night, about 6 hours later, I got a text message: "BTW - I'm still full from you. ;)"  Who says bromance is dead?

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas eve quickie

So here I am in the heartland of America and realize that I haven't updated my blog in forever. Sorry about that guys. Lots of stuff to catch up on, and I'll do my best to get the highlights in.

This happened yesterday, so it's fresh.

I was cruising Adam's website looking to see if I could find a quickie in a small college town in the middle of the country. This place is desolate when school is out! With my luck, I find a guy who advertises himself as: 30 yo, 5'10" and 180# and a vers/bttm. He chats me up, sends me some non-descript photos, and then tells me that he's at work until 4p. It's now 10:30a dude. After showing him my cock, he suddenly invites me to "stop by my work."  I agree, and he tells me that it's actually a hotel.

As I walk in the lobby, he gives me a key to the room at the end of the hall. First thing I notice is that he's cute, but his photos are probably a little...stale. He comes in the room about 2 minutes later to find me sitting in the desk chair, jeans around my ankles, hard from reading  Bike Guy's blog post about his holiday party. The guy goes down on me and I'll give him this - he was an excellent cocksucker. Great tempo, nice and wet. I verbally assaulted him with the "cocksucker" and "faggot" talk which made his throat hum. He kept pawing at his pants though, so I invited him to remove his cock.

He had a reasonably nice cock - thick - but I had no desire to do anything to him other than plant a load. I hadn't cum in 5 days - I needed to release my DNA into someone. I had him stop sucking my cock and show me his ass.

I had purposefully stayed away from the bed, but he climbed onto it and presented a smooth ass to me. I spread his asscheeks apart and found that it was pristine - so I dove in and ate his hole. Moaning like Paula Deen at an all-u-can-eat buffet, I knew he was ready for a plow. Without ceremony, I hocked a wad of spit onto his hole and crammed my cock in there. It was a little too tight, and didn't feel quite right, so I stopped after a stroke or two and pulled out - stroked my cock for about a minute and then spread his hole open and shot my thick load in. Moments like these I wish I had a professional camera man - it was a perfect creampie. I pushed some in with the head of my cock, the rest in with my fingers.

He stroked himself for about 2 minutes and dribbled some cum.....then told me to get him a towel from the bathroom.

The maid must've been pissed.....cum on the sheets and everything.....

The question - do I post a review on TripAdvisor? :)

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hittin the sides and workin the middle

As I mentioned, business travel brought me back to a city I once lived in. While prepping for my visit, I saw a former fuckbud online. I mentioned to him that I'd be in his town, and that reconnecting while I was there would be fun. He agreed, and we made plans to meet up the first night of my trip there.

The night before I got into town, I sent him a text message:

Me:"Furfest tomorrow night?"
Him: "I look forward to being with you tomorrow night. :)"

We'll call him Rick - he's a military reservist and a compact little furball. He's probably about 5'6" but lists himself as 5'8". Solid as a tank, he's also covered in brown fur. Rick has the standard issue military haircut too. He's about 40, and well kept.

When I lived in this town, Rick was my rough sex partner. His cock, while completely average in length and girth, has just the slightest curve to it that fits PERFECTLY in my hole. He makes me moan and squrim. Beg and plead. I've never topped him, even though he loves to have my face buried in his REALLY hairy hot ass.

When he got to my hotel, he stopped at the bar to pick us up drinks before heading up. Arriving at my room, 2 drinks in hand, I couldn't help but begin to paw at him. There is just something hypersexually attractive about him. When I saw him six months ago, I had the same reaction. Every time I see him.

Clothes started to fly in short order and we made out. He is one of the best make out artists I know - aggressive without being obnoxious, and knows how to hit each button as he moves around me. After about five minutes of making out, he rolled me over onto all 4s, and dove into my ass with gusto. I literally yelped - his scruff (he's clean shaven yet scruffy) felt so fucking good against my hole. As he alternated between his tongue and his knuckle (he does this intense knuckle massage of my hole to loosen me up) I was moaning into the pillow. I apologize to the occupant of Room 405 - I'm sure (s)he got more of an education than they wanted.

