Sunday, June 16, 2013

Details are important - like hotel room numbers

Sorry for the lack of entries. I've moved and now that I'm settled again I'll be a better blogger. I promise. :) 

It was Saturday morning. I had to pick up a co-worker at 9:30 to head to a work event. She would not be happy with me arriving late. I was up early and so was my cock. A cute guy in a hotel a mile away from me started chatting with me on Scruff. He mentioned that his ass needed to be abused. I told him that I was on a tight timeline, but I'd come by and cum.

He sent me a room number. I mistakenly thought that meant he was IN that room. Knock on the door:

Girl, opening door: "Yes?"
BDVG: "Um, wrong room."
Girl: "Yup."

As I walked away, I shot the guy a message. I was less than nice.

"There were women. WTF?"

I instructed him to come out into the hall and get me - his location was within 250 feet - the closest Scruff shows.  About a minute later, in the hall appeared a guy about 6" taller than the profile stated.  I went into the room....

There were three guys there. Two sitting on the couch, and my fucktoy-to-be butt naked, brushing his teeth. I couldn't figure out the scene. The two guys on the couch were not engaged in the scene about to play out in the adjoining room. Naked boy was just as cute as his profile, and had a tight little bod. I, dressed in a polo adorned with my corporate logo (always my first choice to wear on a booty call....NOT) began to disrobe. Naked boy started asking me all sorts of questions about my company. I was in no mood.

"Listen, I'm here to drain my balls. Time's wasting. Get on your fucking knees already."

He was stunned into silence. Stared at me.

"Did I fucking stutter? On your knees before I put you there."

I wasn't sure where the dominance was coming from, but he clearly liked it - his cock inflated in response as he dropped to his knees. He sucked my cock for about 30 seconds - quite well. My cock went immediately rigid.

Fucktoy got on the bed, and I asked, "Ready for the main show, eh?"  He looked at me quizzically.

"Grab the fucking lube. And you better not fucking scream."

True to his profile which listed his hole as tight, he was a fucking vice grip. His eyes popped open when I didn't take my time. He wanted his hole "abused" and I was on a timeline. His hole remained tight as I bottomed out and then pushed past that second ring. I'll give the fucker this: his ass was amazing.

I fucked him on his back for a little while, then pulled out as unceremoniously as I entered. I was able to throw him onto all fours (He's 5'8" and 130# - easy to manhandle) and pounded my way back in. He was moaning - not screaming - and begging for mercy. That only turned up the heat. I slapped his ass HARD and told him, "You're a fucking cumdump faggot. Take it."  Again, I'm not sure where the aggression was coming from, but as I did that, I noticed my leg got wet. Fucker shot all over my leg, hands free. I was clearly doing SOMETHING right.

I pulled out, pushed him down onto the floor and had him clean my leg. He looked disgusted - I said, "Get it off my fucking leg, onto my cock, and I'll shove it into your fuckhole. That's what you want, isn't it, faggot?"

He did as instructed, and I put him on his back at the edge of the bed. Time was beginning to I started to pound him without mercy. At one point the door cracked - I hope his friends enjoyed the show.

"Good faggot. Do you want my cum?"
"Please WHAT?"
"Please dump your seed in my fag hole."
"Please, I need your cum."
***slap*** and push past second ring
"Fuck! Please SIR."
"Good faggot. Hold on."

And with that, I stopped moving so he could feel each pulse of cum out of my cock. It was six or seven solid pulses and I felt the pressure of his now extremely full, tight hole.

"Breathe, fucker."

And with that, I pushed into his second ring once again. Yes, I want that assbaby to take.

I cleaned up while he commented ad nauseam about how awesome my cock is. How hot I am. (I'm not all that hot, I just know how to carry myself.) How he didn't expect me to be as hot/nasty as I am. Especially considering my employer.


And, as one would expect, I had messages on Scruff from both of his friends later in the day, and him. He's claimed me as his. Precious.

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