Friday, January 6, 2012

iPhone delivery whilst on vaca? Sho' nuff.

Him: “What are you doing?” 
Me: “It’s 3A. I’m getting ready for sleep.”

Him: “I’m down at the pool. I need to cum.”

Me: “OK.”

Down to the pool I head….to find a guy who I had briefly met. He had a rockin bod, I’m guessing that he’s late 40s. We started making out on the pool chairs and I felt his dick swell in his jeans. I climed onto him in his jeans on the chair and began riding his cock while we made out. He felt my chest up, I his. We each pulled our cocks out…..his was nice and meaty. I gotta say….I love a spongy, heavy dick. They’re just fucking HOT.

We continued to grind, but we were in FULL view of rooms, and the resort frowns upon “public acts of sexual nature.” He grabbed poppers out of his pants, we took hits and his cock began to leak precum. Fuck, I needed him in my mouth.

We took it across the pool to the hot tub area, behind the bushes. It provided some cover. Enough for me to sit in a chair, him to straddle my face, and begin forcefucking my face. I think he was impressed that I could take it without gagging.  We took deep hits of poppers, and he fucked my face for a solid 10 minutes before silently unloading his seed down my throat. It was a decent sized load – easily swallowed.
“Can you cum for me?” was his polite question. My not so polite answer was to stroke for 20 seconds and blast all over his leg, getting some on his jeans. Was fun to run into him in a bar the next night and see my cum on his pant leg in the black light…..and know that it was likely still there 2 nights later when I bred his hole…..

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