I finally squirmed free and began sucking his cock. The precum was plentiful - and I knew that he really wanted me to ride him. I wasn't ready yet - I chose to turn up the heat a little bit and begin eating his hole. He has an incredible bubble ass, covered in fur. Thanks, Uncle Sam, for making this man work his glutes. I owe ya one. His hole opened up for me just a little bit, and I decided to take advantage of the alcohol and test the water with a finger. He tightened up around my finger and his cock lurched. A steady string of precum developed as I massaged his prostate. I found the golden ticket.

He got aggressive with me, and threw me onto my back. He took the lube, threw poppers at me, and I knew I was in for it. As he greased his cock and my hairy ass, the look in his eyes was intense. He slowly entered me as I took a deep hit of the poppers. I'm grateful that he does not have a monster cock. Because with what he has, he always leaves me feeling well used.

As Rick bottomed out, he grabbed the harness (oh, did I forget to mention that? Yeah. I wore a harness for him) and pulled me in for a kiss. As soon as I melted into him, he punched me in the pecs. Not hard, but enough to remind me that I was there to be his fuck toy.

The thing about Rick is that he has amazing stamina. He can fuck for hours. He gets just a little sweaty, but not dripping all over me.

"Please, SIR, please fuck me...."
"Yeah.....**pant** like that?"
"SIR, I need it....."
"Tell me what you need....."
**begins pounding like a jackrabbit**
"I.....fuck......FUCK......need.....your.....HOLY FUCK......cock!"

He pulled balls deep into me and then rolled me on top of him, and I was now riding his cock. Taking his well deserved break from doing the hard work, I ground myself onto his cock like it was a life-preserver on the Titanic. He held onto the harness and basically lifted me at his own tempo after a few minutes of me driving the show. When he was ready, he pulled me down onto him, making his cock escape. He pushed me face first into the pillow, handed me the poppers, and I knew I was in for it.

For at least ten minutes (no joke), he held the harness, and assaulted my ass. We were nearing 30 minutes of him being inside of me, with no sign of slowing down. I had already cum three times without shooting (happens frequently with poppers when I bottom), and my cock was aching.

I developed a plan. I pled, "Please SIR, please let me see your face...." which worked like a charm. He rolled me over and began sawing away at my hole. I grabbed his ass, as if I were pulling him deeper into me. With just a little bit of lube on my finger, I found his hole and pushed in. His eyes popped, and he stopped dead in his tracks. I felt his cock pulse, but he wasn't making the usual sounds of cumming.


I slowly began pushing him out of my hole. THIS was my big opportunity. He allowed me to roll him onto his back, and I continued to massage his prostate. With his eyes closed, his cock drooling precum, and my cock raging hard, I grabbed the lube, and got my cock ready for primetime.

As I slowly removed my finger, Rick's eyes opened, just in time to see the head of my cock push into his VERY tight hole.  We've established I'm a girthy boy. I know this. But his hole was REALLY tight. The look in his eyes was somewhat pained. I stopped.

"More lube?"
"I don't bottom."
"You are tonight. Ill be kind."
"Yes, more lube."

What was a hard, deep, aggressive fuck.....turned really intimate and passionate. I entered him slowly - VERY slowly, as I made out with him. His cock was drooling all over both of us as I made contact with his prostate. He moaned deeply into my lungs as I FINALLY bottomed out. Very small movement made his entire body move under me. Five minutes into a very slow, deep fuck, he began to moan LOUDLY. I stopped in place. He looked at me like I was a raging asshole.

"Oh're not wearing it. I am."

I slowly removed myself from him - and laid onto the bed. He got between my legs and began sawing at my hole again for less than a minute. Just as I was riding the wave of an intense orgasm building, he pulled out and shot. That pushed me over the edge in short order and I blasted as well.

We were both sweaty at this point, so we jumped in the shower, and in a very familiar space we washed each other off. Getting back into bed, as he had promised a long overdue cuddle night, we caught up on life for a little while and drifted off to sleep.

The morning came all too quickly, and I'm pretty sure it was me that woke up first. I ground my cock up against him, and he pushed back. That was all I needed. No sooner did he push back a second time than I pushed into him. It was another relatively slow and intimate fuck....he clearly couldn't handle a pounding. I, on the other hand, got my ass pounded until it was filled with his frothy morning load.

