Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The best part of waking up.....

....is a cock up your butt.

Seriously, I mean, what better start to the day? This morning, I logged into A4A with my morning wood in hand. I saw a relatively cute guy with good stats: 28 yo, 6'2", 190# 32w. Blonde, with "some body hair" and 8" cut. We exchanged morning pleasantries, and then he unlocked his private picture:

Um. Yes. That looked like it was worth sitting on. He was not too far out of my way to work, and we negotiated time.

I got there at the appointed time and he answered the door in sagging shorts without a shirt. He was cuter than his pictures, and he led me up to the bedroom, where he was playing a movie from TIM. Awesome. We got naked and started making out.

His cock got hard, and as it did, it grew to one of the hottest cocks I've had the pleasure of seeing up close. It was large, thick, but not grotesque. I swallowed it down to the root and even lost my breath doing so. That's rare! We swapped head back and forth for the next 10 minutes or so - his skill decidedly above average to say the least.

We made out some more and I started to rub my crack on his cock. He kept telling me how hot I am, and all I could think was, "You have no fucking idea how hot YOU are."  I was riding him when I decided that I had to have him in me. I grabbed the gun oil and gave his cock a great massage while sucking on his tight nutt sack.

I climbed on top of him, and started making out with him as I slowly allowed his cock into my waiting hole. I only got the head in before I had to come off, get the poppers out and take a few deep huffs. While doing so, I massaged more gun oil onto his seemingly still growing cock. I got a little bit further this time, but still needed to come off of him and reapply lube before on the third try and with more help from the poppers, sitting firmly down on his cock. We made out for a minute while I held him with his balls resting against my ass. That familiar feeling of relaxation and pleasure took over, and with another huff of poppers, I started to fuck myself on his cock.

His eyes rolled into the back of his head as he kept muttering "Fuck" in astonishment. After about 5 minutes of me riding him, he wanted to spoon me. It was a tough fit, but I got him in....he stayed there for about a minute before rolling me onto my stomach and going deep. When I say deep, I know he went well beyond that second ring in my asshole. I was bucking back, he felt so fucking good.

"Please fuck my hole......" I kept pleading. He grabbed my head for leverage and abused me quite well.

"I want your cum in me....please.....dump your cum in me....." as I grabbed the pillow in front of my face.

"Fuckkkk.....don't stop.....you're gonna make me......" I cried out as my cock began to twitch and shoot on his sheets.

"Im cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming........" he almost yelped as he shoved his cock down to the root and held it. I felt every.fucking.spasm. Nothing short of amazing.

We agreed that we need to go at it again. Cute guy, HOT cock, and great fuck. Awesome start to the day.....and a butt full of cum all day.....who wouldn't love THAT?

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