Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Recycling - it can be for head too!

A few years ago I lived on the other side of the country from where I do now. There are a few guys I played with there that I am still in touch with through things like Facebook. One in particular has moved to another town on that side of the country and happens to live about 10 minutes from the airport hotel I was staying at overnight. So, of course, I invited him over.

He's a departure from my typical hookup. He's skinny. He shaves nearly every hair off his body. BUT....he has a really nice cock.

So, he comes over and makes awkward conversation with me for about 30 minutes. Then, mid word, laying on the bed, I feel his tongue on the bottom of my foot. Now, I'll admit this - Im not a foot fetishist. It doesn't do anything for me. Generally.

This time, though, I got ROCK hard. There was something about the way he went about it - it was how into it HE was that got me going. After a solid 10 minutes of him worshipping my feet, I noticed that it was already 11PM. Enough of the I go to remove his pants.

He stood up, and was just as skinny naked as I remembered. For some people he's a DREAM. For me, the fact that he's got a nice cock is the saving grace. We went into a fairly low key and lazy 69 for a while. His cock was leaking precum like a faucet, and it was sweet. I commented on it, and he replied, "Well I drank three cans of pineapple juice for you today."  Awww. Considerate tricks rock.

When he shot, it was voluminous. That threw me over the edge and I blew a 2 day load down his throat.

He'll be a nice reliable bj when I'm in that town, and that should be 2x a year or so.

Recycle your tricks. It's good for the environment and your balls.

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  1. 30 minute talk? You have got to stop using ChristianMingle! :)

    You liked the foot thing not bc of the foot but because of the worship.

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