Welcome back, indeed.

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Friday, July 5, 2013

Ginger Bear comes to try my porridge

...these are all out of sequence. Sorry.

A few nights back, I was hungry. I had already eaten dinner - it wasn't that kind of hunger. I was hungry to have my hole shred. It had been nearly two weeks since I got pounded on my trip (more on that later) and I wanted to get fucked.

Guys online were the usual assortment of dodgy and sketchy. It wasn't getting any better, until I got an email that read:

"Hey masc wm here. 30, 6' 215# 7cut, Top guy here. Hit me back if interested."

It had this photograph attached:

A little stockier than I normally go for, but I was VERY much diggin the fur.  After a few back and forth emails working out logistics, and my agreeing to play safe with him, he was on his way over. He and I agreed to 9:30, and at 9:05 I got this text:

"Hey man...I'm on my way....5 minutes or so."

Thankfully, I had just gotten out of the shower. He parked by the time I got downstairs to let him in. What I didn't appreciate from the face picture or the above was just how ginger he is. He and I made awkward conversation as we waited for the elevator and made the walk back to my place. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy. In fact, I'm pretty sure he is.

Once back in my place, we started making out. It was OK, and I knew necessary for what he wanted. As I got him naked, I felt the mat of ginger fur. Now here's the thing - I'm not a ginger enthusiast by fetish. BUT, I have noticed that ginger fur has a different texture to it. Coarser. It's fucking HOT. And he had a LOT of it. Once I got him naked, his cock was ROCK hard. It was simply average - not in a pejorative sense of the word. It was a nice, well shaped, average size cock. It might appear a little bigger if he lost about 10# but he carried his weight well. He looked good.

He was super happy to suck on my cock quite a bit, and didn't seem too interested in me sucking on his. He produced precum all over the place, which I kept tasting. About 10 minutes of him sucking my cock (and me occasionally getting to work on his) I was ready to get fucked. I reached for the lube, and he grabbed the condom (can't blame a guy for trying to get it bare - it just fucking feels better) and we got down to biz.

I was laying on my back and he came pushing toward me with gusto that scared the shit out of me. Without a condom, I'm fine with some aggression. With a condom, that rub feels like shit and I don't need my ass torn apart. I slowed him down, verified ample lube, and guided him in. I was able to control his entrance with my ass - which he seemed to like quite a bit by the sounds of his moans. In short order, I had him balls deep. Oh, and he had a nice set of low hangers that never seems to go fully up. HOT.

Once I had him fully inside me, I took a deep hit of poppers. He knew what to do. He slowly began to saw at my ass, recognizing instinctively each time I would open up a bit more. He moved his grip from my thighs to my ankles and pulled me open more and more. Pretty soon, he had me moaning and coming in and out of focus. For someone with a completely average cock, he knew EXACTLY how to use it.

We never really changed position, other than him momentarily standing on the floor int he same position. Its a shame, because I really should have ridden him. He kept going and going too - probably a good 20-25 minutes of ass pounding. I had cum a few times without shooting thanks to the cockring I was wearing. He finally, sweat pouring off of him (again, HOT!!!) announced that he had to cum. He ripped the condom off his cock and with three strokes began to grunt - low primal masculine grunt - and shoot ribbon after ribbon of cum. At least 8 shots (no lie) and all pretty damn thick. Well, that was all I needed....I shot all over the place too. He licked some up. NICE touch.

I let him shower - he didn't make moves to have me join him which was fine.

20 minutes after he left a text message:

"Thanks again bud, text me anytime."

He lives 2 miles from me. I think it might work. This Ginger Bear can push out my porridge anytime he wants.

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Surprise! I want your cock AGAIN.

So after fucking him senseless before lunch, and him commenting during lunch that he got what he asked for – that his hole was tender – I was surprised when he hesitated to get out of my car when I brought him home.

He was talking about nonsense like it was important. Like I cared. Finally, I asked him, “Are you looking for me to come inside?” His response, as he sulked out of the car, “I guess that’s up to you.”

