Sunday, July 12, 2015

Big fat cock.....yes. Amazing.

Holy shit. I'm turning into a size queen. That's not to say I won't take care of a guy with an average or slightly shy of average unit - but - wowza, I'm really learning to love big dick in my ass.

Last night I met up with a guy I had met about 2 months ago. Travel schedules didn't allow us to connect for a while, but the stars aligned last night and we had dinner and drinks. Nice guy, clearly has some stuff going for him in life. He knows a ton of people - it was like being out with the Mayor. 

Late in the night, he brought me back to his place. We had made out in the bar a bit before going back to his place and the chemistry was pretty decent. No fireworks and unicorns, but enough to wake my cock (even after having had the snot fucked out of me earlier in the day - we'll come back to that) and get me in the mood. On the couch, we started to make out, and his aggression was well placed. He's clearly been around the block, and knows what to do. He worked my nipples pretty hard - but not hard enough that he made them overly sore today. 

He removed my shorts and blew me - reasonably decent BJ. WHen he was done, he stood up and dropped his shorts revealing an ENORMOUS cock. Seriously, way larger than the last one I posted about - easily 9x7.5 if not 8. He fucked my face with gusto, and I'm proud to say that I took it like a champ. But we weren't here for him to fuck my face.

Leading me to his bedroom, we made out for a bit, and I explained that I had not left the house fully anticipating being fucked. I had cleaned out earlier in the day, so I knew it wasn't a mess, but I didn't know what 12 hours would be like. He was not to be dissuaded - and since we were on his bed - whatever. :)

Here's the thing - if you have a monster cock, do everyone a favor - get good lube. WATER BASED WET IS NOT GOOD LUBE. Seriously. 1997 called and they want your lube back. Instead, invest in Gun Oil or some other silicone based lube. Your dick and the bottoms asshole will thank you.

He lubed his cock and had me stroke him for a while, all while feeding me poppers like Paula Deen at a candy bar. Finally, when he asked me if I wanted his "big black cock" (oh, yeah, he's a 6' preppy black guy) I moaned yes, and he got between my legs. "I'm just going to tease you" turned into him slowly sinking his cock into my hole.

Holy Jesus. Big cock just feels fucking amazing. I was drunk, and high as a kite on poppers, and wanted nothing more than his phython in my hole. It was intense. He kept saying things like, "Nice pussy" and "Hot white hole" and I kept moaning. My eyes were crossed.

Not long after he entered me, I could feel his cock begin to expand. I knew it was happening before he announced it. "I'm going to come in your hole, white boy." I moaned out, "breed me" and felt the first shot of jizz hit the back of my hole. I counted 6 shots while I feverously pounded my own cock and rocked on his now very sensitive cock. Not long after him, I shot a load all over myself. His cock came out clean as a whistle.

It was late and he offered to have me spend the night. Knowing that would lead to another assault on my now violated hole I chose Uber to get me home.

He's already asking for more. I'm going to give it to him. 


  1. Wow! Taken like a real champion!

  2. of course you'll give it to him again. and you didn't need the first B when you already said his size. : )