Monday, October 17, 2011

Recycled fuck

Earlier tonight, I was dealing with iPhone issues (PS: iOS 5 is great, but the battery issues SUCK ASS.)  and cruising on MH. A guy I had fucked on and off a year or so ago hit me up - we bantered back and forth for a good hour before I finally got him to agree to come over and lay some pipe.

He's about 5'9" 180 - solid, mod hairy, mid 30s. Good smile. Fuck....and a GREAT cock. Thick. Hard as a fucking ROCK.

He wasn't in me for much more than 5 minutes before that fuckstick had me shooting all over myself without touching my cock. FUCKIN A! Pure and simple - great fuck.

And a sustainable one! Want cum, get cum....waste not.

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