Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Airport quickie

I was heading home after a weekend out of town, where I didn't get off. Going through security, I made eye contact with another guy. He was about 6', probably about 190# and I'm guessing early to mid 30s. Handsome face, average to slightly better than average bod. Smiled easily as he played eye games with me.

After he went through security in this airport, I noticed he turned back to me, then walked into the mens room. Bingo.

I walked in, up to the urinal next to him and noticed him playing with a hard cock. He cocked his head to the handicapped stall behind us, zipped up and walked into it. I waited a minute, then followed suit. Horny bastard was on his knees already, stroking his cock. Not one to miss a stroke, I opened the fly of my jeans, and shoved my 8" hard cock down his throat. Giving no indication of a gag reflex, he swallowed every inch I gave him. Just the kind of cocksucker I like. I grabbed his head, and fucked his skull.

He was feverishly jerking his cock, which was average in every sense of the word. Not saying I wouldnt have sucked on it - or let him fuck me - but right now this married guy was my cocksucker. Did I mention that he was wearing a gold band? Oh yeah. Likely on his way out of town for a week of consulting work (I later noticed his big company embroidered bag) having just left his wife and kids for the week. Starting his week of travel with a fresh gut full of cum.

As I started to cum, the cocky asshole in me decided to make this special for him. I came 3 big shots down his throat, then jammed down on my flow. Pulled out of his mouth and let another 2 globs shoot across his button down. Yup, he was going to smell me for the rest of the evening. Maybe the passenger next to him would too.

The look of shock on his face was priceless. So was the string of jizz I left on his cheek when I playfully slapped my deflating cock against his cheek before zipping up.

My flight home was a lot more pleasant, having slightly lighter balls. Hopefully his was too with a slightly fuller gut.

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