Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years travels - Part One (ish)

I was travelling with friends for New Years, to a popular gay destination. The opportunity to get my nuts off was present.

Scruff provided quite well for me this trip. Across the street at another guest house, I found this ass.

Well, who am I to turn that down? It took some negotiation in terms of timing so as not to offend my travelling companions, but before dinner our second night, I indulged. I had run a few errands, so nobody was the wiser until I fessed up over dinner.

He was as advertised. 6’ tall, early 40s, nice bod, naturally smooth ass. Some stubble on his chest (Soap box: if you’re given chest hair, for FUCK SAKE keep it. Nobody likes playing with sand paper. Unless you have some VERY strange pattern, just enjoy the fact that you’re hairy.) and a LOVE for my chest hair. (OK, again – if you like MY chest hair, perhaps I might like YOURS.)  We start making out, he reaches into my shorts and his eyes POP. Big. I realized that I hadn’t sent him a cock shot. He was surprised by my girth. “I dunno if I can take that…”  are quickly becoming my favorite words.

I get him on all fours on his bed and spit directly onto his hole. His whole body convulses….I do it again and again 4 times until I dive face first. His pucker opens easily….he’s true to his word as a real bottom, which I appreciate. 2 fingers go in effortlessly, followed by a third. My cock will fit just fine, thank you.

He reaches for the poppers, I push him onto his back, and lower my cock into his mouth. He gags – a lot – so I get on my back and let him do the work. His oral skill is above average – but I’m on a timeline and need to get my nuts emptied. After an earlier aborted hookup (will post that later, it’s more funny than hot) I wanted to take the edge off. I instructed him to sit on my cock.

With trepidation, he turns around, faces away from me and proceeds to sit on my cock, taking it to the root in one motion. Here’s what I don’t get – why don’t good bottoms just fucking OWN IT? I know you can take my cock, that’s what we’re here for. Anyway, he’s riding it like a bitch in heat, moaning, leaking precum all over my leg. I push him forward, which gets my cock that last inch into his hole, past the second ring. He’s writhing, I’m pushing deeper and deeper into him, “What do you want boy,” comes flying out of my mouth….”Your cum….” “Your cum WHAT” “Your cum SIR…..” “Milk it out boy…..”

And milk it he did. Quite talented fuckhole….and I erupted. Shot 2 days of cum deep in him and he rode it until I was too sensitive. As he got off, he licked me clean and told me that he’d bring me back once his friend came into town for a 3 way……story to follow.

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