Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No pretense

I've known Russ for about a year. I met him on Adam4Adam and was at his place an hour later with my ass in the air. There was no pretense. I was there to get fucked. He was there to do the fucking. Late 30s, hairy, about 5'7" and muscular, he is in the military reserves outside of his day job at a major bank. He's like me in that way - you'd never know he's a sex pig behind closed doors.

Walking up to his place last night, I was waiting to be buzzed in when a large woman buzzed herself in ahead of me. She let me in, actually acknowledging, "You don't look like trouble." If only she knew that as I got off the elevator on the 7th floor and she continued to the 8th, that I would, indeed, be trouble. We exchanged pleasantries as I padded down the cement corridor to Russ' door. I knocked, the door cracked open and I walked in.

Behind the door, there stood Russ wearing black briefs. He likes briefs, I'm more of a commando or jock fan, but on him they work. His camouflage hung in his open closet next to his suits. He approached me, pulling me into a kiss. One thing Russ is - intense. The kiss made me weak. I could feel my hole twitch in anticipation, as he reached under my t-shirt to tug on my nipple. The tug was purposeful - he knows my nips are hardwired to my cock, which grew under my shorts. He grabbed me by the cock, still under the sheath of my shorts and drew me to his bed, throwing me facedown.

As he pulled my shorts down, my hairy bubble ass met the cold air conditioned air. It was quickly covered by Russ' hairy chest, rubbing against my ass. I ground into the mattress, my hardon beginning to leak precum all over his sheets. He grabbed me by the hair, his cock under his briefs against my exposed ass, "Your ass is mine, boy...." he hissed into my ear. It was spoken truth: we both knew I was there to get the fuck I had been craving all day.

He moved down my body, licking his way to my hole. Pulling my cheeks apart, he dug his tongue deep into my chute. Spitting, he spent easily ten minutes down there without coming up for air. In the meantime, I was bucking against him, looking over at the visual of him eating my hole in the mirrored wall of closet we were facing. Every time he noticed me looking that way, he would take a hand and push my head back into the mattress. I was there for his pleasure, mine was just a side benefit.

He rolled me over and shoved his cock down my throat. As he did, he slid a finger into my hole. The moan I let out vibrated under his cock, which in turn began to ooze precum. He wasn't there for sucking his cock was just his way of getting wet to get into my hole. He lifted my legs up, spread me like a wishbone and spit on my hole. Rubbing his cock back and forth against my pucker, he had me squirming all over the bed. I was right where he wanted me. Right where I wanted to be.

Without notice, he decided to plow into me, balls deep in one stroke. I'm used to his cock, but the sudden intrusion was still enough to take my breath away momentarily. Russ took pleasure in this and held his cock in place. As I got used to it, he started to rock back and forth, uttering, "That's it boy.....there ya go." He plunged in and out of me with deliberate strokes, taking the time to grab my hair as leverage. Nice touch.

Again without notice, he pulled out suddenly and threw me onto all 4s. He handed me the poppers, and said, "You'll need these." As I took a huff, I felt his cock enter me again, and his hands on both of my hips. The next fifteen minutes are a total blur, a symphonic memory of moans, pleas on my part for him to pound me, and his occasional slap on my ass, saying "That's my boy....take it."

Take it I did. Like a champ. As he pulled out, he laid on his back and gave me the cue. He has a cum fetish. Russ LOVES to be soaked in cum. I was horny, rock hard, and ready to blast my load. I took another huff of poppers and sat on his dick, balls deep in one stroke. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as I fucked myself feverishly on his rigid pole. I felt the familiar tingling in my balls and clenched my ass. That threw me over the edge as I blasted volley after volley of thick cum across his hairy chest. After seven healthy shots, he kept fucking me, and more dribbled out. I knew he hadn't cum. He never cums with me riding him.

He took a handfull of my cum from his chest and slapped my face with it. Demanded I get on the floor and suck his cock clean of my ass juice. I did so willingly. I remained hard as he fucked my face. I felt his cock swell in my mouth - and as much as I wanted his cum, I knew exactly what he was going to do. He pulled out of my mouth and shot his cum into his hands. One hand coated my hole, the other his, and we finished the evening with a hot 69 session eating his cum off of each of our holes. Apparently, that's his favorite part. Who am I to complain?

As I walked out of his building an hour and a half after arriving, the  large woman was walking out with her rather small dog. She said, "Good night," as I walked past her. I smiled back and said, "Yes, it is...." I'm sure she saw the wet spot on my ass.

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