Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nearby cock isn't always a sure thing.

What do you do when there is a cute guy 0.1 miles away on scruff who wants you to come up to his hotel room and drain his cock? If you’re me, you smile at your friends and take a walk. He told me to come up to his room, which would be open. These photos provided enough incentive to me.

(Here’s a word about hotel hookups. If you’re staying in a hotel that has restricted access floors, be ready to head down to get the guy. It’s obnoxious to hole-up upstairs and expect the guy to piggyback on someone else. It’s creepy at best, and could get the attention of hotel security at the worst as someone walks into an open hotel room.)

I got up to the room and have to admit that the photographs did this guy little justice. He was adorable. Olive skin, nice hairy chest (trimmed, but not stubbly) and slightly below average in the endowment department. Definitely workable material.

I did as told, I stripped down and went for his cock. 2 strokes in…..he’s panting. It was a minor miracle I got down fast enough to get his cum. I could take it as a compliment – that I’m just that fucking hot – or laugh about the idiot who doesn’t know that once you find a cocksucker you STOP PLAYING WITH YOUR COCK!

All in all, I spent more time negotiating my way up to his room than IN his room. Tasty cumload though.

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