Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I've said it once, and you'll hear similar thoughts from me - I like guys that are direct. There is a place for being coy, but it's not Manhunt, Adam4Adam or Craigslist. Tell me what you want, I'll tell you what I want. If they fit, great.

Last night, they fit.

Visiting mid-30s guy, played D2 Football in college, 6'1 210#. You could tell that he really had played ball - he had the muscle tone under about 5-10# of life. The office he was visiting in my town was a mere 2 miles away from my place. We exchanged pleasantries on MH, then moved it to text. No more than 5 minutes from the start of the conversation, I was swishing mouthwash and he was on his way over.

His pictures did him no justice. We made out immediately - me pushing him against the wall. I like exerting power against physically larger guys than me. He had mentioned on the phone that he liked making out - and he was good at it. I felt his cock grow in his business pants. One of my favorite feelings....he pushed back against my hand when I started playing with his crack. His profile had said Vers - I was prepared for anything.

We moved upstairs, where we quickly shed clothing and started making out, the headboard moving in motion with our grinding against each other. I noticed his wedding band and began to suck that finger just out of show. He mentioned that his partner was at home doing something somewhat similar. Nice. We made out, I started sucking his cock and he pushed me off, saying "You're too good at that."  Turns out he hadn't come in a few days and didnt want to shoot off without me. Considerate trick?? Awesome.

I played with his balls some until he flipped me on my back and began to Hoover my cock. He licked my balls, ate my hole, but kept coming back to my cock. Then he climbed on top of me and started making out. He was grinding my cock in his ass crack. Then he broke the kiss to spit in his hand slather my cock, and then go back to grinding. I took this as the cue to start playing with his hole.....teasing it. He moaned into the kiss, and said, "We should ....." and trailed off into a moan. As my cock pushed his hole open. Hmm.

He sat up, and promptly lowered himself to the base of my cock. Eyes rolled into the back of his head, he lamented that his partner is a bottom and he hasnt been fucked in months. I'm a giver - of course I'll pound him. He asks for lube, and I oblige.....slide back in and he goes to town. We're building up a good steam, his cock is oozing precum....and then...."Do you mind if I send my partner a picture? Of my ass getting worked over?"  Of course, I'm a giver.

My visitor took his picture, then went about getting both of us off. He truly had his own groove going - it was good, don't get me wrong - but he was all about getting him off. I felt the familiar twinge in his hole - looked up to notice his eyes roll back, and grabbed his hips. I started pounding him into oblivion - catching him off guard and cutting off his orgasm, but bringing mine markedly closer. I pounded him for a good five minutes before he felt my cock swell in his hole, leaned down and kissed me, and we both shot. I planted a thick 2 day load up his hole, he sprayed what turned out to be 4 days across my hairy chest.

He kissed me at the door and showed me the text message from his partner: "He better fuck me too." I might have to visit their city just to pound them both. :-D

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