I rolled my eyes – it was some of the same mindgame nonsense that happened when we dated. IMHO, he’s an insanely hot guy, and actually smarter than his academic record would dictate. I chalk it up to his general arrogance – which with his cock is reasonably well deserved.

With a hard on, I followed him into the house, and pushed him down to his knees. I got some great shots of him sucking my cock, but out of deference to how easily identifiable he is in the shots I’m not posting them. The same dirty talk happened again. Calling him a useless faggot cocksucker really felt good in the moment. (Ironically, as I drove back to civilization, I felt pangs of guilt for it, since I don’t actually feel that way about him. See? I have feelings! I’m a real boy!)

Having him bent over the stool wasn’t part of my plan this time. I stood him up and had him lean against his kitchen bar. With more finesse than I bothered with for the last fuck, I entered his hole. I wanted him to feel every inch.  He moaned like a whore in heat and pushed back against me. I could tell his hole was legitimately tender by the way he physically winced, and once again, I started getting off on causing discomfort. I wanted him to know that I was there after I left.

We moved around the living room, him taking deep hits of poppers everytime we moved positions. It was all I could do to keep up with him this time. His popper fueled hunger for my cock was only eclipsed by his pleading for my cum.

“Please sir, please fill my faggot hole with your cum.”
“I need you to cum in me.”
“Yeah, use that cum hole. Breed me.”

Being the mindfucker I am in my own right, I decided that he wasn’t getting my load. I was in no danger of this being the last fuck of my day, had gotten off just an hour and a half earlier, and had pretty rocking sex that I still need to write up 36 hours earlier. Translation: he needed my cum far more than I needed to let it go.

“Guess what faggot, you’ve gotten a load already. No more.”
“If you want to cum, you better do it. I’m not giving you more cum.”
“Please SIR!”
“No faggot. You heard me.”
“Don’t fucking whine. It’s unattractive.”
“Cum or not, your call.”

Secretly, I wanted him to cum. His cumshots are a huge turn on, and I really did want the satisfaction of finishing him off. With him on his back, I spread his legs like a wishbone on the couch and began railing him with all I had. Pretty soon, unintelligible mutterings were spilling out of his mouth, and we were both sprayed down with his cum.

His eyes rolled into the back of his head as I continued to pound his ass. Knowing that he was super sensitive and that this actually killed the joy of him having cum was a little bit of a greedy move on my part – but that’s what happens when you fuck an ex.

We took a fairly simple but intimate shower. I left his place without much fanfare.

About an hour later, I shot him a photograph of him sucking my cock…..and paid him a compliment:

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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Surprise! I want your cock in my ass.

Business travel has me visiting a town I once lived in. A guy I dated fairly seriously when I lived here saw that I was here on Facebook and invited me to lunch.

I should have realized something was up his sleeve when he turned down hanging out at the pool at the slightly trendy hotel I'm staying at. I should have realized something was up when he asked me to meet him at his home. I SHOULD have realized something was up when I got this text message:

"You should see my silver disgusting lezzbaru outside my disgusting moneypit. Hopping in shower. Door unlocked. "

But NO. I took the whole thing at face value.

I walk in, and find him bent over a stool, with duct tape over his eyes. Bareback twink porn (come on, really?!), poppers and eucerin creme.

"Please, sir, please fuck me."

Now, this wouldn't be so shocking if he wasn't a "total top" when we dated. To the point where his lack of bottoming became an issue in our relationship. Now he's come around to being blindfolded asking for raw cock?

"Get on your fucking knees, faggot."

I saw his ample cock lurch as he dropped to his knees and opened his mouth. I fed him my cock. Shit, it seemed like the right thing to do.

He guzzled on my cock, and got it really good and wet. Moaning while he did it, which sent little vibrations up my cock. I did remember him being a master cocksucker when we dated - and when I said, "Choke on it faggot," as he went down to the root, he came back up and said, "I don't have a gag reflex, SIR."

Displeased with his attitude, I slapped his face and ordered him back to the bent over position.

"Please SIR, please go slow."

I grabbed the eucerin cream. Interesting choice of lube, but not my fuckhole in the line of fire.

"You'll fucking take what I give you, won't you faggot?"
"Yes, SIR."

