Sunday, October 24, 2010

I like guys that are straight to the point

The other night, I was on Manhunt, and had this exchange with a FB:

Him:  You looked good the other night at {XX} (local leather bar)
Me: Thanks. Didn't even see you.
Him: I saw you. Put on the harness and be ready for a breeding in 45 minutes.
Me: Yes sir.
Him: Unlock your door, be face down, ass up.
Me: Yes sir.

Don't we all wish everyone was so forthright? Got me instantly hard. I should tell you about B. He's 24, 5'10" and about 200# of former HS and College Football player. Not fat at all - just a solid piece of boy/man. Has a total dominant streak about him, and loves eating my hairy ass before breeding it. His dick is nice and thick, too, nothing too long, but always stretches me out good.

I cleaned up, threw on the harness and waited to hear the door open. Exactly 45 minutes after our email exchange, there opened the door, and I heard his steady footsteps coming upstairs. He came into the dimly lit bedroom, blinds open into the courtyard of my complex, and let out a gutteral moan of appreciation for my ass in the air. I heard his zipper go down at the same time as I felt a tongue on my hole. As he was eating me, getting me good and wet, he slapped my ass so hard I jumped off the bed in shock. He laughed - not a ha-ha laugh, a your ass is mine laugh. We all know that laugh.

He pushed my face into the mattress and grabbed the gun oil and got his cock slicked. B didn't want head, he wanted hole. More precisely - he wanted MY hole. As he slid his cock into my hole, he held it just after the mushroom head went in. He slapped the back of my head playfully and said, "Back up on it, fucker."  Not one to disappoint, I buried myself onto his hard fuckstick. He grabbed the reigns of my harness, and began to slowly move in and out, using my own body as leverage. It's a fucking HOT experience if you haven't had it. I took a huge hit of poppers and got ready for what I needed.

Wanting a good ass pounding, I knew exactly what to say to get him: "I thought you came here to fuck." It works every time. That's what's good about repeats: You get what you want. No sooner did the words come out of my mouth than he pushed my head into the mattress again and with the other hand took hold of my harness. He began pounding my ass so hard the headboard was banging against the wall, making a loud thud with every stroke. PERFECT.

Him: "Do you want my load, fuckhole?"
Me: "I want my ass fucked by a man. Know one?"

Again, it's like playing a fiddle. He pulled me to the edge of the bed, stood on the ground and began pounding me like there was no tomorrow. With him there is no romance. I could feel his thick cock get thicker, and knew that he was getting ready to cum.

Him: "Clamp down, don't fucking lose a drop."

Always one to please, I began to milk his cock.

Him: "Good it cums....."

And he let out a gutteral moan that filled the room along with the sweat and smell of man sex. I felt 8 blasts in my hole. I never had the opportunity to touch my cock. That's what he's into. I turned back to see an appreciative grin on his face. He never even took off his shirt or shoes. 15 minutes after he arrived, he left.

The next morning, I had an email:

"Hot fucking hole. Good job, bitch."

And there it was. Straight to the point. For him, I'm the bitch.


  1. I like the way you write and I'm really enjoying the blog. Keep the stories coming Dude they're hot!

  2. I wish EVERYONE was this forthcoming!

  3. Hot blog man. Keep it cumming!

  4. Just read all of your post and they are great! Glad you are blogging.