Saturday, October 30, 2010

What did we do before Text Messaging?

Seriously. I was wondering this the other day - well, actually the other night.

Russ: Hey stud. How's the week?
Me: Good, yours?
Russ: Not bad. Got plans later?
Me: Dinner about 4 blocks from your place at 7:30.
Russ: Good. You can be my dessert at 9.

And, with that I found myself on his doorstep at 9, and thankful for my unlimited text messaging plan. Dressed from a work dinner, I arrived at his place to find him in sweatpants and nothing else. His hairy chest gets me weak in the knees every time. We've had sex at least a few dozen times, but he is one that I never tire of.

He pinned me against the wall and started making out with me, devouring my face. I could feel his cock getting hard in his sweatpants, but not sticking out. I excused myself to pee, but as I was standing in front of the toilet, I felt his warm mouth lapping at my hole. It's nearly impossible to piss when you have a tongue on your ass, but I managed to do it. We continued to make out and stumble around his apartment back to the bed. He pushed me face down, pants around my ankles, and ate my hole. My cock was ROCK hard at this point, and I was definitely in the mood for more than the quick oral I had gotten my day started with. (He, too, sent me a text message that evening looking for a repeat......hmmm....get fucked or get head.....I'll get fucked, everytime.)

Russ got rid of his sweatpants and made me worship his cock through his 2xist briefs. He wouldn't let me pull out his cock. What the fuck?!  Then, he sat on my face, putting all of his weight on it. I could hardly breathe, but as he did this, he grabbed my hands, and I felt cold leather wrap around my wrists. FUCK! He was tying me to the bedpost. Resistance was futile, this fucker is stronger than me, and why would I resist anyway?

He smiled deviously, spat on my hole and shoved his briefs in my mouth. He knows me well - when I get fucked hard I tend to get loud. He greased his rigid cock, my ass and slowly entered me. As his cock entered me, his eyes rolled into the back of his did mine. He feels fucking great.

Ever the considerate top, he slowly worked my ass over to warm me up. After about 5 minutes, I wondered when he was going to attack. Then, without warning, he placed a hand over my mouth to hold his briefs in my mouth and the assault began. For the next 20 minutes it was as if my ass was locked into a piston-fuck machine. I had tears forming in my eyes. My ass was on fire. He removed his underwear, and began to make out with me as he slowly and tenderly moved his cock in and out of my now well used and abused hole. "Good boy, good boy" he kept moaning as he moved his cock in me. Wait....suddenly I's gliding. There is more than lube up there.....

The look must have run across my face, as he said, "Yes, have 2 loads up there it's time for the third." He unlocked my wrists, and got on his back, "Ride me boy...."

I got on top of him, and in the mirror next to his bed, could finally see his cumslicked cock. I started riding him slowly, enjoying the feeling of my hole being full again. As I picked up the pace, I felt my own load boiling in my balls.......Russ sensed this......grabbed my cock and started stroking. Pretty soon, 6 thick shots of cum came flying out of my cock across his chest. "Good boy, now finish me off...." and with that, Russ grabbed me by the hips and used me like a human fleshlight. No more than a minute later, I felt him tense, he groaned, and my ass got sloppier.

Some making out, some cuddling, and he passed out. I left quietly, knowing that he gets up earlier than me in the morning. I woke up in my own bed, a puddle under my ass, and this text message:

Russ: Can you feel me now?

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