Thursday, November 3, 2011

Good fuck ... and career coaching

I had posted on CL last night looking for dick up my hole. I'll get back to the story of the botched orgy I attended. But, I got this photograph when I got home:

And that cock looked delicious. So, I hit him up tonight. His email indicated he's a grad student. He was home, and invited me over tonight.

One mile later, I was pulling his sweatpants down to his ankle. A nice fat cock soft turned into a HOT fat cock hard. Nice low hanging balls that slapped against my chin when he would lift up from the hodge-podge, mismatched chair he sat in. He kissed reasonably well for an early 20s guy. Not a hair on his chest - which generally isn't my thing but worked on him. Finally after about 10 minutes he went to get lube to fuck me.

There's something about a kid in his early 20s and his naivety. He went down to his living room floor for me to ride his cock, but remained semi upright leaning against the chair. Really? Lay down boy. Let me do the work. After some botched attempts, I finally told him I'd let him do the work.

I got on my back and he shoved his fat cock into my hole....stretching me wide open. A hit of Jungle Juice helped matters along, and I was loving his cock. Like most 20 somethings, he lasted not nearly long enough before his breathing increased and he abruptly pulled out to shoot. What?!?! Well, he gets off on the show. He's a shooter - good show.

I get dressed, taking my cue. Well, not so much....he wants to chat, which was sweet. Turns out he needed a big brother. But, among things one should not say to the guy he just fucked:

"Wow. You must have gone to High School in the 90s. What was THAT like?"

Nice kid, GREAT cock....worth a repeat....but maybe with his face in the pillow afterward.
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