Saturday, January 14, 2012

How I rang (fucked) in the New Year....

I wrote earlier about the guy I fucked my first full day on vacation. He had told me about his buddy who was coming into town later that evening - "hairy top boy."  I was intrigued.

They called me the next night to meet them out, and we had some weird stuff happen. The chemistry between me and the other top was inexplicably hot. We were basically all over each other from moment one. We were making out at the bar, and our bottom moved around the crowd a bunch. Evidently, the two of us were a little TOO into each other, as the bottom felt somewhat left out. When we got back to the hotel, the bottom made himself scarce. So, that evening was aborted. Instead, I gave head poolside.

Next evening was New Years Eve. I did some reconnaisance and found a bottom on Scruff that was interested. As it turned out when we met, I had already fucked his best friend back in college, which meant said best friend took my bottom-for-a-night away quickly so as to not let college fucktoy's new husband know that he had a past. Not sure what that was about, but ....

Shortly after midnight, my phone buzzed. The guy I fucked wanted me to come over and fuck him along with his furry top friend that I had made out with. Evidently, all was good in the world again. I let them know I'd be over as soon as I got back.

Furry top let me in the gate and just about sucked every inch of air out of my lungs with our kiss. YES. The chemistry is still there. We walk back to the room, thumpa thumpa music playing. Bottom is on his back, naked, waiting for us to pound him.

We all begin making out, I begin eating bottom boy's ass, halfway expecting to felch a load out. Instead, it appeared his hole hadn't been used at all, which was later confirmed. Furry top began sucking my cock while I ate bottom's hole, until he was ready to get his dick in the hole. He almost pushed me out of the way, and sank balls deep in one stroke. This bottom, specifically, appears to love a good hard fuck. I got in front of the bottom and fed him my cock. Top reached over and we began making out while using the bottom - exactly what bottom boy needed.

We traded spaces, and I began my assault on the bottom's fuckchute. He was squeezing my cock as if he wanted my load already, but I had no intent of blowing quickly. I reached down and began making out with the bottom, but decided to push him face down into the pillow. Top came around and stood over our hunched fucktoy and fed me his cock. I was in pig heaven. The smell of sex was almost as prevalent as the smell of poppers filling the air.

Top dismounted quickly, bottom was moaning like a whore in heat, and the next thing I knew I had a mouth on my hole. Uh oh....he wants in and I was NOT prepared for that. He ate like a champ for a good five minutes and came around to make out with me. OK, his breath was still good. Phew. Thinking I had avoided something .... I kept fucking. Top wanted my hole. (I don't blame him, my furry hole is pretty damn tight.)

Top pulled me off the bottom and threw me on my back. I looked at him, shook my head no.....he lubed a finger with spit and went fishing. After about 2 minutes he smiled, laughed, and said, "Yeah, lets fuck him...." pointing to the bottom. We shared a laugh about that, and kept fucking.

Furry top got on his back and our bottom rode him like a champ. I came up behind him, and asked if he had ever been DP'd. He said he hadn't, which I found hard to believe. As my cock sunk to the root in a DP, I found it impossible to believe. We fucked him like that for about 2 minutes...but our cocks were a little sore by this point.

Bottom said he was done for the night, but I wasn't. If his hole wasn't open for me, he needed to suck the cum out of me, which he did. Furry top never blew a load in my presence, which is a bummer....but I got my nutt and a DP on the first night of 2012.....setting the year off to a good start.

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  1. Hot! DP is something I want to try, but I fear it won't feel as good as it sounds.

  2. Loved being fucked DP. Had it happen once and it was amazing.