Friday, September 4, 2015

Airport Hotel - Land of convenient foreskin

I was in a major city at a large airport hotel last week. I had done a cross-country trip and was kind of tired, kind of horny. Not really willing to go through the headache of Craigslist, but willing to throw my hat in the ring on Scruff and Grindr.

There were obviously a bunch of guys at my hotel. And the one across the street. As it turned out, I didnt need to think about anything outside the building. 

I got a message from a profile with a nice chest shot, who appeared to be within 200 feet. Mid 40s, nice smattering of hair appearing across his chest, and a Canadian flag in his profile. Well, remembering that I really enjoy Candians (go back toward the beginning of the blog where I talk about my time with a Mountie and his husband), I was willing to engage. He was direct:

"I really want my cock sucked. Not much for sucking myself."

Jackpot. A man who knows what he wants always wins. Regardless of which side of the equation it's on, it's WAY easier and more fulfilling than "I'm into it all." or "Whatever gets you off." Those never work!

He wanted to meet in the lobby. When we did, he explained a few things:

1) He had only had Grindr for 3 weeks, and I was only the 2nd person he met.
2) The rest of his flight crew was in the hotel.

A Candian PILOT? Well, Bonjour!

We retired to my room, where we continued some stilted conversation until I finally started pawing at his chest. He relaxed, and let me get to work. I lowered his jeans to find a freeballing UNCUT cock! SCORE. I went to my knees with him leaning against the desk. He got to an impressive girth and length, and poured precum like a leaky faucet.

He decided that we needed to move to the bed, and promptly straddled my face. Feeling his cock literally pour precum down my throat had me hard and leaking myself. True to form, he didn't want to suck me, but he certainly feasted on my balls not unlike a famished traveler at a buffet. Finally, he announced he was ready to cum, abruptly withdrew from my mouth, and sprayed me down with a copious load. He encouraged me to shoot, and the command, "Shoot that cum, you hairy fucker" with french accent threw in for good measure, sent a lob of cum onto my own lips.

In the morning, I woke up horny again, and turned on Gridnr for shits and giggles. Well, as luck would have it, a 33 yo with a hairy chest hit me up. He wanted no recip head as well. He told me to be waiting on my knees with the door slightly ajar.

When he got to my room, he sent me a note:

"Housekeeping is in the hallway!" 

To which I responded, "Door open, I'm on my knees. Feed me."

He walked in, lowered his gym shorts, and revealed....ANOTHER UNCUT COCK! Huzzah. He was a little tenative at first, but once I put his hand behind my head, he got the swing out of fucking my face. The dirty talk flowed pretty freely, albeit not accompanied by precum. 

"Pull your cock out, let me see what kind of faggot you are."

"Shit. That's a big cock. Stroke it."

"I get to see my cum, and then you're gonna eat it"

Five minutes after his arrival, he unloaded across my face. He made a production out of feeding it to me. 

"Shoot your fucking load, show me what a faggot you are."

And, with his finger in my mouth, feeding me his load, I shot mine.

He made me eat that too. Nice touch.

Airport hotels can ROCK!


  1. Huzzah? Now you're cruising RenFairs? :)

  2. Huzzah? Now you're cruising RenFairs? :)