Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Neighborly convenience

On a lark, about a month ago, I posted an ad on CL looking for guys wanting head. I specifically said it was ok if the other dude was into no-recip scenes, str8/bi, whatever. There are just times where I really feel like sucking cock. This was one of those nights.

I get one response worth acknowledging - 38 yo white dude, shaved head, 6'1" 185# 7thick. Yes. That works. We went back and forth a lot and he flaked out.

Then he reached out 2 nights later. We made a plan. And he flaked out.

Then 4 nights later, repeat. I called him on it this time, and he responded, "I'm freaked out because you live in the same building." Ohhhh. Neighborly cock. Yes.

It took another 2 weeks to get him comfortable with the thought of one of his neighbors (in a 400 unit building, mind you) knowing he likes to blow his load down a dudes throat from time to time. I'm glad I exercised patience (not my forte) and waited out his skiddish behavior.

He showed up the first time (yep) with a hat, wife beater under a button down and jeans. He's not 185, hate to break it to him, he's 160 if that. Pretty slim, and as it turns out, a little shy about his actual cock size. It's easily 7.5 if not 8. And it's thick. Yum.

He came in and quickly signaled for me to drop to my knees, and out flopped his already hardening cock. In no time, he was fucking my face standing and giving me a good workout. His cock started to drool pretty quickly too, and it had the slightest hint of being sweet. After a few minutes, he sat on the couch and allowed me to continue sucking him. Then he did something strange / unexpected - he pulled me up for a kiss and pulled down my shorts to play with my cock. He tasted like beer, and his behavior seemed like he might have had a few beers to calm his nerves. Go with it.....

Then he pushed me onto my back, hopped off the couch, and swallowed the head of my cock. He lacked skill, but I wasn't going to break his mojo. Coming up for air he said, "You've got a fucking thick cock." Obviously.

When he allowed me to return to sucking his cock, he was more aggressive. I felt up his chest and found an insulin delivery device. Ahhhh...the sweet precum makes sense. Oddly, this made him more aggressive and pretty soon he said, "swallow." His cum was plentiful and his orgasm seemingly intense. Once he was done, I stroked a load out while he hastily left my place. 

Fast forward another 2 weeks and he comes back. Much the same, except this time he announces in the email exchange that he has a live in GF ... And he wants to fuck my ass. I wasn't getting prepped for that on this specific night, so he came up and got head. Much the same scene as above....except this time he desperately wanted to make me cum. His technique wouldn't get me there....but as soon as I tasted his cum, I shot. 

It was so good he emailed 90 minutes later asking for more.......he'll get more. It's convenient and it's a hot cock. 


  1. Nice! I've had two neighbors in the same apartment hit me up. One wasn't so great. Kinda sketch. And the other was awesome but I ended up moving a month later. Wish I had the same situation going!

  2. I have a neighbor who I connect with on occasion. We had a chance this past weekend for a quick suckfest. He told m to leave the doors unlocked and be naked when he arrived. He left a few pounds lighter and me with a load of cum in my mouth! Yum!