Friday, December 23, 2011

Doing my patriotic duty

His profile on Adam4Adam was pictureless – but he listed his stats as 29 yo 5’10”, 210#, 38W, 48C and a former Marine. And hairy. Well, damn, I’m patriotic.

He and I moved over to Yahoo where he opened his webcam. Shaved head, goatee, and definitely a muscular build. He told me that had been edging for an hour or so, and hadn’t cum in about 4 days. Mr. Marine wanted to know if I could swallow a big load. As if. He mentioned that he’s not gay about six times in our chat – he’s str8, but likes guys swallowing his cum.  Whatever it takes to get you through the day, bud.

He headed over, finding his way to my place and remarking constantly about how nice it is. It’s all about perception – I’m in a good place, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not all that remarkable. What is remarkable – is my throat. He stood in my bedroom, watching the porn he had requested – “something with big dicks” – so I chose Treasure Island Media. Well, shit….they have big dicks!  He commented – “Fuck, that dude is just taking it like a bitch, isn’t he?”  Marines are observant.

With him standing in front of me, I opened his jeans, which dropped to the floor effortlessly. His boxers went with them and his hairy crotch stood in front of me. His balls were nicely sized, his cock deflated – which changed in about 20 seconds with my mouth working it’s magic. He laid back on my bed and got comfortable while I got down on my knees at the foot of the bed and sucked his cock.

Mr. Marine was a moaner and a thrasher. I should have taken a picture of my bed by the time he left – from a blowjob he had managed to get the entire thing unmade. Pretty hot, actually. Anyway, he told me to suck his balls, which appeared to be super sensitive based on my hand manipulations. I started to play with his taint while sucking on his balls which made him thrash. Taking matters into my own tongue, I threw his legs in the air and dove face first into his ass. It was clean, opened up like a “bitch” (!) and he moaned “fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” as I easily got my tongue in his ass. After about a minute he realized it was gay to have his ass eaten by a faggot, so he pushed me down on his cock.

I spent the next 15 minutes edging him, with him getting on his feet to fuck my face, “I’m gonna make you choke, faggot…” (Again, as if. He had a 7” cock. It takes at least 9” or remarkable girth to make me choke.) him laying back on the bed, asking me if I was ready for his cum (I enjoy keeping a guy on the edge for a while….) and a few more enjoyable moments in his hairy ass….and him remarking, “Fuck, you’ve got a big cock. You must tear bitches up.” It was all quite enjoyable and I was finally ready to make him cum. I knew exactly what I was going to do.

Without manual manipulation I went down on him….deep throating….sucking, hard. He began to pant, “Fucker, you’re gonna choke on my cum…..” and as I felt his cock swell in the back of my throat, I shoved a finger in his ass, going right for the prostate…..”FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” he thrashed, and grabbed my hand, holding it in his ass. (So much for not liking his ass played with…..LOL.)  He DID cum a lot – kind of bitter, but it was a good protein shake, so I’m not complaining.

My own cock was drooling, and he asked to watch me cum. Not one to disappoint, I took four or five deliberate strokes of my cock and shot my load on his cock. I ate that up too.

He left with a smile on his face, and hit me up on Yahoo 15 minutes later….”Damn dude, that was fuckin good.” 
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  1. Very hot....(I just found your blog--I need to play catch-up.)

  2. While your place may not be remarkable, you, sir, are indeed :-) Thank you for yet another cock-inflating tale.