Monday, January 3, 2011

It's better to undersell

So I've been chatting with a guy on the other side of town for a while now. His profiles keep popping up, and his videoed cumshots are pretty damn hot. He lives with his partner, but finally had time for me to come down to his place today.

It was a 40 minute drive across town to get to his place and I was admonished to park on the side of the house, not in front. Doing as I was told, I arrived......rang the bell and he answered in boxer briefs and a tshirt. Twink porn was playing on the tv in the living room, a copy of "Freshmen" was on the couch and 2 cats were wandering back and forth. If he likes twinks.....what the FUCK am I doing here?

As we started to make out things got better.....we both got hard, and I dropped to my knees to pull out his cock. He has an interesting cock.....whoever did his circumcision left 3/4 of the foreskin. It was fun to suck him.....he precame quite a bit, and his balls...while tight still slapped my chin. I stood up, shared his precum with him, which he really got into. He led me back to the bedroom, where he had already spread a towel across the bed.

I immediately stripped naked and enjoyed the reaction of my cock flopping out. He slack jawed, so I took the opportunity to fuck his face. I reached and played with his nipples, which he seemed to enjoy. He kept his shirt on, which was annoying....I could feel a hot layer of man fur. I went back to working on his cock and before long he told me that we had to slow down. I took the opportunity to get on my back, and demanded that he get rid of the t-shirt, which wasn't hiding his extra 20#, just obstructing my access to his hairy chest.

He grabbed the lube from the nightstand, and applied it to my hole and his rod. Then, he tried to penetrate my taint.'s a hole, and I'm should be able to find it in a fully lit room. With some help, I got him in, and he began slowly working his cock back and forth. Literally within 45 seconds...his breathing got labored....and he slammed balls deep in me. His cock gave some powerful pulses and he grunted like he meant it. "load one" he finally uttered as he slowly churned his cum in my chute. It felt great and I pulled him in closer and began making out with him.
As we made out, I grabbed his hip bones and began fucking myself with him. Another 3 minutes later, he said, "I'm gonna cum again dude...." and I asked him if he wanted me to cum with him. "Yeeee....ssss....." he hissed as he tried to hold back. As I bore down on his cock, he grunted, which sent the first volley of cum from my cock. He howled again, dumping load number two. After he was done, I held him in there, and enjoyed the reaction of tightening and loosening my hole around his cock while he came down from the orgasm.
Fairly soon thereafter, he pulled out, and I got dressed. 15 minutes after my arrival, I was back in my car....2 loads in.
SO, 2 loads....awesome.
10 minutes of fucking with a 40 minute drive each way.....not so awesome.
Lesson: Dudes, under promise. Over deliver. This guy promised at least an hour of fucking.........I doubt he's EVER done that. Still, fun dick. I just would have preferred to let him do the driving. LOL.
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