Monday, March 30, 2015

Good things come in compact packages

I'm realizing that I have a bit of a fascination, errrr, fetish for guys shorter than me. Significantly. I'm 5'10", so it's not like a lot of guys are significantly shorter than me. Last night, I got to play with a guy who - on a good day - might be 5'4". His online profiles state 5'6", but he's most definitely not. He stands on his tiptoes to kiss me.

I went over to his place after about a year's absence. He's compact and stocky - not fat at all - just a solid fire plug. He's got a GREAT furry chest that he keeps neat, but not overly manscaped. He stood on the afore mentioned tiptoes to make out with me, and I remembered that he's a biter. BUT - he's gotten some good skills in the last year and realized that my lack of biting back was a sign to stop. That's some good awareness!

He started pawing at my cock as I groped his beefy ass. This time was about me getting fucked, but I made mental note that next time I'd be burying my bone in him. As he groped my cock and heaved it out of my pants, he moaned as I played with his boxer-briefs covered hairy crack. There we stood, his dog watching us in the living room, both of our hefty cocks hanging out. I remembered him being large, and was not disappointed to find him fully hard as a steel rod, and just about the same size as mine. Maybe a smidge shy of my thickness.

We moved to the bedroom and began to disrobe. We made out and groaned until I went face down, ass up on the bed, at the edge, and placed his cock in the back of my throat. He started to fuck my face, gently, his heavy ballsac hitting my goatee as he sawed against my tonsils. I grabbed his ass to encourage him to go deeper, and he moaned in appreciation.

He came onto the bed and returned the favor, licking under my ballsac, but never quite making contact with my hole. His scruffy face scraped against my thighs, and that made me shudder - in pleasure. About 20 minutes in, I really needed him to fuck me. He really needed to fuck me too. He asked me which way I wanted to take it, and then announced that he wanted me to ride him.

Ample lube applied, and a healthy huff on poppers, and I'm guiding his thick cock into my hole. He was a perfect gentleman, letting me get used to his very ample girth. Once I landed with his pubes against my hairy ass, and started rocking back and forth, I noticed his eyes roll into the back of his head. I leaned down at the same time as he started playing with my hardwired nipples - making out with him. He felt fucking INCREDIBLE, and I needed this in every sense of the word need.

Going at it for a while, he asked me to lean back, and placed a pillow behind me. Without moving an inch of his thick prong out of my hole, he managed to get me on my back with him in a seated position. Somehow he went deeper this way, and I fucking went insane. A thick string of precum sprung out of my cock. He just smiled, more smirked, and sawed deeply into my hole. Before I knew it, he managed to get my ankles above his shoulders and began an all-out assault on my ass.

I was nowhere near shooting, and not really concerned about it. When he announced that he had to cum, pulled out, and shot all over me, I was not disappointed. My hole was thoroughly happy. I was covered in thick spooge.  He laid next to me to catch his breath, and his cock never deflated. About 10 mintues later, we were making out again, and I begged to be fucked more. He graciously obliged, and lifted my legs over his shoulders again. A deep huff of poppers and a smooth movement into the base of my hole, and I was in heaven. He even grabbed at my throat in a mock-choke, and that just about threw me over the edge. Begging him to pound me deeper, harder, my legs locked around him and I shot. He smiled broadly, and slowly pulled out. As he did, he said, "That was intense. I could feel your hole spasm."

We laid there catching up on the last year for each of us for about 15 minutes or so, and his cock still did not deflate. Asking me the dumbest question - if I minded if he came again - we started making out and I started playing with his hole while we made out. Less than 5 minutes later, another load of cum sprayed across both of our hairy bodies. His hole spasmed too, and I made note that next time I had to get in there.

Nearly 2 hours after arriving, I left. I woke up this morning happily drained, and knowing that I definitely want this fire plug to keep pluggin away at me in the future.

Good things do come in compact packages!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Gettin' my groove back

So, I was taken off the market for a period of time. That has come to an end - and as I explained to a friend recently, I'm getting my groove back. Sorry for the lack of posts - with any good fortune, the drought is over.

I took a trip a few weeks ago to unplug from reality and stayed at a gay resort. It's a funny ritual - single guys at places like this are either surrounded, or left completely to their own devices - iPhones - to connect. This time it was the latter. I got plenty of glances at the pool, said hello to guys, and it was as if I were speaking mandarin most of the time. Haha.

One guy hit me up on Scruff shortly after he checked in. He was traveling with his partner, who was "not into guys like {me}" but he was. About 30 minutes later, he comes out of their shared room to find me at the pool. We exchange pleasantries, and start lightly groping each other in the pool. His pierced cock felt thick and heavy. We were attracting attention there, and decided to move to the hot-tub.

Once there, we more blatantly played with each other's ample cocks....getting to full mast. I started feeling under his balls around his asshole, and felt him shudder in response. We started to attract a crowd here as well, and we both got out of the hot tub fully hard. He followed me back to my room.

Making out with this guy was fun - he's about 6'1" and in pretty decent shape. Naturally smooth, a nice contrast to my hairy bod, and very responsive. His nipples were hard wired, and as I ate his hole, he opened up nicely. I know we sucked each other, but I honestly don't remember much about it. What I do remember....

His eyes rolled into the back of his head as the head of my cock lined up with his hole. As I held his ankles above my head and pushed in, he took a deep hit on poppers and opened up for me. His hole sucked my cock into him, and he groaned in appreciation. We didn't move much from that spot - it was almost familiar, quite hot, and a perfect vacation fuck. Sawing in and out of his hole at varying speed and intensity led me to the edge in about 5 minutes.

At that moment, I asked him what he wanted.....and he locked eyes, squeezed down on my cock, and announced he wanted my seed. He got a nice ass full of cum as I roared, and he clamped down on my cock. We had a pleasant kiss and brief cuddle afterward, then he went padding off back to his partner, and I headed to Happy Hour just a little happier.

His partner would never return eye contact the remaining day....ooops. Ha.

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