Monday, November 22, 2010

10 minutes well spent

Checking my mail on Manhunt 30 minutes ago, I get an IM request from a buddy I havent played with in a while:

Him: You home man?
Me: Yes
Him: 10 mins? Gate code?
Me: Sure. XXXX#.
Him: Turn on porn. Unlock your door. Im gonna flood your throat.

I put on something from SX and stroked until he got here. He walked in, and his presence was immediately intoxicating for a cockhungry guy. He's 6'4" 250# and all man. He took off his scrubs, and I kneeled in front of him. As I took his growing cock down to the root, he sighed, "Fuck, I missed you."  Awwww.

It took about 5 minutes and he grabbed my head to hold me down. His entire body convulsed and he shot 8 distinct lobs of cum down my throat.

As he panted, holding the wall for support, I milked the last few drops of cum out of his quickly deflating cock. He was out the door in short order thereafter, commenting, "I'll be back soon man. Fuck. That's better than any pussy."

A total sweettalker, that married fucker.

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