Thursday, October 28, 2010

Morning surprise

This morning, I logged into A4A to check mail. A headless cock shot hit me up. Now, on other sites, I have headless profiles. For some reason, A4A is the one that I have my face on. Go figure.  Anyway, nice enough dick on a 32 yo WM, 5'9 145 br/br. OK, this could work.

Him: Are you discreet?
Me:  Of course. (Note to reader: Yes, I'll blog about it, but I'm not using his pictures or name. Come on.)
Him: You hung?
Me: More than you. You want to suck it?
Him: Yeah, can u be here in 20? ***Address***
Me: 15.
Him: 20. I need to shower.
Me: 15. I need to get to work. Don't do your hair. I'm out the door.

I mean, for Chrissake - if we're talking about you sucking my cock, I don't know what kind of 20 minute prep you could possibly need.

I arrive and realize that I had been to this place before. About 2 years ago, a buddy of mine and I got head from this guy. I couldn't remember much beyond that. As I ascended the stairs behind him, I noticed his cute ass in his soccer shorts. I wanted some of that....

We started on the couch, when he exclaimed, "Fuck, you're cuter than your profile."  Stroke my cock, son, not my ego. Anyway....he suggested we move into a 69. I have to say, he gives pretty fuckin' good head. His cock is perfectly average - good length, good girth, and a little hood on it. Not much foreskin, but enough to be fun to play with.

I'm physically stronger than him, so I pulled him on top of me in the 69 position and then dove face first into his hairy ass. He feigned resistance but ultimately started fucking himself on my tongue. "You can't fuck me .... today."  No problem, boy....I'll be back for that.

Needing to get to work, I laid on my back and let him suck me to orgasm. For some reason he didn't want to I did my best to spray his face instead. Got some in his eye. He'll learn....swallowing is best.

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