Monday, November 29, 2010

Return of the morning big dick

Observation: When guys say that size doesn't matter, they've clearly not had the pleasure of servicing a large cock on a guy who knows what he's doing with it.  Not to say that average and some slightly less than average guys dont have skill on their side, but large dicks can just hit a spot....mmmm.

You'll remember my previous encounter with this guy. He's got a great dick and is just downright fun in bed. This evening I came home from work, and within 5 exchanges on A4A, I was headed for the bathroom to clean out my ass. An hour after our first ping, I was ringing his doorbell.

He answered the door, sagging shorts, freshly buzzed head. Damn. Instant woody. As I followed him upstairs, I noticed his cute butt. Damn. I wanted in there. But, I was here to get fucked.

We began making out and pretty soon clothes were a mixed pile on the floor. He's geeky hot - the kind of guy that has absolutely NO clue how hot he is. Bit of fuzz between his pecs, nice little happy trail, and THAT DICK......the picture does him no justice.

I was swallowing his cock down to the root and he grabbed me by the hair.....moaned....started bucking into my face....then threw me on my back and swallowed my cock down to the root. It's amazing. I always forget the good cocksuckers. Bad ones stick in my mind as those to be avoided. The good ones...I suppose I should pay more attention. Finally, he came up for air, we made out and he threw my legs over his shoulders and began teasing my hole with his pulsing hard cock. When I say hard - take the nearest piece of wood furniture and try to bend it. That fucking hard.

I managed to push his 6'2" frame onto his back and began rubbing my hole against his cock. He grabbed my cock, the lube, and began applying lube to my cock as I teased my hole with his cock. What happened next was a total surprise....

"I need your cock in me."
"Then take it."

Yeah, you figured I was bottoming, right? Well, he decided that he wanted my cock in his hot hole. With the lube applied to my cock, he threw me on my own back and climbed on me. He lowered himself down onto my throbbing cock, inch by inch. His eyes rolled into the back of his head. He rode me like this for about 3 minutes until he said, "I don't know how you do it. Fuck......I need in you. Now."

He hopped off in one motion, which made him fall onto his back. Hysterical. I mean, when you see a hot man literally lose control and land on his back coming off your cock.....nothing better than that. Anyway, I greased his pole and straddled his chest. He pulled me in for a kiss and pushed his cock up against my hole. I broke the kiss as he pushed through my pucker - he pushed the air right out of my lungs. He got the goofy grin that a kid does when he finds the cookie jar. I sat back and sank onto his cock. My moan should have been heard for miles around.

I began grinding my hole against his pubes, enjoying feeling his cock deep in me. I felt the cum just oozing out of my cock and began rocking back and forth in earnest. This gave him the signal to grab my hips and pound me. I placed my hand against the top of his head, let my cock leak all over his treasure trail, and leaned in for a kiss. We made out, and I felt him begin to grow in my hole. Without any commentary, I felt his cock pulse a thick load of cum into me. He kept fucking, his cock slicking in and out of my hole with a bit more ease. This kept up....his cock was NOT going to deflate.

"I want you on your side."

As he began to fuck me from behind, playing with my chest hair, my left leg arched in the air, I felt his cock begin to grow AGAIN. No less than 3 minutes into this second round.

He pulled out suddenly and a string of cum came with his cock. He straddled over me and grunted, his head falling back, as he shot lob after lob - at least 7 strong lobs - of THICK cum across my chest. That was enough to push me over the edge, and I shot. Not nearly as much as him.

As we laid there, he mentioned that he hadn't cum in 3 days. Damn. I was a lucky boy. He offered me a towel to wipe off.....I merely put my t-shirt on my cumstained chest.....I think I have a new cumrag. :) Meanwhile, I also have a hot load of cum up my hole. Stuck my finger in there, it's VERY full.

Big dick and huge shooter. Damn. Lucky find....can't wait for round 3.....

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  1. Fav fuck buddy of all time: 8.5 incher, thick, pounds me like a mofo. Lucky or unlucky, he's a total top.