And with that, in one stroke I went into his hot ass. He opened up quickly, so much for being a TOP....and he clearly enjoyed it. His jockstrap let his cock drop out, and it felt good slapping against my leg as I railed on his hole. And, honestly, I was enjoying the act of subtle revenge - we had not been good to each other as BFs, taking his ass in a brutal fuck and feeling his cock leak against my leg felt good.

Moaning, he begged me to cum. "Fill me with that fat cock seed...." kept coming out of his mouth. I put my hand over his mouth and told him to shut the fuck up.....I was going to cum when I wanted to. Luckily for him, it was soon.

"Tell me what you need fucker."
"Can't talk, can you?"
"Mmmmmph! Mmmmmmmph!"
"Need my seed, do you, faggot?"

He bucked against my cock harder. My balls churned. I hit the side of his face, HARD.

"Take it."

And with that, I stopped moving. I've become quite happy with this routine. It's good for me to concentrate on the feeling of the cum searing through my cock. Not moving also allows the fuckhole to know that I'm seeding him. There's NO mistaking EXACTLY what's happening.

"Do you need to cum?"

(Knowing that the answer was YES, and that it was a show.)

"You have exactly one minute."

And with that he continued to fuck back on my cock, which got nice and frothy. It took him more than a minute, but I felt his ass clamp down. He moaned out, and I felt his ass spasm. I heard his cum hit his floor.

We finished off with a quick shower - and then went to lunch. When I brought him back..... be continued.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Recycling - it can be for head too!

A few years ago I lived on the other side of the country from where I do now. There are a few guys I played with there that I am still in touch with through things like Facebook. One in particular has moved to another town on that side of the country and happens to live about 10 minutes from the airport hotel I was staying at overnight. So, of course, I invited him over.

He's a departure from my typical hookup. He's skinny. He shaves nearly every hair off his body. BUT....he has a really nice cock.

So, he comes over and makes awkward conversation with me for about 30 minutes. Then, mid word, laying on the bed, I feel his tongue on the bottom of my foot. Now, I'll admit this - Im not a foot fetishist. It doesn't do anything for me. Generally.

This time, though, I got ROCK hard. There was something about the way he went about it - it was how into it HE was that got me going. After a solid 10 minutes of him worshipping my feet, I noticed that it was already 11PM. Enough of the I go to remove his pants.

He stood up, and was just as skinny naked as I remembered. For some people he's a DREAM. For me, the fact that he's got a nice cock is the saving grace. We went into a fairly low key and lazy 69 for a while. His cock was leaking precum like a faucet, and it was sweet. I commented on it, and he replied, "Well I drank three cans of pineapple juice for you today."  Awww. Considerate tricks rock.

When he shot, it was voluminous. That threw me over the edge and I blew a 2 day load down his throat.

He'll be a nice reliable bj when I'm in that town, and that should be 2x a year or so.

Recycle your tricks. It's good for the environment and your balls.

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

When it's good, it's REALLY good.

I was on vacation for Memorial Day and staying with a group of friends. I love these guys - they're great. Getting my play in needs to be done in a low key way so as not to upset the apple cart.

I logged into Scruff and found a cute guy just a mile away. A local in this community of vacationers. He reported great stats - 5'10" 155 and had pictures to back it up.  He was also willing to host, which was a major bonus - it required a lot less conversation for me to leave than to have a guest come in.

I arrived at his place, and he was hotter than his photos. A definite otter. Covered in fur. His breath was minty as he came in for the kiss. My dick sprung immediately. The body contact was intense - it was clear that this young otter knew what he was doing.

We quickly shucked clothes and got on the futon bed in his one room studio. We made out for a good 15 minutes while enjoying the heat building on our bodies. He was beginning to sweat, which actually turned me on more - his sweat smelled good and made me excited to eat his hole.

And check out this ass. What man in his right mind wouldn't eat this ass for all it was worth? And again - the photograph does him no justice.

Oh, did I mention the huge horse dick on this boy? It tasted really good too.

He sucked on my cock for easily 15 minutes - with mild interruption by me to eat his ass and then make out. I could have spent days with this boy.

When the time came for me to enter him, he grabbed the lube and almost lovingly lubed my cock. I felt I was the fortunate one - but he treated me like he was the lucky one. Rather than feeling rushed, I enjoyed the handjob I was getting and moaned in appreciation.

