Thursday, November 4, 2010

Geeky guys need a hole too

Back in the 80s, Revenge of the Nerds hit the theatres. In it, a nerd fucks the cheerleader. Afterward, in shock, she asks if all nerds are good lovers. He asserts they are, because they think about it so much.

I don't necessarily agree. I've had some fairly bad nerd-fucks. That said, I've got a guy that I've let fuck me a few times that has something about him - something that gets me off.

Rick had been out of town for about a month, and hit me up on Manhunt. He's 28, 6'2" 220# and has a goofy smile. He's hairy, and has a thick cock, a little shy of average in length. His balls are enormous and fun to play with. He lacks self-confidence, but actually has the raw material to be a fairly hot guy. Anyway, he hit me up and asked if I was in the mood to get fucked. Like he had to ask.....

45 minutes later, he's on his way over to fuck. I leave my door unlocked and am casually watching TV when he walks in. I assume a kneeling position on the bed, without saying a word, and Rick takes off his clothes and feeds me his cock. As it gets hard, he grabs my head and gives me a good skull fucking. It's interesting - he assumes a totally different persona when he's fucking around with me. I got his cock rock-hard, his balls slapping against my chin, and his two hands planted firmly on my head using my mouth like some whore's cunt. I was in heaven - my cock was rock hard. My own balls were tight. I wanted this.

He pushed me back and dove down on my cock. His oral skills are pretty decent, given his own admitted lack of regular experience. He played with my balls, and reached for the lube on the nightstand to begin playing with my hole. Rick has never eaten my hole- that would require a level of assertion he's not quite comfortable with. He moved around and got my hole good and wet with 2 of his fingers and my cock hitting his tonsils. I wanted his cock.

I grabbed the lube from him and signaled for him to give me his cock. I got it good and wet, grabbed a new bottle of poppers, and inhaled deeply. He let me guide him in. Inch by inch in pulled him into me, until his golf-ball size balls nestled on my hairy ass cheeks. His grip on my ankles was tight - so tight he was beginning to cut off my blood. Kind of hot, although not his intention.

He slowly rocked back and forth until I finally uttered, "Fuck me......please......fuck me."  Then it all changed. Rick became a man on a mission. His eyes fixed on my hairy chest, he grunted, he groaned, and for the next 10 minutes used my hole. Sweat poured off his frame onto mine, and his pace quickened. I felt my own load building, and I hadn't touched my cock. As I pled with Rick to pound me, he moaned, uttered something, and kept pounding. Before I knew it, I said, "If you keep up like're.....gonna.......ohhhhhhh  fuuuuuuucccckkkkkkk" and I began to shoot. My clenching hole threw him into a frenzy, and he assaulted my hole with new force, grunting loud enough for neighboring states to hear, and dumped a 3 day load in my hole.

What's funny about him is that immediately after cumming, he goes right back to that nerdy introvert. He got up quickly, put his clothes on, all while I was laying panting - covered in sweat, cum and full of cum up my hole.

He's not the guy I'd pick up at the bar, but damn.....he's a guaranteed good orgasm. Something about him....maybe because it's TOTALLY unexpected that he'd be a good fuck.....

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