Sunday, May 1, 2011

Curious = Eat my hole?

I was hungry, so I posted on CL. Got the usual replies, but this one stood out:

Uncut bi 26yo white guy, 6'2 hwp looking to get blown, not looking to recip. Want my cum?

Hell yes!

7 emails and 20 minutes later I had his shorts around his ankles and his beefy ass on my couch. His cock was nice....good girth, nice bush, fun skin. I sucked him for a good 20 minutes.....taking my time to enjoy his foreskin, the copious amounts of precum he was producing for me, and listening to his grunts of pleasure. I would reach up and play with his nips and his clipped chest, which made him buck in pleasure. I massaged his nuts one at a time in my mouth, then took both in my mouth. His legs lept in the air and I took the opportunity to dare down to his lightly hairy crack. My tongue hit his hole and it tasted so fucking good - a little salty, musky, down right fucking perfect. He moaned loud enough I'm sure my neighbors thought I was blasting porn. I went back to his cock and swallowed it down to the root, swallowing the precum flowing.

"where do you want my cum man?"

I keep sucking."you're gonna make me cum"

I keep sucking.

"you're gonna get my cum in a minute."

I suck harder.

"fuck dude, you're gonna swallow my cum....."

That's the plan.

He begins to moan, grunt, buck up against my tonsils and let's loose with a nice size load and a chorus of "fuck! Shit! Fuck!" in rapid progression.

He was chatty as he got dressed. I'm the second guy to gobble his cock, and i plan to be the first hairy ass he fucks. I'll bring him to the team.....and fuck the toaster. I want a g-d damned trophy for this one.
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