He finally straddled me and sat down on my cock. I could literally feel every centimeter of length entering him - and each muscle in his hot hairy asshole relaxing to fit around my cock. The look of pleasure in his eyes from moment one told me this was going to be good.  He rode my cock in this position for what felt like an eternity but was in actuality probably five minutes. We made out, and his cock drool was pooling in my navel.

I had to take the reigns and rolled him onto his back. In this position I felt the head of my cock go just a little deeper and hit that glorious second ring. He gasped for air, and muttered, "Thank you."  This fuck never got "wild" - it was clear our chemistry was in the intimacy. We fucked for a solid half hour - him on his back, bent over on all fours, spooning, and then finally it was time for him to ride it home.

He pled for me to cum. I wanted him to cum with me, but he said he got on top of me and rode me, spreading his meaty ass, and that's when....with him riding me, I exploded. Deep. Powerful. Sweat throughout my entire body, my cum searing into his ass.....I was in bliss.

He dismounted me carefully and cuddled up to me. His energy was just simply amazing. We babbled about nonsense. We kissed a little. I stayed hard. I wanted more. He was excited - like a kid in a candy store.

This fuck was harder. Still not a grunge fuck by any stretch of the imagination. He was open, his hole was like a glove, and with his legs over my shoulders, my tongue in his throat, I felt him getting close. I stopped. He looked forelorn. Like I was going to deny him his cum.

I had other ideas for this second load of mine, and first of his. I had him mount me. I wanted to wear his cum. I know - I've got a cum fetish. Go figure.

He rode me like a champ. When it came time for him to cum, we both knew it. His ass clamped down on my cock not dissimilar to the vacuum seal of an airplane door. He shot all over the place - the sight, smell and taste of which (yes, across my face and chest) made me blast.

Nearly two and a half hours after arriving at his place, I wobbly got to my feet and headed on my way.

Back with my friends, I had a shit eating grin that wouldn't stop. They knew.

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"No, I didn't cum. You are unworthy." maybe I didn't actually SAY it....

A guy from a town I used to live in hit me up on Manhunt. He never would follow through when we lived in the same town. Now, though, he was OTC (Out of Town Cock) and wanted mine.

Him: "I need to bottom dude."
Me: "But your profile says top."
Him: "I need to bottom dude. You've got a good cock."
Me: "It's not for the faint of heart, and I'm not gentle."
Him: "That's ok."
Me: "I'm in a nutt and bounce mood. No nonsense. I have dinner rez."

He told me he was at a downtown hotel. I'm glad I checked - he was actually out in the burbs, but to him it felt like it was downtown. OK, so the fact that the name of the hotel had the suburb name in it, and NOT the main city name didn't give him a clue? Whatever.

I told him that I'd be over in 20 minutes. He was still in the shower when I knocked on his door. He took his sweet time in answering the door.

His face did not match the profile. Nor did his body. His cock, though, was better than advertised. Impressive, hefty and with a LOT of foreskin. I was there to fuck, but at least I'd have something to hold on to. I hadn't shot in 3 days. I needed an ass. At least his should be tight....

He wanted to make out. I didn't. So we didn't.

"I told you. I'm here to fuck. Get me hard."

He got on his knees and sucked my cock. Badly. It's not that he was scraping my cock, he just lacked finesse. I got hard, though.

I instructed him to get on the bed.

"Don't you want to suck my cock?"
"Not especially. I'll play with it while I'm in your fuckhole."

He blushed at the word fuckhole. Really. Get over yourself. You've invited a stranger to your hotel room and instructed him that you want your ass fucked. Fuckhole isn't all that shocking.

What was shocking - how easily I penetrated him. His ring was tight, but once inside that initial measure of resistance, there was none.

By none - I mean an empty ziploc bag would likely give more resistance.

I've got a meaty cock. It's not huge, but it's certainly thicker than average and has decent length. The only spot on my cock getting any resistance was wherever the ring was. And then.....he breathed deep, hit the poppers, and even that was gone. So was his hardon. So the nice meaty cock I was playing with that was keeping me going.

