Sunday, February 5, 2012

When in doubt - Grind it out.

I was hanging with friends in a town about a thousand miles from home, and did what any mobile homo in 2012 does....I logged into Grindr.

Here's what is hysterical.....and it's universal.....when traveling to a non-major American city, a visitor will become instantly famous and popular on Grindr, Scruff or any of the gps based methods of connecting. Literally I had 2 pages of men wanting my attention.....I'm good looking and all, but not 2 pages worth. :)

My friend who lives in this town told me that I'd really want to meet his friend, "Dave." Dave was described to me as a cub bottom who was "piggy.". Well, sure. Yes reader, you guessed it, Dave was among my Grindr suitors. It really struck me how spot on my friends were about what gets me going. Furry chest, face, good build and a desire to get fucked.

As the bar closed, I closed the deal with Dave on Grindr. My friend smiled at me and asked me if I needed to be led back to my hotel. I smiled and let him know I wasn't going back to my hotel......he laughed and asked me how I planned to find Dave's place. For those who don't have it, the Mapquest free app for the iPhone is amazing.....get it.

With my talking phone taking me to his doorstep, Dave let me in and gave a good kiss. I pushed him to his knees and had him start sucking my cock. I knew he liked piss so I asked if he was thirsty. He sucked down a good amount of piss from my hard cock. He was a near professional - didn't lose a drop.

I had been told that he was piggy and the scene appeared to indicate that this was good information. Important lesson later learned through text message...Dave was not nearly as comfortable as a sub as I thought. I insisted on being referred to as SIR, being thanked for my piss, my spit, my cock itself. Oops.

Dave gave great head, and it was already 2:40A. I needed to unload and get sleep. I told him it was time for him to get bred.....and that the only lube he was getting was his spit. (mine was all over his body). He got my cock good and wet, spit a little on his hand and got his hole wet. He underestimated the girth of my cock..his hole was too some more spit and cocksucking....then back to the main event.

Once in his fuckhole, I was in bliss. The friction from a spit fuck and his hairy hole got me close. I made him beg for my fuckjuice. Beg he did....his eyes got wide, his breath hard....I could tell he wanted it just as bad as I wanted to give it to him. 5 minutes after I got into his hole, he got my cum.
He didn't cum, and I didn't care.....that wasn't what I promised.

When I saw him the next night, he winked at me. I think he kept my cum. He certainly had the cummy hole swagger.

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  1. Very nice. That's one of the best ads for Grindr I've heard.