Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Cop

It's all about being at the right place at the right time. I was at an event for work, and a local cop walks in. I've met him and his partner (domestic) before, and always thought the cop was way hotter than his milquetoast partner. I noticed him locking eyes with me in a less than platonic way - could he be cruising me at a work event - while wearing his uniform? How lucky does a guy get? 

As I left the event, he gave me a hug and slipped his phone number in my ass pocket. Interesting, unanticipated.

I sent him a text a few days later, so as not to be too interested in someone elses husband. We had a few innocent texts, but then:

Cop: So, when are you slamming that hot cock in my hole?
Me: 30 minutes, be at my place.
Cop: Can't today. Tomorrow, after work.
Me: OK.

The next day came, and so did we. Twice each. And many more times since.

Fast forward to today. Cop texts me:

Cop: My hole needs to be abused.
Me: Duh.
Cop: No, I mean, I need your cock.
Me: Duh.
Cop: Fucker. I mean, I need your cock in me NOW.

Bingo. 15 minutes later, his cop car was parked outside my place. He walked in, full uniform, and proceeded up the stairs. His hot hairy ass looks great in his tight police pants. How his partner doesnt fuck him senseless is beyond me, but he claims not to get any at home. His dick is totally unimpressive - shy of average - but his ass - is pure perfection. Dusting of hair, tight, hairy.

I didn't let him get all the way up the stairs before I playfully shoved him and he took the hint. There was no need for romance. If he wanted abuse, I was ready to show him abuse. He took the hint and undid his belt. As his ass was first exposed in his white briefs (hot on him), I pulled them down and spit on his hole. On the landing of the stairs, there he was, doggy style, his uniform around his ankles, shirt still on.

I continued to spit soak his hole, and applied some to my cock. He's got a great tight hole, but it always stretches right open. Today was no exception - he took it like a fucking champ. His cock got hard, but as always I paid no attention to it. No need. I pound away at his hole, grabbing him by his hips, unconcerned that he's getting rug burn on his knees that he'll need to explain.

As I feel my load building in my balls, I place my right hand over his mouth and begin the true assault on his hole. He moans into my hand and grips the floor for dear life. As hard as I get fucked, I fuck even harder. I could feel his balls swing back against mine, and as he bit my hand, I went over the edge and dumped a load in his hole.

Full of my cum, his breathing resumed to normal and I pulled my cock out of him with a plop sound. He lifted his white briefs up, closed his pants, and proceeded down the stairs he never fully ascended.

Two hours later I get this text:

Cop: How the fuck am I going to explain the spooge in the ass of these briefs?
Me: I don't know. Why did you abort my children?
Cop: Asshole.

Maybe I am, but I'm damn funny......and he keeps coming back for more.

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  1. Very hot story. Thank you for posting. I look forward to reading much more.