I feigned interest for about 5 minutes before pulling out.

"Did you cum? I didn't feel it."
"Why not?"
"Not feelin it."

See? I was nice. I could have said, "No, I didn't cum. You are unworthy."

....but I'm actually a nice guy when not in predator mode. For the record, I do know the power of my penis.

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Details are important - like hotel room numbers

Sorry for the lack of entries. I've moved and now that I'm settled again I'll be a better blogger. I promise. :) 

It was Saturday morning. I had to pick up a co-worker at 9:30 to head to a work event. She would not be happy with me arriving late. I was up early and so was my cock. A cute guy in a hotel a mile away from me started chatting with me on Scruff. He mentioned that his ass needed to be abused. I told him that I was on a tight timeline, but I'd come by and cum.

He sent me a room number. I mistakenly thought that meant he was IN that room. Knock on the door:

Girl, opening door: "Yes?"
BDVG: "Um, wrong room."
Girl: "Yup."

As I walked away, I shot the guy a message. I was less than nice.

"There were women. WTF?"

I instructed him to come out into the hall and get me - his location was within 250 feet - the closest Scruff shows.  About a minute later, in the hall appeared a guy about 6" taller than the profile stated.  I went into the room....

There were three guys there. Two sitting on the couch, and my fucktoy-to-be butt naked, brushing his teeth. I couldn't figure out the scene. The two guys on the couch were not engaged in the scene about to play out in the adjoining room. Naked boy was just as cute as his profile, and had a tight little bod. I, dressed in a polo adorned with my corporate logo (always my first choice to wear on a booty call....NOT) began to disrobe. Naked boy started asking me all sorts of questions about my company. I was in no mood.

"Listen, I'm here to drain my balls. Time's wasting. Get on your fucking knees already."

He was stunned into silence. Stared at me.

"Did I fucking stutter? On your knees before I put you there."

I wasn't sure where the dominance was coming from, but he clearly liked it - his cock inflated in response as he dropped to his knees. He sucked my cock for about 30 seconds - quite well. My cock went immediately rigid.

Fucktoy got on the bed, and I asked, "Ready for the main show, eh?"  He looked at me quizzically.

"Grab the fucking lube. And you better not fucking scream."

True to his profile which listed his hole as tight, he was a fucking vice grip. His eyes popped open when I didn't take my time. He wanted his hole "abused" and I was on a timeline. His hole remained tight as I bottomed out and then pushed past that second ring. I'll give the fucker this: his ass was amazing.

I fucked him on his back for a little while, then pulled out as unceremoniously as I entered. I was able to throw him onto all fours (He's 5'8" and 130# - easy to manhandle) and pounded my way back in. He was moaning - not screaming - and begging for mercy. That only turned up the heat. I slapped his ass HARD and told him, "You're a fucking cumdump faggot. Take it."  Again, I'm not sure where the aggression was coming from, but as I did that, I noticed my leg got wet. Fucker shot all over my leg, hands free. I was clearly doing SOMETHING right.

I pulled out, pushed him down onto the floor and had him clean my leg. He looked disgusted - I said, "Get it off my fucking leg, onto my cock, and I'll shove it into your fuckhole. That's what you want, isn't it, faggot?"

He did as instructed, and I put him on his back at the edge of the bed. Time was beginning to I started to pound him without mercy. At one point the door cracked - I hope his friends enjoyed the show.

"Good faggot. Do you want my cum?"
"Please WHAT?"
"Please dump your seed in my fag hole."
"Please, I need your cum."
***slap*** and push past second ring
"Fuck! Please SIR."
"Good faggot. Hold on."

And with that, I stopped moving so he could feel each pulse of cum out of my cock. It was six or seven solid pulses and I felt the pressure of his now extremely full, tight hole.

"Breathe, fucker."

And with that, I pushed into his second ring once again. Yes, I want that assbaby to take.

I cleaned up while he commented ad nauseam about how awesome my cock is. How hot I am. (I'm not all that hot, I just know how to carry myself.) How he didn't expect me to be as hot/nasty as I am. Especially considering my employer.


And, as one would expect, I had messages on Scruff from both of his friends later in the day, and him. He's claimed me as his. Precious.

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