Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sometimes, you just need to get fucked.

So this dude has been chatting me up on Manhunt for the past few months and his roommate is always home. Sunday night, the stars aligned and his roommate was gone.

His pictures on Manhunt were out of date, I came to find out when I got to his place. Maybe a year or so, plus about 20 pounds. I was horny, I needed to get fucked, and his pictures told me he had a better than decent dick with a nice curve. He insisted on making out.

Here's where I'll get on a soap box - and ask for some feedback. Making out during a trick. What do people think? I'm not a huge fan of it unless it feels right. Something about casual sex is that it's casual, and both parties should be into it. He was totally killing it for me by insisting on making out. There was no chemistry there for that. I was clearly not into it, but he kept eating my face. Finally, I got him moving toward the bedroom.

Once naked, the lack of gym time was clear. But, his cock - rock hard - curving up, and a drop of precum at the tip cried out for a deep throat. Who am I to deny a cock in need? I got down on my knees and swallowed his cock. I have to give him this - he knows how to fuck a skull. He grabbed me by the head and used my throat just like a cunt. It was awesome - and got me rock fucking hard.

I wanted to get fucked. The curve was back toward him, so I had him lay on his stomach and sat on his FAT cock. I took a huge huff of poppers....and felt my hole start to wrap around the head of his cock. It's that moment that makes your eyes roll into the back of your head. Everything else in the world stops and all you can think about is getting more dick in your hole. I didn't realize how sore my jaw was until I gasped as his cock went in me. Inch by inch, I felt him fill me, and stretch me. Once down on him, I started to grind, knowing that it would indicate that it was time to fuck.

He was fairly passive while on bottom, so I proceeded to fuck myself on his rigid cock. He finally spoke up and asked - meekly - if I would get on my back. Sure.....we can go there. He got his cock lined up with my hole and slowly pushed in. It felt totally different....my eyes rolled into the back of my head and I let out a gutteral groan. He started rocking back and forth, and I finally yelped out, "Please fuck me...hard...as hard as you can...." And with that a good 15 minute, virtually non-stop assault on my hole began. He stopped every few minutes to huff poppers with me, and then went back to fucking. At one point, I felt things get a little more slick, but decided not to say anything....

He was sweating like we were in a sauna. He was pounding me so hard I could feel it throughout my body. I felt his intensity build again and said, "Come in my hole......again." He got this grin on his face - he had been caught. He had dumped a load already, so what was the point in not getting another? With that he took a death grip on my ankles and pounded in deep. This time I felt his cock pulse, I felt my hole get fuller, and I felt him churning his jizz in my hole. It felt fucking AWESOME.

The thing was, I was totally turned on by his cock and the way he fucks, but nothing else. I had zero desire to cum with him. I was there to get fucked, and fucked I was. My hole was puffy. I was full of cum. I didn't really need to cum. I just really needed to get fucked.

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  1. Making out with a trick?

    It depends on the guy. If I'm into him, think he's hot and maybe fuck buddy material than yeah. But, if it's just a one time thing and I know it's a one time thing then no, I just want to fuck and leave.

    BTW, like the new layout of the blog looks good and your writing is always fast and to the point. I bet you fuck the same way.