Sunday, June 16, 2013

When it's good, it's REALLY good.

I was on vacation for Memorial Day and staying with a group of friends. I love these guys - they're great. Getting my play in needs to be done in a low key way so as not to upset the apple cart.

I logged into Scruff and found a cute guy just a mile away. A local in this community of vacationers. He reported great stats - 5'10" 155 and had pictures to back it up.  He was also willing to host, which was a major bonus - it required a lot less conversation for me to leave than to have a guest come in.

I arrived at his place, and he was hotter than his photos. A definite otter. Covered in fur. His breath was minty as he came in for the kiss. My dick sprung immediately. The body contact was intense - it was clear that this young otter knew what he was doing.

We quickly shucked clothes and got on the futon bed in his one room studio. We made out for a good 15 minutes while enjoying the heat building on our bodies. He was beginning to sweat, which actually turned me on more - his sweat smelled good and made me excited to eat his hole.

And check out this ass. What man in his right mind wouldn't eat this ass for all it was worth? And again - the photograph does him no justice.

Oh, did I mention the huge horse dick on this boy? It tasted really good too.

He sucked on my cock for easily 15 minutes - with mild interruption by me to eat his ass and then make out. I could have spent days with this boy.

When the time came for me to enter him, he grabbed the lube and almost lovingly lubed my cock. I felt I was the fortunate one - but he treated me like he was the lucky one. Rather than feeling rushed, I enjoyed the handjob I was getting and moaned in appreciation.

He finally straddled me and sat down on my cock. I could literally feel every centimeter of length entering him - and each muscle in his hot hairy asshole relaxing to fit around my cock. The look of pleasure in his eyes from moment one told me this was going to be good.  He rode my cock in this position for what felt like an eternity but was in actuality probably five minutes. We made out, and his cock drool was pooling in my navel.

I had to take the reigns and rolled him onto his back. In this position I felt the head of my cock go just a little deeper and hit that glorious second ring. He gasped for air, and muttered, "Thank you."  This fuck never got "wild" - it was clear our chemistry was in the intimacy. We fucked for a solid half hour - him on his back, bent over on all fours, spooning, and then finally it was time for him to ride it home.

He pled for me to cum. I wanted him to cum with me, but he said he got on top of me and rode me, spreading his meaty ass, and that's when....with him riding me, I exploded. Deep. Powerful. Sweat throughout my entire body, my cum searing into his ass.....I was in bliss.

He dismounted me carefully and cuddled up to me. His energy was just simply amazing. We babbled about nonsense. We kissed a little. I stayed hard. I wanted more. He was excited - like a kid in a candy store.

This fuck was harder. Still not a grunge fuck by any stretch of the imagination. He was open, his hole was like a glove, and with his legs over my shoulders, my tongue in his throat, I felt him getting close. I stopped. He looked forelorn. Like I was going to deny him his cum.

I had other ideas for this second load of mine, and first of his. I had him mount me. I wanted to wear his cum. I know - I've got a cum fetish. Go figure.

He rode me like a champ. When it came time for him to cum, we both knew it. His ass clamped down on my cock not dissimilar to the vacuum seal of an airplane door. He shot all over the place - the sight, smell and taste of which (yes, across my face and chest) made me blast.

Nearly two and a half hours after arriving at his place, I wobbly got to my feet and headed on my way.

Back with my friends, I had a shit eating grin that wouldn't stop. They knew.

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