Thursday, April 30, 2015

Short man, big dick, huge load

I am totally going to own it - I'm on a short man kick. Last night he was 5'2". 

I've known this guy for years - well enough that we go to dinner when we can. Last night, we got together for dinner and ass pounding. My ass, to be specific.

This guy has an average sized torso and short legs. Moderate fur, lots of ink, and a build I would define as "solid" - lots of muscle with some padding for comfort. As I got his work clothes off of him, his trimmed chest hair came popping out....and he pushed me into his chest. What some may percieve as lack of stature he compensates for quite well in assertive energy.

Once on my knees, I opened his shirt, and began licking his chest. I mouthed his cock through his work slacks, asking for permission to open them. When granted, I knew better than to go for his spandex trunks too. Instead, I continued to mouth his cock and work him to dripping hardness.

He lifted my shirt off, and instructed me to put on my harness. Gladly, I complied - knowing resistance was futile and giving him the ability to exert aggression even more would result in a good ending for me. As i put on my harness, he sat on the edge of the bed. Once on my knees again, he used the harness to grab me and guide my speed as I slicked his cock, and drank down the precious precum he so willingly fed me.

After a while, he lifted me onto the bed (OK, with some assistance from me) and went into a 69 position. His sucking of my cock was decent, but his hand service simply, fucking amazing. I'm generally not one to really dig a handjob, but he knew what he was doing. He eventually pushed me face down, grabbed the lube, handed me the poppers and went for my asshole.

His fingers entered me quickly, taking my breath away as I huffed the poppers. He worked my hole so hard that I nearly fact, I left a pool of precum on the white bedspread. I begged for his cock. Finally, I heard the lube on his cock and knew....

In one fast motion he bottomed out in my hole. I realize I haven't explained his cock - it's a solid 8"+ and at least 5.5" around. It looks even more insanely large on his frame.

Hitting bottom, he started an all out assault on me. He grabbed my harness as leverage and the barrage of "take it boy" and "fuck your ass is tight" was only outshadowed by my moaning and pleading for him.

This guy is a prolific cummer, and announced all too soon (maybe 10 minutes in) taht he was ready to blow. He rolled me over onto my back, stood over me, and stroked his cock to a fucking huge erruption. I could hear the "splat" sound as I watched his hose soak me (with more pressure than the hotel shower!) with his pungent seed. I licked a little off my lips and that was enough to make me shoot - hard enough that i got my own face lying down.

Hot night indeed. Loving my "short guy" kick!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

They can't all be winners.

The morning after the experience in my last post, I was dropping off my car for service. I got a ping on Scruff from a guy who looked like a cute, scruffy early 40s dude. His profile talked the right game - liking masculine men into men and leather. He was fairly direct and to the point, asking if it was tacky to tell me he wanted to suck my cock.

No, that's not tacky. That's smart.

A few exchanges later and I was stopping by his place on my way to the office. 

I should have turned around when he opened the door and I saw 4 cats. I should have turned around when I heard his nelly voice. But, I was hard, and I've had nelly guys give me good head before.

He clumsily played with his enormous computer on a card table in his bedroom, which looked like a bad collection of showroom crap from Aaron Rents circa 1988. I put my clothes on the only surface that wasn't covered in cat hair. AGAIN, I should have left. My cock was thinking for me, ever hopeful.

He finally stripped down to what were probably circa 1988 Jockey elance biknis - which in 1988 may have been hot - but now they drooped, sagged, and .... yeah, just didn't do it for me.

Thank GOD for the TIM porn on the computer. He clumsily sucked my cock, so I "took the wheel" and fucked his throat. He couldn't handle it, I didn't care - at this point the biggest risk was being vomited on and I didn't see that happening.

Willing myself to cum, mostly with the aid of TIM porn and my right hand, I fed him a load. He lept out of the bed like his tacky underwear were on fire and I could hear him hocking out my cum in the bathroom. RUDE.

As I left, he was telling me what a hot fuck I am and that I should return. Feeling somewhat brazen and honest, I looked him in the eye, said, "Thanks, and don't worry...I won't be back."

Can't win them all.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Direct and to the point.

There are times where the stars align and someone actually comes out of the woodwork on an app or website and is direct about what he wants:

"PrEP Bottom lookin for your load. Want to give it to me?"

Well, shit. Who am I to complain? His stats - 5'9", uncut, 30 yo. He showed me a pic of a nice hairy hole, and I was game. 2 messages later he was texting me:

"Driving that way if interested in Anon style. Dark room or me blindfolded breed session."
"Cool. U already loaded?"
"Nope. You're the first in a long time. Hence my eagerness."
"Cool. Ready."
"Dark room. I start sucking. Let me know where to go."

I'm not totally into dark room scenes. I like seeing the look of a bottom. I'm visual. So, I cheat - no lights, but the din of the TV on a music station gives me enough light to get what I want, and dark enough that the bottom really shouldn't freak.

In walked a handsome guy - someone that I'd actually hit on in a public setting. Nice to see attractive bottoms out there engaging in what they really want and going for it. As advertised, he came in and dropped to his knees and began working on my cock. He had a decent mouth, and was eager to please. He pulled me to the edge of the bed so he could properly kneel, and was eager to have me fuck his throat while I was lying down. He worked his cock, and opened his pants, which exposed a hot ass in a pair of assless briefs. It wasn't part of the script, but I really wanted to eat that hole.

"Is your ass clean enough to eat, boy?"
"Get on all 4s."

When presented to me, it was better than I had felt up. The din from the TV allowed me to see a really nice tight bubble ass with enough hair in the crack to make it a man's fuckhole. I was eager to eat, and spread his cheeks apart and dug right in. He squirmed as my goatee scraped against his hole. It was clean, and quite tasty. A little bit of musk - so had hadn't immediately showered - but definitely prepared to get fucked - even though he didn't know by who or where. Whore.

Pretty soon, he was huffing on the poppers he brought and I knew it was time. I lubed up my cock and started to sink in. He took the first few inches like a champ on the first stroke, but freaked out when the base of my cock stretched he yelped. A little more lube, and me leaning into his ear,

"Come on, boy. You came here for this. Don't act like it's your first time."

He sighed the contented sigh of a boy who knows his place, and my cock sliced into him like a knife through warm butter. His hole was amply tight, but not so tight that I couldn't tell he was a born bottom. Once we got going, he moaned quitely while I called him a faggot cumdump.

He was in it for the load.
I was in it to give it to him.

As he milked my cock, I started to unload, and delivered a so-so load into his ass. He kept milking, which kept me hard, and I could feel a second wave coming over me.

For that one, I barked, "Stop moving. Enjoy this." Like a good bottom, he did as told....and was rewarded by my cock erupting like a geyser. His ass was tight enough that I could feel my own spasms, and the liquid surging from me. He moaned a contented moan - knowing that his ass was now super juiced.

A few strokes for good measure and he was a happy camper. I didn't worry about him cumming....not my problem. He got dressed, a smirk on his face. He'll definitely be returning.