Friday, July 5, 2013

Ginger Bear comes to try my porridge

...these are all out of sequence. Sorry.

A few nights back, I was hungry. I had already eaten dinner - it wasn't that kind of hunger. I was hungry to have my hole shred. It had been nearly two weeks since I got pounded on my trip (more on that later) and I wanted to get fucked.

Guys online were the usual assortment of dodgy and sketchy. It wasn't getting any better, until I got an email that read:

"Hey masc wm here. 30, 6' 215# 7cut, Top guy here. Hit me back if interested."

It had this photograph attached:

A little stockier than I normally go for, but I was VERY much diggin the fur.  After a few back and forth emails working out logistics, and my agreeing to play safe with him, he was on his way over. He and I agreed to 9:30, and at 9:05 I got this text:

"Hey man...I'm on my way....5 minutes or so."

Thankfully, I had just gotten out of the shower. He parked by the time I got downstairs to let him in. What I didn't appreciate from the face picture or the above was just how ginger he is. He and I made awkward conversation as we waited for the elevator and made the walk back to my place. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy. In fact, I'm pretty sure he is.

Once back in my place, we started making out. It was OK, and I knew necessary for what he wanted. As I got him naked, I felt the mat of ginger fur. Now here's the thing - I'm not a ginger enthusiast by fetish. BUT, I have noticed that ginger fur has a different texture to it. Coarser. It's fucking HOT. And he had a LOT of it. Once I got him naked, his cock was ROCK hard. It was simply average - not in a pejorative sense of the word. It was a nice, well shaped, average size cock. It might appear a little bigger if he lost about 10# but he carried his weight well. He looked good.

He was super happy to suck on my cock quite a bit, and didn't seem too interested in me sucking on his. He produced precum all over the place, which I kept tasting. About 10 minutes of him sucking my cock (and me occasionally getting to work on his) I was ready to get fucked. I reached for the lube, and he grabbed the condom (can't blame a guy for trying to get it bare - it just fucking feels better) and we got down to biz.

I was laying on my back and he came pushing toward me with gusto that scared the shit out of me. Without a condom, I'm fine with some aggression. With a condom, that rub feels like shit and I don't need my ass torn apart. I slowed him down, verified ample lube, and guided him in. I was able to control his entrance with my ass - which he seemed to like quite a bit by the sounds of his moans. In short order, I had him balls deep. Oh, and he had a nice set of low hangers that never seems to go fully up. HOT.

Once I had him fully inside me, I took a deep hit of poppers. He knew what to do. He slowly began to saw at my ass, recognizing instinctively each time I would open up a bit more. He moved his grip from my thighs to my ankles and pulled me open more and more. Pretty soon, he had me moaning and coming in and out of focus. For someone with a completely average cock, he knew EXACTLY how to use it.

We never really changed position, other than him momentarily standing on the floor int he same position. Its a shame, because I really should have ridden him. He kept going and going too - probably a good 20-25 minutes of ass pounding. I had cum a few times without shooting thanks to the cockring I was wearing. He finally, sweat pouring off of him (again, HOT!!!) announced that he had to cum. He ripped the condom off his cock and with three strokes began to grunt - low primal masculine grunt - and shoot ribbon after ribbon of cum. At least 8 shots (no lie) and all pretty damn thick. Well, that was all I needed....I shot all over the place too. He licked some up. NICE touch.

I let him shower - he didn't make moves to have me join him which was fine.

20 minutes after he left a text message:

"Thanks again bud, text me anytime."

He lives 2 miles from me. I think it might work. This Ginger Bear can push out my porridge anytime he wants.

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  1. I had to Google "condom" to figure out what it was. : )