Sunday, January 8, 2012

Another satisfied cumhole served

Sitting poolside, I ran into my blowjob buddy.

We both had our phones, it was 2A, and our friends were chatteling on about something. I shoot him a message: “Your cock isn’t in my mouth why?” His answer, “I need my ass fucked.”

Glad to oblige, I tell one of my friends to let my roommate know that I need a few minutes. I take my new cumhole up to my room, get him on the bed, grab the lube and begin fingering his hole. We’re making out some, but he’s clearly there for ONE thing – a deep fucking. I’m glad to oblige.

I throw him onto his back, lube up my cock, and in virtually no time am slamfucking his hole. He grunted in agreement as I drove my cock into his hole, and a quick stroke of his cock got a string of precum flowing. His eye contact with me as I'm slamming into him is unfaltering - it's clear he's in the groove.

I decide that looking at him isn’t objectifying him enough (yes, I get into mindfuck) and pull out in a rather un-ceremonial method. His eyes were longing – I knew I had him.

“Turn the fuck over.”

He turned over, eager to have his hole refilled with my fat cock. Instead, I shoved 4 fingers in his hole, while pushing his head down into the mattress. He moaned, begging for me to fuck him.  Being a true "people person" I quickly replaced my fingers with my cock. He was pretty much constantly huffing the poppers and moaning louder and louder. Little did I know, we had an audience at the window….

“What the fuck did you expect? Take it.”

“Thank you.”

I do love polite bottoms. And, I liked how my dick looked in his fuckchute:

About that time, I felt my balls churn and contract….and he felt the first volley of cum. I wasn’t sure he would take my load if he knew it….but he said, “FUCK! Seed me…..” and that was all I needed to hear to drill balls deep, and breed the fucker.

We kept fucking, and I knew I had another load simmering. He tired out though…….but my dick was a frothy mess. He gladly cleaned me.

Opening the door, my roommate came in, smiled and congratulated me on a nice show. Funny, my cumhole didn’t really appreciate the compliment.

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