Thursday, November 11, 2010

Drive by ass

I've got a married guy who hits me up from time to time via text message. Our exchange today:

Him: 'Sup? I am.
Me: Then shouldn't I be down?
Him: Basement? 20 minutes?
Me: Sure.

I've sucked him in the basement mens room at his office before. It's private. It's off the beaten path. In other words, it's fucking awesome.

I got there before him. I went into the single stall and waited:

Me: I'm here.
Him: Bend over. Pants around your ankles when I get there.

I hadn't "prepped" for that, and he's never fucked me before. He's a typical married guy - he doesn't get sex at home, always blasts a huge nutt, and honestly, doesnt generally last all that long when I'm sucking his cock unless I edge him on purpose and control it. (Which, sometimes I do...sometimes I don't.) I had no idea what being fucked like him would be like. I couldn't have predicted what would happen next. I heard the door open, heard the lock behind him and heard his footsteps. He found me bent over the toilet, suit pants around my ankles.

I heard his zipper go down, the clink of his belt opening, and the shuffling of fabric as he opened his crotch. He has a fat, average length cock. His balls are always full, and generally pretty fucking impressive in their tight pouch. I felt him grab my hips and grind his already hard cock up and down my crack. I heard some more rustling of fabric and then felt his necktie get placed around my eyes. Fucker was blindfolding me in the mensroom. What?

"Stay right there, fucker."

Then he walked away and I heard him open, then close and lock the door. I heard 2 distinct sets of footsteps. He came back, and as he pushed his hard cock against my ass crack, I heard another guy moan, "Fuck, you weren't kidding." My buddy chuckled, and said to his friend, "Gimme that shit." I heard a bottle open, a tell tale squirt, and cold lube applied to my hole, and the squish of him stroking his cock. "You're gonna get sloppy seconds dude....." and with that, went balls deep in my hole in one stroke. No finesse. I was there to get fucked.

He grabbed my hips, being careful not to screw with my dress shirt. A considerate trick! His buddy kept egging him on, "Yeah, fuck that faggot" and in less than five minutes, I felt an open hand slap across my face, and my buddy grunted, "Take that fucking load bitch.....ughhhhh......"I could feel a few spasms, but he plowed me deep and hard as he unloaded up my gut. "Your turn," he unceremoniously announced as he pulled out in one swift movement.

His buddy pulled up behind me, as I felt my hole spasm with the sudden vacancy. Quick sniff - no scent. Just as I had finished catching my breath, I felt a DRY cock enter my WET cumchute. That's what it was being turned into. This guy grabbed my hair and fucked me like he had just gotten out of prison. At least I'm guessing that's the kind of aggression a man who hasn't pounded a hole in years would have. "Fuck, this cunt is tighter than my wife ever was....." "Yeah, I didn't know what it'd be like.....his mouth is fuckin awesome man....." I decided to up the ante, and started fucking this guy back. I felt his balls slapping against my ass as I started to play with my own hole, clenching down on his cock in opposing motion to his fucking. Pretty soon, his tempo increased......and we all know what that means.....

"Such a"

And with that my hole took its second load in less than ten minutes. He was more ginger about pulling out than my buddy - mainly because his cock was so sensitive. It had nothing to do with me. I heard a high five as I heard zippers going up. As I started to stand, I heard the door open and close, and then heard my buddy come back to retrieve his tie. I asked about his friend, and all he said was, "You'll know soon enough."

I think he has something up his sleeve.....I had an ass full of cum as I drove back to my office....I left it there all afternoon.

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  1. Excellent surprise! Instead of getting one load in your stomach....getting 2 in your ass.

  2. That's a fucking amazing story. Sequels please

  3. You fucking pig. You make me proud!