Monday, June 8, 2015

Woof. THICK dick just feels good.

A bunch of years back, there was a commercial where some kid said, "Spoiled milk tastes nasty. Fresh milk just tastes good." About a week ago, I actually said, "Thick dick just feels good."

I had played with this guy years ago - going on 5+. I saw him online just a few miles from me, and hit him up. He was staying at a hotel not far away, and after exchanging pleasantries online, I was heading to his hotel.

We started making out, and it felt nice and familiar. He's a bit taller than me, and overall leaner. He's smooth, I'm hairy. It's a nice juxtoposition -  and as we made out I could feel his cock growing. Clothes started coming off, and .... just as I remembered, he's fucking thick. And has nice length to go with it. Check it out.

It had been a hot minute since the last time I got fucked, and I was plenty nervous. I sucked his cock for quite some time - he had such tremendous capacity to produce precum and I was drinking it down like I had been in the desert for years and this was a water source. He marveled in my ability to get him in the back of my throat. 

He returned the favor, and gave better than average head. I'll admit that I enjoyed it only 50% as much as I should have - my mind was racing about being impaled by this huge cock attached to him. He moved further south and started eating my ass. This REALLY got my engine going - he knows what he's doing. My hole was opening up around his tongue and with the poppers I was starting to hit as a warm-up for the main act, I was moaning like a pig in heat.

Finally, it was time for me to get fucked. He laid down, and this impressive cock/missile presented itself. I had put condoms out - he didn't move toward it - and I knew it'd be WAY easier to take bare. Greased his pole, and my hole, and began to sit down on it. My eyes nearly shot out of my head as the head of his cock entered me. He smiled, and I smirked and said, "You've never heard this before- but you're fucking huge." He chuckled, "You're tight. I get nervous when I slide right in."  No shit.

I rode him for a good 10 minutes, having achieved balls-to-ass in the first 2. Lots of poppers, lots of moaning. Begging. I'm sure the maid on the other side of the hall was vaguely concerned for my safety - or turned on. It was in this position I said, "Thick dick just feels good."

He finally convinced me to let him take control, and the aggressive ass slaying progressed. Not violent, but definitely with him in charge. Thick seminal fluid (not cum) poured from my cock. Finally, it was too much and I stroked twice before shooting across my hairy chest.

He was kind in his withdrawal, and with just a few strokes of his own continued the hosing process and drenched me in his cum.

About 45 minutes after arriving, I was rinsing off with him, reminiscing about times gone past, and agrreing that future alignments of travel would have to result in time spent like this.

WOOF. I am coming to terms with my size queen status for bottoming purposes. 


  1. like you've been in the desert for 40 years, dry? : )

    and JUST coming to terms w your size status? hmmmm.

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